Which are the top record labels in the world? You are about to know!

If you are a musician and you need a record label to promote your music, you will find the leading record labels in the world here.

This is a detailed guide on top Record labels in the world. In this guide, I will share with you the largest record labels in the world.

What Is A Record Label?

A record label is a company that produces, distributes, and promotes songs for artists.

A record label is also called a record company. And it serves as the trademark of music recording.

A record label also enforces the copyright laws for the songs they produce.

In addition, a record label scouts for fresh or untapped talents and support the development of new singers to become outstanding in the music industry.

List Of 10 Best Record Labels

Below is a list of the top record labels in the world.

I will be starting off with the big three major record labels.

These record labels (the big three) have produced too numerous songs that can number up to 50% or more of all popular songs out there.

There big three I’ll be starting with are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group.

1. Universal Music Publishing Group

This is the first of the big three major record labels.

By 2018 revenue, the universal music publishing group is the largest record label company in the world.

The universal music group is a force to reckon with in the music industry. It has expanded so well and operates in 68 countries if the world.

Universal Music Publishing Group has been operating since 1972. The music brand has a revenue of about $2.3 billion. Also, they have their headquarters in New York, USA.

Universal Music Publishing Group Website

2. Sony Music Entertainment

Sony music entertainment is the second on my list of the big three music recording labels.

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Like Universal music Publishing group, Sony music entertainment is also a very big brand in the world’s music industry.

It has a revenue of about $1.7 billion.

Sony Music Entertainment was founded in 1929. And it has its headquarters also in New York, USA.

Sony music entertainment operates in about 40 or more countries if the world.

Sony Music Entertainment Website

3. Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group completes the list of the big three major music record labels.

You would know the brand is also very big and influential to be considered a part of the big three.

Warner Music Group began in 2003 and has its headquarters in New York City, USA.

Warner Music Group has a revenue of about $1.13 billion.

Warner Music Group employs up to 3,500 people or more and it also operates in over 50 countries of the world.

Warner Music Group Website

4. Atlantic Records

With the big three taken care of, the next top record label in the world I’ll mention next is Atlantic Records.

Atlantic Records is a record label that is known for being vast and strongly focused on music genres as rock and roll, rhythm & blues, and jazz.

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Atlantic Records was founded in the year 1947 by a Turkish-American songwriter and businessman, named  Ahmet Ertegün along with record producer Herb Abramson.

Atlantic Records has a revenue of about $680 million and has its headquarters in New York, USA.

Atlantic Records Website

5. Republic Records

Republic records were sometimes called universal republic records.

Although, it originally started out as a subsidiary of MCA’s Geffen Records after which it changed its name to become Universal Records.

Republic records have a great name for itself as a division of the popular record label – universal music group.

The music brand has a revenue of about $625 million.

The company was founded in year 1995 and it also has its headquarters at New York, USA.

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Republic Records Website

6. Interscope Records

Interscope records is one of the top record labels on my list.

Interscope was founded in the year 1990 and it has a revenue of about  $600 million.

It is the first on my list that has its headquarters in a different city from New York, although still in the United States. Interscope has its headquarters in California, USA.

Interscope Records is a top brand that has been successful since its inception. Its success story began just about a year after it was founded and it has grown bigger ever since.

Interscope Records Website

7. Capitol Music Group

Capitol Music Group is another top brand when we talk of record labels in the world.

Capitol Music Group was formed by merging two different record labels in 2007.

The two separate brands that were merged then are Capitol Records and Virgin Records America.

Prior to the merging, the former Capitol Records was founded in the year 1942 by Buddy DeSylva, Johnny Mercer, and Glenn E. Wallichs.

Capitol music group has a revenue of about $530 million. The headquarter is located in California, USA.

Capitol Music Group is no doubt one of the top record labels in the world.

Capitol Music Group Website.

8. Columbia Label Group

Columbia label group is another popular record label in the world.

One of its peculiarities is that it stands as the oldest name in the music industry.

The beginning of the record label goes way back to the onset of the sound recording industry as Connecticut’s Columbia Graphophone Company.

Columbia Label Group was founded in the year 1887 and has a revenue of about $500 million.

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The headquarter of the Columbia label group is located in New York, USA.

During the early days, Columbia Records took a long time to start appealing to the youth market.

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But the record label picked up the pace again when they signed folk-rock artists such as Bob Dylan and the Byrds in the 1960s.

Columbia Label Group Website

9. Warner Records

Warner Records is a multi-million dollar record label company that was founded in the year 1958.

Warner Records has a revenue of about $410 million and has its headquarter in California, USA.

Warner Records originated from the recorded-music division of the famous American Warner Bros. film studio.

The division came into recording for the purpose of providing access to low-cost music for its films.

Warner Bros. then after-acquired several other companies and experienced substantial growth to become famous in the world.

But it was affected by the Great Depression as it caused serious setbacks for the brand.

The downturn took a toll on the company and it was compounded by the popularity of broadcast radio.

The popularity of broadcast radio caused hurt for the record sales.

The recovery from this downturn for Warner Bros. came to be by birthing the present Warner Records.

Warner Records Website

10. RCA Records

I wouldn’t say RCA is the least of the records labels I have mentioned here just because it is coming last on the list.

Being in the top ten in the world at least says a lot about their credibility.

Each record label has its own Strength and of course, RCA has its own.

RCA merged purchased the Victor Talking Machine Company to form a merger in 1929.

VCA has a total revenue of about $385 million and is no doubt one of the top best record labels in the world.

As briefly pointed out earlier the company was founded in the year 1929 and has its headquarter located in New York, USA.

RCA Records Website 

That is all on the top record labels in the world.

I hope this was helpful?