5 Best Free Scrabble Games for Windows PC in 2023

We wish to inform you of the 5 best free scrabble games for Windows PC you should consider as a scrabble or puzzle fan, and also share the fun with your friends by recommending them.

Scrabble is an international word game played on a board, but can also be enjoyed indoors with two or four players whereby players are required to draw letter tiles and take turns to create interlocking words that are accepted by the scrabble dictionary and score points according to the letters played and their positions on the board.

The enormous benefit of scrabble horn its growing love among gamers, from its ability to sharpen your thinking, to helping you learn new words, and contribute greatly to improving your vocabulary and making super-fast decisions.

If you wish to play scrabble games on your windows computer or on your smartphone when away from home, then you are perusing through the right article.

This article is dedicated and resourced to provide you with the best free scrabble games for Windows PC giving you the leverage you need without having to carry the box scrabble around with you, yet conveniently shuffling through business and pleasure.

Are you worried about who you will play with and how this may feel, we have good news for you. Playing the scrabble game on your windows PC is just as fun as playing on a physical board.

There are a lot of options available to make this experience as intriguing and challenging as you would face in a real-life situation.

Our list purposefully provides you with the best free scrabble games for Windows PC scrabble games that you can download onto your computer. Though they are more on the internet you may still opt for them.

So, if you are using a Windows OS computer, then stick around to find out the best options you have for scrabble games, both in single-player mode or multiplayer mode.

This means some of these free scrabble games give you the leverage to challenge your friend or colleague to duel on the same computer.

Or, you may choose to play solo, on single-player mode scrabbles which may either require an internet connection or not. others do not.

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List of the Best Free Scrabble Games for Windows PC

1. Scrabble3D

Scrabble 3D is one of the best free scrabble games for Windows PC and it is both a free and very interesting scrabble game.

This scrabble game is a multiplayer game that conveniently supports the involvement of four players. One of which can be the computer or other players on the same computer or with other people across the globe, when you connect to a server.

The rules of the game are to create acceptable words by the scrabble dictionary of any length from the jumbled letters on the board and as you do this, you earn points according to the length of words formed.

This app allows you to view the statistics of the other players in the Statistics section.

Scrabble 3D has a configurable board, a letter set, and a unique design

It also has a user-definable wavefront model with posthoc game analysis and calculation of the computer’s best move

The game has an NSA rating and a high score on the game server

A time limit is also allocated on Scrabble 3D as such cheating is less likely. etc

It supports multilanguage and running games can be kibitzed

Whenever you wish to pause and attend to other things, you can save your current progress on your computer to continue playing later.

Scrabble3D also comes with a Demo mode which you can run anytime and where it helps you learn how to play the game. All of these qualities rank it as one of the best free scrabble games for Windows PC.

2. WordSmith

WordSmith is one of the simplest and best free scrabble games for Windows PC you can think of.

The game is a convenient single-player scrabble game, which means your other opponent is the computer and it cannot be tweaked or maneuvered to accommodate friends or other people.

There are two modes on WordSmith, Training, and Challenge. Training mode, like the name, implies helps you to know your way around the game by providing hints to play with but usually, the computer plays your turn and points will not be awarded to you. While the challenge mode is void of hints and you play with the computer as against an opponent.

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Just like other scrabble games, you are to pick letters from the jumbled letters and make a meaningful word of any length, to earn points as a reward.

3. BestWordClub

BestWorldClub is also an online scrabble game for Windows PC.

Here, you can play the game by creating a free account on its official website or as a guest. If you opt for creating an account, you will receive a ranking on the official website in comparison to guest players.

To play the game, you have to choose the right letters from the scrambled letters and create meaningful words like you would in the first two scrabble games above, and gain points as you do so successfully.

Also, BestWorldClub operates on a timing, of 2 minutes to make a meaningful word, after it elapses your opponent will have his turn. Both your points earned and the time taken to form a word is displayed on the scoreboard section to view at will.

The game also has an inbuilt dictionary that will screen your words on the board so they are acceptable by the scrabble dictionary.

Also, BestWordClub supports three different languages, which are English, French, and Spanish. This makes it one of the best free scrabble games for Windows PC.

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4. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is another online multiplayer scrabble game and one of the best free scrabble games for Windows PC that should be at the top of your list.

This scrabble game for Windows PC comes with two playing modes, which are Smart Match, and Pass & Play.

In the latter, which is Pass & Play, you can play with your friends on the same computer, this simply means you will play your turn and then pass the next turn to your friend to play.

While Smart Match involves being randomly matched with other players from across the globe to play the game with you and turns are designed by the app.

One of the most captivating features of this game is the “game chat feature” where you can chat with other players while playing the game. Also, you can play the game with your Facebook friends. You can search for your friends by typing their usernames in order to play with them.

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5. AlphaJax

AlphaJax is a Windows 10 scrabble game that works with an internet connection to play conveniently.

It maintains all the same rules of the scrabble game, where you have to pick the appropriate letters from the jumbled letters and make long words with them and your score is dependent on the length of words you form.

The game consists of five types of playing modes, they are Skill Match, Pass & Play, Random Match, Invite Player and Friends.

In Skill Match and Random Match, you will play with random opponents that you are paired with or meet online, while in Pass & Play you will play against yourself or with your friends on the same computer.

Invite Player mode, permits you to invite any player online to play with you, while friends mode will let you play with your close friends who have an Xbox account.

The game features sections like the Records section(Achievements and Statistics), Leaderboards section(your ranking in comparison with other players from across the globe), and Play section (the total number of matches you played, your turns, and the turns of opponents).

It is one of the best free scrabble games for Windows PC


The 5 best free scrabble games for Windows PC listed above are just a few of the best scrabble games for Windows you should consider first to have fun and stay entertained anywhere with your favorite board game without necessarily having the physical board around.

Also, we are aware you may be curious about the best scrabble games to play on your smartphones and our article on the best scrabble games for smartphones, got you covered.

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