Bolt Inspection Centers in Lagos

This is a detailed guide on bolt inspection centers in Lagos, read to the end to gain more insight.

Bolt is a mobility company headquartered in Tallinn. It operates in over 400 cities in 45 countries in Europe, Africa, Western Asia, and Latin America.

The company has 100 million clients worldwide and more than 2.5 million drivers use the Bolt Driver platform to offer rides.

However, before a driver is allowed to utilize the bolt platform, the driver must, first of all, take the car intended to be used to offer rides for inspection.

Bolt has inspection centers in every state where it operates and Lagos state is not an exception.

The purpose of this vehicle inspection is to make sure the vehicles intended to be used for the bolt are in good condition.

However, if you are an intended bolt driver looking for bolt inspection centers in Lagos, this article on bolt inspection centers in Lagos will help you locate the nearest bolt inspection center in Lagos.

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Steps On How To Get Your Vehicle Inspected

Vehicle inspection is very crucial for new and old drivers on the bolt platform and that is why you need to know the bolt inspection centers in Lagos.

As a new member, you must take your vehicle for inspection before you start using it on the bolt platform and as an old member, your vehicle must be inspected every six months to ensure it is safe for you and the rider.

Getting your vehicle inspected is not a herculean task, you can do it in three easy steps if you are determined to do it.

However, below are the three steps you can follow to get your vehicle inspected.

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Locate Bolt Inspection Center Close To You

The first step to getting your vehicle inspected is to locate any authorized Bolt inspection centers of your choice to have your vehicle inspected. 

Before you take your vehicle to a bolt inspection center, make sure that your vehicle is in good condition to avoid being rejected by the bolt company.

Make Payment

After locating a genuine blot inspection center close to you, make payment and after that, the bolt inspection agent will inspect your vehicle.

Vehicle inspections cost ₦1200 per vehicle and are carried out Mondays to Saturdays between 09:00 am to 17:00 pm.

However, Upon completion, your AutoGenius inspection report will be sent to your email address.

Upload Document

For new and existing drivers, after receiving your AutoGenius inspection report, kindly upload the inspection report (the PDF file attached in the email received) through the driver portal on your app.

However, when uploading the documents, make sure that the images are not blurry or trimmed. The entire document should be seeable and the text must be readable.

However, AutoGenius inspection reports are valid for six months when you will have to carry out the inspection on your vehicle again.

Requirements For Bolt Vehicle Inspection

When taking your vehicle for inspection, you must make sure you go with the necessary documents and your vehicle must meet the following requirements.

1. Your vehicle Must Be dented & Scratch Free.

2. Your vehicle’s A/c, Horn, and Headlights Must All Be In Good Condition.

3. You must go with your complete Vehicle Documents.

4. You must go with your driver’s Licence.

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Things That Are Inspected In A Vehicle

In Lagos state, a vehicle inspection is needed for drivers to get their vehicle payments.

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As an existing bolt driver, if there are some concerns from your riders that your vehicle needs an inspection, you will be instructed to complete it before you can complete any travels.

However, you can visit a listed AutoGenius facility to perform your Bolt inspection, and the inspection will check for the following elements:

1. Breaks And Suspension

Under this category, the bolt inspection agent will check the condition of shocks, park light engagement, grinding noise, and vehicle alignment.

2. Functionality

Under functionality, the bolt inspection agent will inspect the brake lights, turn indicators, dashboard electrical components, and headlights.

3. Electrical components functionalities

Under electrical components functionalities, the bolt inspection agents will check for air conditioner, floor & foot mat condition, car horn, mirrors & adjustment, windscreen wipers (noise-free), vehicle stereo, and odor-free.

4. Fluid level check

Under fluid level check, the bolt inspection agent will inspect brake fluid, engine coolant, windshield washer fluid, automatic transmission fluid, cabin air filter, and power steering fluid.

5. Safety check

Under safety check, the bolt inspection agent will check for the fire extinguisher, hazard warning triangle, jack & accessories, and spare tire.

6. Cosmetic check

Under cosmetic check, the bolt inspection agent will check the interior components which are Vehicle and trunk cleanliness, comfort, and safety features.

The agent will also check the exterior part of the vehicle to ensure that the vehicle is free of scratches & dents, windshield or window cracks, external mirror cracks, body panel colors, and the trunk opens and closes freely

7. Tire check

Under tire check, the bolt inspection agent will check for tire pressure, tire tread pattern match, and any other faults.

Bolt Inspection Centres in Lagos

Bolt inspection centers are few in Lagos, so you would need to either book appointment with the inspection agents or go to the place very early to avoid a long queue.

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However, below are the bolt inspection centers in Lagos you can easily take your vehicle for inspection.

1. AutoXra


2. Con Oil Filling Station Falolu Bustop Surulere

Conoil filling station 74 Itire Road Falolu bus stop surulere

3. Con Oil Filling Station, Abeokuta Express Way

Conoil Petrol Station, Abeokuta Expy, Idi Mangoro, Lagos

4. First Bank Car Park

Firstbank car park opposite NNPC filling station Kudirat Abiola way, Oregun Lagos

5. G&G Oil & Gas Filling Station, Ikorodu

KLM 6 Itokin Road Sabo Ikorodu, Lagos State.

6. Mobil Station, Obanikoro

Mobil Filing Station, Ikorodu Road Obanikoro Lagos State.

7. Mohagafar Petrol Station New Oko Oba , Abule Egba

Mohagafar petrol station, 2 phillip majekodunmi street, poposola area new oko oba , abule egba.

8. MRS Filling Station Ikate, Lekki

MRS service station Ikate Lekki expressway Elegushi Lagos.


Alapere Estate B/stop, Ibadan Express Road.

10. NPOG PERIDOT Filling Station, Isheri Idimu Road

NPOG PERIDOT Filling Station, 328 Isheri Idimu Road, Isheri Roundabout Lagos State.

11. Obanikoro II, Ikorodu Road

Mobil Obanikoro, Ikorodu Road.

12. Wilmot Point

2 Wilmot point road, off Ahmadu Bello way; bar beach Victoria Island Lagos.

That’s all on the bolt inspection centers in Lagos, I hope it helps you locate the one closest to you.

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