United States Universities For International Students

The decision to study in the USA is quite a good one provided you have the means because asides from meeting new people and places, you would be attending one of the top international universities and you know what that means.

The United States Universities for international students makes provisions for student all around the globe, and you would not need to spend so much as there are also affordable ones you can get enrolled in for a four years long course.

Every year, students are getting enrolled in these colleges, one thing that determines the choice of the college in question out of the thousands of colleges available depends on the candidate’s academic need and intended field of study.

Cheap United States Universities For International Students

We will be bringing affordable colleges in the USA to you, before then, let us lookout for things that should guide your decision-making.

4 Look-Outs For The University Of Your Choice

There are things you should put into consideration when searching out and deciding on which of the universities to go for, there are;

1. The Cost

Is it something you can afford? if yes, then go on with the registration process. Otherwise, keep searching for a more affordable one which you will find.

2. Your Intended Program

This school you have finally chosen, do they offer the course you want to study? If not, do they offer something close or will you resort to changing to an entirely different course? You decide.

3. The Admission Provisions

Every school regardless of the country they are based has its unique admission provisions, you can call them the terms and conditions as that would make more sense to you. You look at that of your preferred college and decide if it is okay with you.

4. After-Learning Fate

Finally, you have to consider where you will be working after school. Will this course you will be having to study abroad give you good options in your career or will you change to something with more options and need? Are you intending to base there and go back to your country after schooling? If you are going back to your country, will your career fly in that country?

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Colleges in the USA;

1. Caltech ( California Institute of Technology: Has about 3000 populations of students with a very high proportion of international students giving a third place in the whole index for this indicator.

2. Illinois Institute of Technology: It is located in Chicago with a student population of over 9000 including more than 1000 students from the minority group. Also known as Illinois Tech or IlT. It ranks first in the international student indicator ranks.

3. Ivy League Schools: The majority of these schools provide international students with the necessary facilities and programs for easy adjustment to US life as well as growing their schooling networks. One beautiful thing to also consider is that they ease the financial burden too on international students.

4. University of California Schools: San Diego, UC, Los Angeles, and Bekerly make provision for international students with a population of over 2000 students.

5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): MIT is known for its need-blind policy and generous financial aid. This implies that any student granted admission will also be the sufficient assistance needed throughout their academic stay (including international students).

6. NorthEastern University: This university is located in Boston, Massachusetts with 15,000 students which which about 2000 are international students. Northeastern University has Its first international campus opened in Toronto, and also has regional campuses elsewhere in the US which includes Silicon Valley.

7. Rice University: It is a private research tertiary institution located in Houston Texas, which offers international students a higher hands-on and practical kind of education, they get to practice on the go as they learn. Its students to faculty ratio is about 6:1 which guarantees international students getting the necessary support needed for their learning experiences.


8. Columbia University:  This is a popular university in New York City have thousands of international students. There also is what is known as the Columbia University Partnership for International Development (CUPID) which is a student-led initiative which to enable and foster multidisciplinary discussion, awareness as well as action in the field of multinational development and relief.

9. Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT): GIT runs five satellite campuses which includes the Georgia-Tech Lorraine campus in Metz, France, and international exchange programs in partnership with universities such as the National University of Singapore. Provsions are also made for international students.

10. Arizona State University (ASU): A research institution with over 50,000 students, out of which about 3,000 are from other countries.

11. The New School: Located in Greenwich area village in New York is The New School which is known to focus mainly on arts, humanities, and social sciences. The institution has 15,000 students with about 4000 students who are international students.

12. Ohio State University: Established in 1870 as an agricultural and mechanical college, Ohio university  now hs more then 40,000 students including international students. Their tuition fee is minimal.

13. Carnegie Mellon University: It is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and has satellite centers in Silicon Valley and Manhattan in the US, and also runs an undergraduate branch campus in Doha, Qatar. There are international students representing almost all the countries of the world in this institution.

14. University of Washington: This university has a highly renown medical school that offers training in dentistry, medicine, and public health thereby serving medical centers across the Pacific North West and Alaska.

15. University of Texas, Dallas: It is one of the top research institutions in the US with a nationally recognized engineering and biomedical sciences. It has a large population of international students.

Cheapest Universities in the US

You might also want to consider these very affordable US universities in the US for international students..

  1. Bridgewater State University
  2. Mississippi University for Women
  3. Nicholls State University
  4. Henderson State University
  5. Delta State University
  6. Minnesota State University-Moorhead
  7. Bemidji State University
  8. National Louis University
  9. Bridgewater State University
  10. Brigham Young University
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In the end, if you have been given admission or awarded a scholarship, you can make the most out of your stay by doing the following:

  • Go for discounted student prices when you visit places like clothing stores, restaurants, books shops, etc.
  • Since you are there to study, it is wise to avoid expenses at all costs, one very important way you can do this is staying at the dorm, here you wouldn’t have to worry about utility bills and so on.
  • Instead of brand-new products things like textbooks and pieces of furniture, resort to buying them from outgoing students.
  • Apply for scholarships at every level you will be getting to. You could be lucky to have it.
  • Apply and do part-time jobs, this would not interfere with your lening hours and you can still make cool cah to take care of your needs as you school.

Finally, do you know you can still get a degree at a US university from the comfort of your country home? Of course Yes! This has been made possible by distant learning. If you are interested, check for online Universities, one of which is Kettering Online University.

Trust this was helpful, do well to share with your friends and loved ones, and research more on our sites for an educational experience. Thanks


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