Top 10 Websites To Buy And Sell Cars In Nigeria

This article contains a list of the 10 best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

Buying and selling cars in Nigeria, whether brand new cars, tokunbo cars or fairly used cars, is never an easy task.

For someone who has a car he or she wants to sell or is into the business of selling cars, you might be wondering the quickest and easiest way of getting potential buyers for your car(s).

Then as one who intends to buy a car, you might also be wondering where you could go and easily buy a car without much stress, and without the use of a middle man which would cost you more.

The good news is, things have evolved from how they use to be in the time past. Thanks to the internet, there are now websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

What this means is that, as a seller or buyer, you can sit in the comfort of your homes and sell or buy a car online in Nigeria, be it brand new, tokunbo, or fairly used car.

Hence, if you are looking for where to buy and sell cars in Nigeria, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will show you some of the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

10 Best Websites To Buy And Sell Cars In Nigeria

There are many websites in Nigeria where cars can be bought and sold online. However, below is a list of the 10 best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

1. Cars45

Cars45 is no doubt one of the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

Cars45 was founded in 2016 by Etop Ikpe, Iyamu Mohammed, Sujay Tyle, and Peter Lindholm and has developed a reputation for connecting buyers and sellers of new and fairly used cars in Nigeria.

With Cars45, you can complete the process of buying or selling a car within 45 minutes. These cars also come at affordable prices for buyers.

As a seller, it is very easy to sell your cars on Cars45. All you just need to do is go to their website, input the details of your car, and once they evaluate it (a process that would just take a few seconds), you will be required to take the car to your nearest inspection center for inspection and verification.

If they are satisfied with the state of your car, it will be put up for sale in less than 45 minutes.

Cars45 Website:

2. Jiji

Jiji is a popular classified ads website in Nigeria, where you can buy thing products like clothes, electronics, mobile phones, properties, etc, making Jiji one of the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

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Since Jiji is an online platform in Nigeria, you get to meet buyers and sellers of cars or any other thing you want in your own locality.

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As a buyer, you can filter the search for cars, choosing from categories like the color of the car, prices of the car, and its fuel type.

While as a seller, you can advertise your car on Jiji free of charge. However, to be able to reach out to more potential customers even outside your State, you have to consider the sponsored ads option on Jiji, which is very affordable.

With the sponsored adverts, depending on the plan you choose, Jiji will show your car to even people outside the Jiji platform, thereby increasing the chance of selling your car.

In 2019, Jiji purchased a popular online marketplace named OLX. OLX in it’s prime was one of the best online platforms to buy used cars and other goods.

JIJI Website:

3. Cheki

Cheki is another website trusted by Nigerians for buying and selling cars.

Cheki is not directly involved in trading activities but acts as a form of advertisement for the cars you are willing to sell.

So many companies and individuals willing to sell cars trust Cheki and you should be sure to get cars at affordable prices on the website.

Cheki was acquired by Ringier AG, a Switzerland-based media company in 2017.

Cheki Website:

4. Carxus

Carxus is another online platform to buy and sell cars in Nigeria. Carxus does not only cover Nigeria, but also nearby Ghana.

With Carxus, you should be rest assured to get the cheapest prices for Nigerian or foreign used cars.

These days, it is hard to get a car with a budget of NGN 500,000 but you would not be disappointed after checking out the Carxus website. They also specialize in the sales of bikes, trucks, and boats.

With their very quick customer service policy, you will never regret choosing Carxus for your automobile deals.

Hence, Carxus is one of the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria and Ghana.

Carxus Website:

5. Carmart

Carmart is another best website where you can find Nigerian used cars, foreign used cars, and tokunbo cars for sale in Nigeria.

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Carmart popularly known as Nigeria Car Mart, was established in 2019 by Ikwu Johnjude Onyeka.

On CarMart, you can sell your car online for a reasonable price from the comfort of your home.

All you just have to do is upload details of your car and watch as interested buyers begin to submit bids.

Also, you can easily get a car of your choice on Carmart. Just input the details of the kind of car you want to buy, and if your car choice is not available on CarMart, you will be referred to the nearest trusted car dealership to you.

Carmart Website:

6. Affordable Cars

Another best place to buy Cars in Nigeria is at Affordablecars. Affordable Cars is respected for long years of service to Nigerians.

Founded in 1997, Affordable Cars first earned a reputation as one of the best offline platforms where you can buy and sell cars in Nigeria with ease.

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It later embraced the ‘online revolution’ but still offers offline services. They also offer a variety of cars for sale including Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, and Lexus.

AffordableCars is no doubt one of the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria, as they partner with some top Nigerian banks to ensure customers who don’t have enough money, are granted loans with which they can use to purchase cars they wish to buy.

The company also runs an AutoCare shop where your vehicle can be fixed whenever the need arises.

Affordable Cars has offices in Lekki and Ikeja.

Affordable Cars Website:

7. Jumia Deals

Jumia deals, just like Jiji, is a free classified ads website, owned by Jumia, where you can buy and sell anything in your locality.

On Jumia deals, you can find cheap used cars for sale in Nigeria. Then, as a seller, you can also post your cars for potential customers to see and buy.

Posting your cars on Jumia deals is entirely free, and won’t take more than 2 mins.

You can also narrow down your searches by sorting for your preferred cars based on brand, model, year, transmission type, mileage, fuel type, etc.

Jumia deals is not really a popular classified ads websites like Jiji, but it definitely one of the reliable websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

Jumia deals Website:

8. Naija Auto

Naija Auto is one of the biggest websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria. Naija Autos connects buyers and sellers through mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

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On Naija Auto, you will find new cars, and also used cars to buy in Nigeria. As a car dealer, you can also sell your cars on Naija auto.

However, it important to follow laid down instructions on the website to avoid being a victim of fraudsters who pretend to be dealers on the website.

Naija Auto Website:

9. Inspired Autos

If you are looking to buy clean tokunbo cars or Canada / USA used cars in Nigeria, inspired motors is definitely one of your best bet.

The best description of Inspired Autos is ‘a car dealership and more’.

This is because they don’t just sell new and used cars but also offer other services like car diagnostics and repair, sale of vehicle tracking systems, customizing and upgrade of car kits.

They have an impressive online presence and most of their cars are from the USA and Canada.

With so many positive reviews coming from their customers, Inspired Autos is one of the top websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

Inspired Autos Website:

10. Autochek

Autocheck is another best website to buy and sell cars in Nigeria.

Autochek has a very extensive database that you can use to research and compare cars, in other to find the best car of your choice.

Selling of car(s) on Autochek is equally very easy. All you need to do is contact Autocheck, and a professionally trained inspector will be assigned to you, who will come and inspect your car in your location, and help you get the best safe deals for your car.

Autochek is not just an online platform where you buy and sell cars. You can also get your cars fixed on Autochek.

Autochek Website:

That is all on the best websites to buy and sell cars in Nigeria. Also, check out our article on how to buy cheap cars in Nigeria.

Note that it’s very important to insure your car. Hence, after you have gotten your car, remember to insure the car. You might want to check the 10 best car insurance companies in Nigeria.

I hope this guide helps?

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