5 Best Engine Oil for Cars in Nigeria

Our aim in compiling this article is to help streamline the available engine oil in circulation in Nigeria to only the most efficient in our 5 Best engine oil for Cars in Nigeria

Engine oil, otherwise referred to as lubrication oil is just as important as other forms of fuel and is necessary for every car’s optimum and smooth functionality.

If you just bought a car for either private use or commercial purposes, and it runs on either petrol or diesel it automatically means that your car needs engine oil to maintain the best shape possible in this part of the world.

With this in mind, it is no doubt of great importance to ensure we use only the appropriate and best engine oil for our cars in Nigeria.

We cannot afford to use just about anything in form of engine oil if we need to guarantee longevity to our car engine and ensure its smooth running.

For this reason, we provide you with the 5 Best Engine oil for Cars in Nigeria you should consider and ultimately adopt for your car if you haven’t.

You and your car deserve to utilize only the best engine oils on sale in Nigeria.

There are a few varieties of decent engine oil options available in Nigeria and accessible in the business sectors that are very efficient for Nigerian vehicles at affordable prices.

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5 Best Engine Oil for Cars in Nigeria

Quality motor oil is not lacking in Nigeria. Amongst the best of these are:

1. Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil – 5W-30

This engine oil is a fully synthetic multi-grade brand. Its qualities include anti-rusting and antioxidant properties, engine cleaning, and multi-climatic characteristics. It is sold in 5-liter containers.

When talking about the 5 best engine oil for cars in Nigeria one of the first names that come to anyone’s mind is the Mobil synthetic motor oil. A very reliable and popular brand of engine oil for most vehicles in the country.

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Mobil is Nigeria’s biggest petroleum manufacturer and distributor and their product are highly trusted by a great number of Nigerians.

As the name implies, the Mobil engine oil e.g Mobil 1 fully synthetic motor oil – with a viscosity rating of 5W-30 is fully synthetic and has great efficiency such as engine cleaning among other functions.

Depending on the type of Mobil engine oil your car needs, there are liter varieties and at different prices.

Also, a great choice for the Nigerian temperature which is usually hot, and supports everyday driving, both short or for long trips therefore improving fuel efficiency.

This brand of engine oil gives sufficient lubrication for all components in All Mobil engine oil. Mobil SUP 1000 X4 20W50 GSP motor oil provides adequate protection against dust, dirt, or other mud.

The Mobil oil comes in multi-grading and is known for its high performance, to ensure that gives your engine all the protection it needs.

It’s This smaller pack can be regarded as an emergency as it comes in a smaller 1 container suitable for a quick top-off at no great cost. It is suitable for the hot Nigerian climate. Its qualities include engine cleaning, high performance, and protection of engines.

2. Castrol Engine Oil

This is a somewhat new emerging engine oil in Nigeria, that has been tested and proven to fall in our list of one of the 5 best engine oil for cars in Nigeria.

The Castrol engine oil is fully synthetic oil, with the ability to maintain a thin protective layer for your car always.

It can withstand high internal pressure, which may be a result of friction or movements that may produce heat.

As such, the Castrol engine oil is very efficient in reducing the friction of car components and ensuring your car engine’s optimal performance.

This oil is a product of Fluid Titanium Technology and is available in all varying liters and sold at different prices for affordability.

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3. Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 engine oil

Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 engine oil is a fully synthetic premium engine oil and ranks as one of the 5 best engine oil for cars in Nigeria.

It is a recommended choice for excellent car performance and high technology cars in Nigeria that runs on diesel and petrol.

This engine oil is formulated and equipped with Age Resistance Technology that keeps the car engine in great condition for a long time.

Sometimes referred to as Nigeria’s king of lubrication, it meets the strictest requirement of OEM(original equipment manufacturer) standards.

Quartz Total 9000 Energy 5W40 engine oil is a multi-grade oil that is also suitable for both hot and cold temperatures.

This oil in addition controls oxidation and provides ultimate engine protection against sludge build-up

It also helps in cleaning engine components with its advanced detergent formulation and provides ultimate power in harsh conditions.

4. Valvoline Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This is another advanced engine oil in circulation and full patronage by Nigerians an very efficient for car types that are sophisticated or cover long distances qualifying it as one of the 5 best engine oil for cars in Nigeria.

Valvoline motor oil is specially designed for cars such as SUVs, trucks, etc to provide ultra protection against sludge, etc during tough conditions.

This engine oil is specifically very effective in fighting off engine stress, hauling, towing or any extreme temperatures that may expose cars to great risk.

Also, the Valvoline engine oil has an anti-wear additive that effectively offers extra wear protection compared to regular engine oil.

The Valvoline Full Synthetic Motor Oil earns without contest a slot as one of the 5 best engine oil for cars in Nigeria through its proven ability to maximize car engine life, enhance petrol efficiency, and be available at affordable prices.

5. Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil

This list of 5 Best Engine Oil for Cars in Nigeria will b in complete without recognizing Pennzoil Platinum Engine Oil. A Fully synthetic oil with the right compositions to give strength and lubrication to your car.

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It also contains highly advanced detergent that provides appropriate superior cleaning to your car engine as well as keeps it sludge-free and eliminates toxins, and other forms of dirt.

Like Mobil synthetic oil, it has a viscosity rating of 5W-30 which is suitable for daily driving and high temperature evident in Nigeria’s tropical climate.

The oil supports long hours of driving and it is affordable.

Uses of Engine Oil

It is important that as you learn about the 5 Best engine oil for Cars in Nigeria, you also have in your sleeves the right uses to help you maximize the full potential of engine oil in your car.

1. As a lubricant: Adding the appropriate engine oil to your car gives it the greasing ability for the vehicle’s parts that is always in motion and helps them conveniently slide by one another as opposed to grinding against each other.

2. As a cooling agent: Although the vehicle’s radiator is responsible for most of your car’s cooling, the engine oil’s continual circling around helps cool air even circulation too, to other parts of the engine.

3. Engine Protection: Anything that forestalls motor harm basically secures the motor. Engine oil completes this capacity as an aftermath of its capacities.

4. Motor Cleansing: Oil additionally disposes of residue and different pollutions that may some way or another obstruct together and structure thick dregs or ooze.

5. Aids car efficiency: The correct oil can improve mileage by assisting the vehicle with performing to standard or better than average.


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