Propeller Ads, Popads, and Adsterra Ads Network Reviews

One of the reasons for starting a blog is to make money. There are many ways to make money from your blog, and one of them is through ads network.

However, the challenge being faced by most bloggers today is how to find a trustworthy ad network that pays well.

While there are few great ads networks out there that are trustworthy, and you can use to monetize your blog, the best so far remains Google Adsense, followed by Medianet.

However, getting Adsense approval can be very difficult and frustrating.

Hence, whether you are looking for Adsense alternatives or something to complement Adsense with, we got you covered, as I’ll be reviewing Propeller, Popads, and Adsterra ads networks.

Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Propeller Ads Network Review

Propeller ads is one of the best ads networks you can use to monetize your blog, as they offer various ads type that are really great.

Hence, whatever kind of blog you are running, you sure will find the perfect ad type for your blog.

The various ads type offered by Propeller ads include:

  1. PopUnder
  2. Native Direct Ads
  3. Interstitial mobile ads
  4. Dialogue ads/Push up ads for mobile
  5. Banner advertising for all standard size
  6. Push notification ads

It should be noted that propeller ads are compatible with Google Adsense. So you can still go for it even though you have Adsense on your blog.

All you have to do is choose an ad type you want to use after joining the ad network that is different from what you are using on AdSense.

How to Join Propeller Ads Network

To join Propeller ads network, visit the Propeller ad registration page, and sign up as a publisher.

Y0u will be required to confirm your account from your mailbox.

After you have successfully confirmed your account, log in to your dashboard.

Next, click on Site, then Add new site

Verification and Domain Ownership

You will have to prove ownership of the domain by adding a tag to your website. You can also upload the tag to your root folder.

After verification, you are good to go ahead and add the propeller ad code to your website.

Of all the ad type types available to publishers, you may have to choose one that you think will work for you.

If you feel that a particular ad type you are using is not giving enough revenue, you can try another type.

One ad type that stands out when considering the ad blocker on browsers is the web push notification. So you may consider trying it.

Propeller Ads Network Payment

Propeller ads network has a small payout threshold which is good for small publishers.

Minimum revenue of $25 is required to request for withdrawal. Payment can be received via the following platforms:

  1. Credit card
  2. Payoneer
  3. Bank transfer
  4. PayPal
  5. Webmoney
  6. E-payment

Once you choose your payment platform and details provided on the dashboard, payment is made every 30 days and you can receive your revenue upon reaching the minimum payout amount.

For first time publishers, you have to get to $100 to receive payment then only $25 for the subsequent months.

This case only differs for bank wire where you need a minimum of $550 to receive payment.

Pros and Cons of Propeller Ads Network

Below are the pros and cons of using Propeller Ads network.

Pros of Propeller Ads

1. 100% fill rate which means their ads are sure to load at all times.

2. 404-page monetization is available

3. Low minimum payout

Cons of Propeller Ads

1. Traffic from adult websites not accepted.

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2. Long duration before payment (1 month)

3. High first-time minimum payout ($100)


Propeller ads network has been around for a long time to gain trust and reputation. It is not really bad for small publishers, it just depends on where your blog is at the moment. 

The dashboard offers all the analytics needed for you to monitor your growth and results.

2. Bidvertiser Ads Network Review

Bidvertiser which was founded in 2008 is one of the know ads networks out there.

Bidvertiser provides banner, slider, and pop-under ad formats for its publisher to display on their websites.

Publishers on Bidvertiser ads network earn through cost per action (CPC), cost per impression (CPM), and cost per click (CPC).

Depending on the type of blog and the amount of traffic you have, Bidvertiser can be a great Google Adsense alternative.

Bidvertiser Ads Network Requirements

Not much is required to join this ad network.

  1. No selected language.
  2. No specific traffic requirement.
  3. Adult content sites are not allowed which is the same with most ad networks.

Bidvertiser Ads Network Approval

No approval protocol – no waiting time. You join the ad network just by signing up. If you keep to their rules which are the same with most ad networks, you will not have any problem staying with this ad network.

Bidvertiser Ads Network Payment Methods

Upon reaching the threshold which is 10 dollars, you can receive your money via:

  1. PayPal (The minimum PayPal withdrawal from Bidvertiser is $10.
  2. Check
  3. Wire Transfer
  4. Bitcoin

Bidvertiser Ads Network Pros and Cons

Below are the pros and cons of Bidvertiser.

Bidvertiser Pros

1. Compatible with Adsense: Bidvertiser ads are compatible with Adsense since they are CPC.

2. Options to choose from: There are a variety of ad formats to choose from which leaves the publisher with options.

3.  Small payout amount: For small publishers, it can be difficult to reach a larger threshold, but Bidvertiser makes it really easy to reach the threshold which is just $10.
4. Income through Referrals and ads: Publishers can make money from ads and referrals simultaneously.

5. Approval: No time is required for approval. You join the network when you sign up.

6. Improve bids: Bids from advertisers for your ad space improve as your websites progress. So as time passes and your site grows you begin to make more money.

Bidvertiser Cons

1. Unrelated ads: Ads displayed on your site from this network sometimes do not match your content.

2. Low clickthrough rate: Since the ads displayed are sometimes not in line with the content, visitors to your site are not likely to click on it.

This causes a few numbers of visitors clicking on the ads. Google Adsense edges Bidvertiser here since they show related ads on their publishers’ websites and have more clickthrough rate.

3. Low CPC. When compared to Adsense it has low a lower CPC. 

4: Poor ads quality. Sometimes the ads displayed can be of low quality considering how they appear. From my experience, sometimes the ads take too long to load on the site.

Bidvertiser Advertisers

Just like many other ad networks, the advertisers do the bidding for ad spaces in this ad network.

The highest bidder is awarded the space on the publisher’s website.

Well, the ads are not displayed in accordance with the site contents. This can mean well for publishers and can also be bad considering the clickthrough rate.

Bidvertiser Ads Network Ads Formats

  1. Slide ads
  2. Catfish ads
  3. Pop-under ads
  4. XML feed integration

Visit the Bidvertiser publishers page to join Bidvertiser ads network.

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This ad network can be very bad for low-end publishers with very little traffic in terms of earning.

However, you will be accepted and the next step is to improve on your site while earning the little you can earn.

3. Popads Ads Network Review

Popads ads is one of the best popunder ad networks.

PopAds ads network was founded in 2010 which makes it relatively young but in terms of popularity, it does not look like a new ad network.

Just like any other popunder ad network, it might not be suitable for content-based websites like tech blogs or websites with information to share as most blog visitors find popunders annoying and may not want to visit the site again. 

The simple reason is that it takes visitors away from the page which will waste time.

It will be suitable for music download sites and applications download sites since there is no information of which the visitor is interested in.

Requirements for publishers.

1. This ad network has no minimum traffic requirement for publishers’ websites.

2. The website should not be under maintenance it should be live.

3. Also, they accept all types of website including adult websites.

That is all, as you can see their terms are liberal just about anyone can join the ad network. All you have to do is to sign up as a publisher.

In my case after verifying my blog, I had to wait for 2 to 3 hours before I got a mail from them confirming my approval

Payments for Popads Publishers

In terms of minimum payout, you will hardly get it this low anywhere else besides PopAds. PopAds minimum payout is $5.

You can also request for payout daily upon reaching the minimum payout of $5 which will arrive within 24 hours which is relatively fast.

Popads offers the following payment options

  1. PayPal
  2.  Bank wire
  3. AlertPay

You can also join their referral program and earn 10% of what advertisers spend on this ad network.

Pros and Cons of Popads Network

Below are the pros and cons of Popads Network.

Pros of Popads

  1. Very low minimum payout.
  2. Accepts all websites.
  3. No minimum requirement traffic.
  4. Daily payout system.
  5. Accept worldwide traffic.
  6. High CPM rate.

Cons of Popads

Not suitable for content-based websites.

To visit Popads publishers page to join Popads.

For Advertisers

In terms of flexibility, it offers to advertisers, they also boast of a good rating. If your campaign is not returning results as expected you can request for refund of the unspent funds.

Campaigns started and monitored easily. You set and control your rates, budget and also define who you want your visitors to be.

The advertiser’s dashboard offers sections for:

  1. Active campaigns.
  2. To create a new campaign
  3. And a section for tracking the performance of the campaign.

The knowledge base is also available to help you go around anything.

The ads are in the form of Pops like Popunders, Popup, Top-under, and Tap-up.

The minimum deposit required to start a campaign is $10. You can deposit through PayPal, AlertPay and bank wire.


Having tried this ad network I must say it is one of the best considering their CPM which is one of the highest under this category.

You can give it a try as it a good source of additional income to your website. It does not take space on your site, unlike banner ads.

4. Adsterra Ads Network Review

Adsterra founded in 2013 can be considered not too long in the business considering when older ad networks started but not so many ad networks today have anything over them.

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This wonderful performance by Adsterra ads network can be attributed to their unique approach to advertising and ensuring that quality sites are used to place adverts by advertisers.

Just like so many ad networks they offer to publishers various ad types to choose from.

Adsterra Ads network Ads Type

  1. Pop-unders
  2. Display banners
  3. Direct links
  4. Interstitials
  5. Direct links
  6. Video banner
  7. Sticky footer
  8. Push-up Ads

Adsterra Ads Network Payment Options

Payment can be received via the following platforms:

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Paypal
  3. Wire transfer
  4. Webmoney
  5. Paxum

Adsterra Minimum Payout

Adsterra has different minimum payments for different payment platforms.

Adsterra minimum payout for Paxum and Webmoney is $5.

The Minimum payout for PayPal and Bitcoin is $100

The Minimum payout amount for Wire Transfer is $1000

Payment is made on the 1st and on the 16th of every month. If these days fall on holidays then payment will be shifted to the following payment dates.

Adsterra Customer Service

Adsterra has a very reliable customer service available to both advertisers and publishers.

Adsterra Ads Network Requirement for Advertisers

Advertisers must deposit a minimum of $500 to run an ad campaign. This goes to show the type of advertisers this ad company works with and how serious they are with what they are doing. 

Adsterra Ads Network Requirement for Publishers

Adsterra has its own unique requirements before a publisher’s site is approved to join the program.

1.  Your website must be fully up and running before it is approved. This will require that your website must not be under maintenance.

2. Your website should not carry too many ads on a page that is 15+ banners and 5+ pops. If you are already using more than one ad network on your site, you should consider reducing some things.

3. Your website must have sufficient content. Create enough content on your site before applying.

4. A minimum of 5,000 unique traffic is required to join this ad network.

Your website should not fall under any of the following categories:

1. Websites for hacking or phreaking.

2. Websites that share pirated product.

3. Websites must not contain pornographic contents.

4. Websites must not promote illegal activity.

5. No fake traffic is allowed. Traffic coming from bots is not accepted.

Adsterra Referral Program

Adsterra pays 5% as a referral commission to referrers. You can get referrals through your blog or social media.

Pros and Cons Adsterra Ads Network

Below are the pros and cons of Adsterra Ads network.

Pros of Adsterra

  1. They have a 100% fill rate that is the ads are sure to appear at all times.
  2. Traffic coming from adult sites is accepted.
  3. Reliable customer care services
  4. High CPM both on mobile and desktop.

Cons of Adsterra

  1.  Minimum payout is high.
  2. Low CPM in some countries.

If you are just starting out with your blog this ad network might not be best for you considering the minimum payout and the traffic requirement before joining the ad network. You can join when you are more established.

Adsterra gives quality to both their publishers and advertisers and they have excellence in tackling fraud which might come from the publisher’s site in the form of using bots to drive traffic to sites.

That’s all on Propeller ads, Popads, and Adsterra ads network review.

I hope this article helps?

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