May 21, 2024
New Airtel Night plan Code 2023

We bring you everything you need to know about the new Airtel night plan code in this article.

Airtel Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s greatest top three and also fastest and reliable telecommunications companies, having a large customer base and extensive network coverage.

Airtel also the third biggest number of mobile internet subscribers in Nigeria, according to prior NCC statistics, after MTN and Glo.

If you are an Airtel consumer, you definitely need the information we are serving and other mega plans and deals on the network that celebrates every little thing in life and help you stay around with friends be it online or offline.

At night hour, you probably want to get some spill over work done as well as personal study or research which is usually attained in the calmness of the surroundings.

You will need data for full functionality and this is why you should subscribe to the cheapest Internet plan possible. With an Airtel night package, you will be able to browse till morning.

As an added bonus, unlike some network providers that limit night plan subscription to once a night, you can get to subscribe as many times as you wish in a single night via the new Airtel night plan code and any nocturnal being should nod to this offer.

This article further throws light on the new Airtel night plan code, that comes with a wide variety of discounted offers to suit different consumers needs. With as low as 500 MB for N25 and 1.5 GB for N50 including provision of discounted call rates in addition to data bonuses the new airtel night plan code is quite a go-to option for many people.

You are probably wondering right about now, how to get the new airtel night plan code, including its features, it pricing, and how to sign up.

Well, first things first you must know that though these new airtel night plan code comes with a lot of advantage and enticements it also comes with some terms and conditions

One of such is having the sufficient airtime amount in order to purchase the available bundles best for you. While the other is knowing that they come with their respective validity periods, which afterwards will expire.

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What is the New Airtel Night Plan Code?

Here you go, the new Airtel Night plan code is simply *312#. All you have to do is dial up this code, and you can get to subscribe to the Airtel Smart Trybe Night plan.

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But, if you are already on Smart Trybe, then proceed to access the menu which allows you to choose some of its many benefits. Select option 3 and begin to enjoy discounted rates for internet data usage during the night hours. Then select the plan you want to activate and follow the prompts to complete the process.

This plan is available and accessible to Airtel SmartTRYBE subscribers and is active at night as the name implies between 12:00 am and 5:00 am.

Another new Airtel night plan code is the Airtel Night Plan, which provides subscribers with 250MB data for N50 and 1gb data for 100naira. This plan can be used between 12:00 am and 5:00 am and is valid for one night. To subscribe to this plan, dial *312# and select option 2.

It’s important to note that these plans are only available to Airtel prepaid customers which also implies that fair usage policies may apply.

To confirm the availability of these plans or to get more information, you can visit the Airtel website or contact customer service.

Here are the Airtel night plan codes you need to subscribe now.

Below are details of the subscription codes, data validity, and how to use them effectively.

Also, do you wish to know how to check your airtel night plan balance, airtel 50 naira night plan, and airtel night call?

What is the new Airtel Night Plan?

Airtel Night Plan as betrayed by the name is a data plan offered by Airtel Nigeria that allows subscribers to enjoy cheaper and more affordable data rates at night.

With this plan needs of subscribers  who require more data for browsing, downloading, and streaming videos or music at night are met and they get to do more at very cheap rates.

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More on the New Airtel Night Plan Code

The Airtel 750MB + free 1GB YouTube Night Streaming for N500 for 14 days with N500 recharge.

To subscribe: Have upto N500 recharge card on your phone and dial *141*500# Airtel night browsing or you opt for Airtel 1GB + FREE 1GB YouTube Night Streaming with N500 for 7 days.

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To subscribe: Have N500 on your phone and dial *141*502#

If you want to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE. Simply dial *312# and reply with 1 to migrate to Airtel SmartTRYBE;
After the migration, dial *312#
Reply 1 for 250MB for N25
Reply 2 for 1GB for N500 (Night Plan 12 am – 5 am)

Airtel also offers 1.5GB data for N200 night plan; and for 200MB Airtel data and a 30mins call at the cost of N200 you can get yourself a weekend plan from Saturday to Sunday that allows you to speak with your friends and loved ones.

Airtel Nigeria night plan is better because Airtel night bundle plan can be renewed if exhausted, which means you can re-subscribe after exhausting the initial 1.5GB. You can also use 3GB for N100 in just one night.

Airtel unlimited night plan 2023
2023 Airtel unlimited night plan

This code grants access to an unlimited Airtel night plan. This is due to the fact that the current Airtel night plan allows for numerous renewals each night.

Night Plan Validity Period

You can only use the data bundle from 12am to 5am. So you may have to burn the night to browse with it.
In my opinion, Airtels’ 1.5GB for N50 is superior to other networks due to the possibility to re-subscription once the data is exhausted.

However, the new Airtel night plan code can only be utilized at night; not during the day. Though, the midnight plan operates for around five hours.

Note that, unlike other regular Airtel data plans, the new Airtel night plan code cannot be rolled over if the data bundle is not exhausted by 5 a.m.

How to Check Airtel Data Balance on Android

To check the data balance on any Airtel Data Plan.

There has been a steady increase in the number of internet users that Airtel Nigeria maintains monthly, and this can be substantially linked to their inexpensive Data subscriptions at affordable costs and which is available for numerous devices.

If you are contemplating purchasing a new Airtel SIM card or moving to Airtel because of the attractive package and its 4f network or due to any of the other common data packages offered by Airtel, then you must know a number of things about the network service.

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Checking Your Airtel Data Balance via Direct USSD Code

The Direct USSD Code for All Airtel Data Plans including on Android except BlackBerry subscription plans.

Basically dial: *141*11*0#, *123*10# or *141*712*0# and you will see your data balance displayed at once.

Direct SMS Code for All Airtel Data Plans

This SMS Code functions on all Airtel data plan packages except BlackBerry subscriptions. It works even on Android.

To see your data balance, text and send: “Status” to 141. Please ensure you remove the quotes when sending.

Airtel’s SmartSpeedo USSD Code

This process is a bit complex but simple to memorize and navigate. You need to dial *141# to open the SmartSpeedo USSD menu. To get the “check data balance” option, you will have to press * on your device and then press SEND.

After the “Check data balance” has appeared on the new page, press 7 and press SEND to select “Check data balance”.

A notification will appear on your screen stating that your data balance will be sent to you through SMS, and within a matter of seconds you will receive your data balance.

This method usually works for normal data balance.

Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Code

The Airtel’s SelfCare USSD Menu interface is a complex but easy to understand method and it is where customers can check their number, current tariff plan, migrate to other plans, check their data balance, and more.

To get to Airtel’s SelfCare USSD menu, simply dial *121#; and on the USSD menu page, press 1 which represents “My profile” and then press SEND.

After the appearance of various options on the next page, press 6 and send to select “My Data Balance”. Once this is done, a notification will emerge on your screen telling you that your data balance will be sent to you via SMS.

It takes only a matter of seconds and you will see your data balance display soon enough for your confirmation.


Above, is a well resourced and fully updated and complete article on the New Airtel Night plan Code for every interested Airtel customer.

We are dedicated to make your life as easy as possible with our article and so seize the opportunity offered by Airtel Nigeria while this rare offer lasts.

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