Although this service is not commonly used in Nigeria, most people find it difficult to activate and cancel MTN call divert/forward. This may either be because people are not aware of it or they are unable to utilize it effectively. This service is available to both postpaid and prepaid users.

When your number is busy, out of service, or you are not responding, Call Divert can be helpful. There are several codes used to divert/forward calls or to cancel, depending on which action you want to perform.

whether you are researching to know how to use MTN call divert/forward service or you are trying to deactivate it, be sure you are on the right track as this article will show you how to activate and cancel MTN call divert/forward.




Codes To Activate And Cancel MTN Call Divert/Forward

Anytime your line is busy, forward calls to another number using the following code:

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Dial**67**mobile phone number of destination*11#. For instance,


To cancel, dial ##67#

To check your progress for the stated choice,

dial *#67#

Divert calls to another phone number whenever your line is unreachable:

  • To activate, dial **62*destination phone number*11#.
  • To deactivate, dial ##62#
  • To check your SIM status for this option, dial *#62#

Divert calls to another number when there’s no answer:

  • Dial **61*destination phone number*11# to activate.
  • Dial ##61# to deactivate this service.
  • To check your divert status for this option, dial *#61#

Divert all calls to another phone number:

  • Dial **21*destination phone number*11# to activate
  • To cancel, dial ##21#
  • To check your status for the above option dial *#21#

Replace destination phone number in all of the codes above with the phone number to which you wish to divert all calls to. Furthermore, ensure you dial the above codes only on the MTN line you wish to divert all calls from.

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Important notice >> To cancel all Call Diverts you previously activated on your MTN line dial ##002# on that line.


Although setting up call divert on your line is absolutely free, there are charges using the service may incur during your course of using it.

Fear not! The cost of call divert on MTN isn’t abnormally high. Generally, your SIM will be charged based on your current call rate to the destination phone number.

In other words, if your current call rate to MTN phone numbers is 11k / sec, then you will only have to pay that same amount for any call diverted to another MTN line.

Also, if you’re diverting to another network (say Glo…), you’ll be charged at your normal call rate to Glo numbers.



You must also take not that all charges shall be billed on the phone number you’re diverting calls from.