11 Best Websites to Download Yoruba Movies Online For Free

With the impressive growth in Yoruba movie storytelling, it is no surprise that movie lovers are in constant search of websites to stream or watch Yoruba movies and films online.

We support growth and consistency, which is what the Yoruba movie industry has continually offered its steadily growing fans every day.

There has been a tremendous improvement in the quality of Yoruba movies produced in the last half-decade.

These movies have been made in such a way that they carry everyone along, including people from other tribes who do not speak or understand the Yoruba dialect as a mother tongue. This the Yoruba movie producers do, by providing, embedded English subtitles in most of the top Yoruba movies.

If you are a huge fan of Nollywood films or you intend to start watching Yoruba movies, here are some of the top websites to get them for free.

Top 11 Websites to Download Yoruba Movies Free

Below is a random list of the best websites to download Yoruba movies online for free, with their rankings.

1. Waploaded

This is all entertainment media Nigerian website is adorned with a comprehensive collection of Nigerian movies, songs, stories, series, etc.

The website provides you with unlimited access to download the best Yoruba movies online for free. Waploaded has an easy-to-use interface that makes navigation by any visitor to the site very easy.

You can save yourself any form of wallowing too long in the sea of movies and videos and use the search option to search precisely for the Yoruba movie of your choice.

This website also stands as one of the best websites to download Yoruba movies online for free because it is void of a series of back-and-forth instructions to follow before a download is successful.

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where to download yoruba films

2. TheNetNaija

The Netnaija website is one of the most reliable sites to download Yoruba movies for free. It also doubles as an awesome website for all other types of movies, away from Nollywood.

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Netnaija according to the statistics gathered from the Google search engine has a ranking above 40,100 to 32,970 increased over the last 3 months.

Also, they provide content for foreign music and movies. Visit netnaija to download your favourite and top Yoruba movies.

3. NaijaPals

This is another popular, easy, and fast website to download the latest Yoruba Movies online for free. Naijapals prides itself on the wide range of movie collections to choose from.

On this website, you can revive memories that you may have long considered forgotten or lost with their old and new library of Yoruba movies.

Also, NaijaPals have an easy-to-use interface, and a fast and stress-free download is assured on this website. Also, Alexa Global ranks Naijapals as 16,123 and 260th in Italy with over 6000 increase in the last 3 months.

Visit Naijapals to download your favourite and top Yoruba movies.

4. IbakaTV

IbakaTV is one website that has done tremendously over the past few years of its existence. IbakaTV gives access to over 15000 hours of incredible movies, top Yoruba movies inclusive, with a super smart looking interface.

Ibakatv is about 11 years old, with an impressively large line of online catalogues of Nollywood movies for your download.

5. Naijaolofofo

Naijaolofofo is a very captivating website, among websites to download Yoruba movies online for Free. The website keeps you glued to your screen by providing you with rich entertainment content.

It is stocked with trendy, and top Yoruba movies, as well as TV shows. Looking for where to watch and download Nollywood movies for free? Check out the top websites to download Nollywood movies for free.

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6. GLTrends

Another website you can bank on to Download Yoruba Movies Online For Free is GLTrends. GLTrends has a vast collection of old and new Yoruba movies that help you keep the true Yoruba culture and traditions evergreen.

Additionally, they update their catalogue by adding newly released films for you to download. If you visit the website, you should find a vast array of Yoruba films to select from.

7. Onpointy

Onpointv just like their name implies (on point if differentiated literally) is truly on point with lots of top Yoruba movies for free.

The site is simple and without any ambiguity. Onpointy is fast and their website arranges movies available in order of updates, and to navigate more precisely you can use the search space to enable users to easily get to the movies they are in need of.

Also of course one of the simplest sites to use on the list of top websites to download the latest Yoruba movies. Onpointy has a mobile app known as Amonpointv, which gives you Yourba movie content on the go.

8. YouTube

YouTube, happens to be the widest website today and the second most popular search engine. You can find a wide range of movies, music videos, tutorials, virtual concerts, live shows, and visual content on YouTube.

download yoruba movies

There are thousands of Yoruba movies uploaded by content creators available and accessible for you to download on your devices. Many movie producers and directors who can’t get their works on Netflix and other streaming platforms, rely on YouTube to make their films available to the public.

You can use the search box to search for movie-related channels that provide popular Yoruba movies.

9. Codedwap

Another fantastic and straightforward website is Codedwap, here you can also be certain  that you have reached one of the Websites to Download Yoruba Movies Online For Free

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It is trustworthy because it obtains most of its videos directly from YouTube. Codedwap is one entertainment platform that spreads its horizon to publishing top news around entertainment, technology, education, politics, and lots more.

This website runs ads though it is free for movie downloads and quite easy to use by new visitors. Search more effectively by clicking on the ‘Nollywood’ menu and gain access to all the best and top Yoruba films.

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10. Naijawapaz

Naijawapaz seeks ultimately to entertain its audience which is why it is one of the sites to download Yoruba movies for free.

It has a good collection of breathtaking, latest Yoruba movies that can fill you up all day.

11. IrokoTV

Last but not least is the popular IrokoTV, this app is the place to be when you think of streaming the latest Yoruba movies, instead of downloading them.

The irokoTv app is equivalent to saying Naija’s Netflix, because of the widest range of quality Nollywood movies it houses.

Get the best Yoruba movies online here, as long as you are on a subscription you are covered.

To add to their already fat portfolio, movies on IrokoTV have a very good resolution and IrokoTV was selected by TheeAfrican as among the top 5 mobile applications in Africa.

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