Best Free To Air Decoders In Nigeria 2023

This is a detailed guide on the best free to air decoders in Nigeria.

Did you know there are many decoders out there that can give you access to amazing free to air channels in Nigeria?

People often say nothing is free even in Freetown, but that’s not the case with free-to-air decoders.

Free to air decoders are free indeed, although most Nigerians do not know about them, or even believe that such decoders exist.

Using free to air decoder will stimulate lasting joy as you bid farewell to your days of endless spending on subscriptions.

This article intends to educate you on free-to-air decoders and also reveals to you the best free-to-air decoders to purchase and use in Nigeria.

What Is Free To Air Decoder?

This question may pop up in the minds of people hearing about free-to-air decoders for the first time.

Not to worry, we will provide an explicit answer to this mind-troubling question.

Free-to-air satellite television decoders are gadgets used to receive signals from television channels that broadcast their programs for free without any form of subscription or internet connection. These free satellite television channels are called free to air (FTA)

What Is Free To Air Channel?

Free to air channels are satellite television channels that allow anybody with suitable receiving equipment to receive signals and view content without having to subscribe or use internet services.

Free to air channels from the beginning have provided free entertainment for people countrywide.

Free-to-air satellite televisions do not come with a subscription fee, you only pay for the device and installation.

Free-to-air satellites do not require numerous decoders, you can watch all the channels with just one decoder.

Moreover, the free-to-air channels you will gain access to, rely on the size of satellite dish you have and the direction it is pointed.

It is advisable to use a bigger dish if you want to receive numerous channels.

Additionally, to commence the use of free-to-air satellite in your house, you need a satellite dish, low-noise block downconverter plus feed horn (LNBF), decoder, radio frequency cables, etc.

The Basic Free To Air Channels In Nigeria

Below are the basic free to air channels in Nigeria

  • Galaxy TV
  • Channels TV
  • Silverbird TV
  • TVC
  • MBI
  • NTA
  • AIT
  • MITV
  • AKBC
  • ABS
  • ITV
  • Cool-TV
  • Superscreen

Apart from these basic free-to-air television channels in Nigeria, there are other various satellites you can detect for more exciting channels for you and your family.

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Why You Should Buy FTA Decoder

There are many reasons why you need a free-to-air decoder especially in this moment of economic fluctuation in Nigeria where most homes are not able to feed themselves and foot their monthly bills let alone afford subscription fees.

Below are the reasons why you should buy free to air decoder.

1. Free-to-air decoder does not require a monthly subscription once you purchase it.

2. It has a clear reliable connection, even in times of extreme weather conditions, because no central servers exist between the decoder to the provider.

3. HD Free-to-air decoder provides clear television quality as sent by the broadcasting station

4. All the local channels are free to watch at any time

5. They can easily be installed by almost every television technician

6. It is a good choice for all the free-to-air channels like Nollywood movies, Hollywood movies, international and local news, etc.

7. The free-to-air decoder in Nigeria is the best option out of the outrageous subscription fees charged by cable television companies in Nigeria.

List of the Best FTA Decoders In Nigeria

Looking for the best free to air decoder in Nigeria? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered.

Below are the five best free to air decoder in Nigeria 2023.

  • Strong Multi-functional FTA Satellite Decoder
  • Unique SAT Ultra HD Free To Air Satellite Decoder
  • View SAT HD FTA Decoder
  • Power SAT 999SM Free To Air Satellite Receiver
  • Digicom 9000 HD free Use decoder

1. Strong Multi-functional FTA Satellite Decoder

Strong multi-functional decoder is one of the best-selling free to air decoders in Nigeria market today and is widely used by people in many other countries.

The decoder is HD enabled which enhances picture quality and supports blind scan. Its key features are

  • MULTICAS embedded card reader
  • 8,000 programmable channels
  • DVB-S2/S, MPEG-4/2 H.264 Compliant
  • HDMI Output
  • UHF 21-69F Modulator Output
  • Advanced Blind Scan

Types Of Strong Decoders

There are different types of strong decoders in the market. It is necessary to consult a television technician or be conversant with the different models of strong decoders before making your purchase.

The different models of Strong decoder are:

  • SRT 4935.
  • SRT 4672.
  • SRT 4940.
  • SRT 4950H.
  • SRT 4955B.
  • SRT 4922A.
  • SRT 4663XV.
  • SRT 4672II, etc.

The different types of strong decoders vary in price. It is necessary to make a thorough research on them to know the best one to purchase.

You can purchase your strong decoders from Jumia, Konga, or any online or offline marketplace where they are sold.

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List Of Strong Decoder Channels

Below is the list of some free to air decoder channels available in Strong decoder.

  • Champions of Fire TV
  • Channels TV
  • NTA
  • TVC News
  • Super Screen
  • Galaxy TV
  • Silverbird TV
  • LTV
  • MBI
  • AIT
  • Africa Movie Net
  • Angel TV
  • Gabriele TV Africa
  • HC Novo Tempo
  • GTV
  • ABN TV
  • BETV
  • Chosen TV
  • Believe TV
  • HC Morning Star
  • School On-Air
  • Hosanna
  • GOD TV
  • RAK TV, etc.

Learn more about Strong Decoder in Nigeria.

2. Unique SAT Ultra HD Free To Air Satellite Decoder

If you’re looking for best free to air satellite in nigeria, Unique SAT is also one of the best FTA satellite receivers and global decoders that can function with any dish. Moreover, with Unique SAT, you can record content to your external storage device via a USB port.

It supports HD and allows you to track and store numerous channels.

Unique SAT with IPTV feature is the best decoder in the market for all your free to air channels in Nigeria like My Joy TV, BBC, footballs, action, and local movies, Nollywood movies, Hollywood movies, foreign and local news, etc.

Unique SAT requires a KU or C band dish installed for it to function. No doubt this is one of the best free to air decoders in Nigeria.

  Features of unique SAT

  • IPTV Ready
  • Video Resolution: 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p
  • DVR-Ready via USB external mass data storage device
  • Timeshift, record, and playback
  • 3D Broadcasts Compatible via HDMI
  • 10,000 Programmable Channels
  • HDMI Output
  • Programmable Function Keys: F1-F4 & 0-9
  • Auto & Manual Channel Search
  • Dolby Digital Electrical Output
  • 16:9 Full Screen, 4:3 Letterbox & Full Screen
  • Advanced Blind Scan

3. View SAT HD FTA Decoder

View SAT free to air decoder is one of the best decoders to use in Nigeria. It is very affordable and can be used to track several satellites to get free-to-air channels using the frequency and symbol rates.

This decoder has a fast and accurate blind scan and it receives hundreds of free to air channels.

It is a good option for all the free-to-air religious channels, Nollywood movies, Hollywood action movies, foreign and local news, ethnic Arabic, etc.

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Moreover, view SAT requires a KU or C-band dish installed for it to work.

Features of view satellite HD free to air decoder

  • 3D broadcast compatible with his HDML
  • Video Resolution: 1080i/p, 720p, 576i/p
  • Timeshift, record, and playback
  • DVR-ready via USB external mass data storage device
  • USB 2.0 Hosts for Wi-Fi, adaptor, USB-to-LAN converter, 3G Modem, Multimedia records play-out, Content Recording, and software remodeling.
  • MULTICAST Embedded card reader
  • 8,000 Programmable Channels
  • HDMI Output
  • UHF 21-69 RF Modulator output
  • Advanced blind scan
  • Auto and manual channel search
  • DVD-S2/S, MPEG-4/2 H.264 Compliant.

4. Power SAT 999SM Free To Air Satellite Receiver

Power SAT is another free-to-air decoder that works perfectly in Nigeria. It is important to set it up with an agreeable dish for it to function appropriately.

Moreover, the power SAT decoder has Wi-Fi and PVR support and has the capacity to receive numerous free to air channels.

Additionally, through it, you can store content to external devices via USB.

Features Of Power SAT Decoder

  • Wi-Fi
  • YouTube
  • MPEG4
  • PVR
  • OSR
  • USB

5. Digicom 9000 HD free Use decoder

Digicom decoder is a universal decoder that is capable of receiving up to 5000 satellite TV channels with 9000HD.

It is one of the popular free to air decoders in Nigeria that is very affordable and durable.

Digicom free to use decoder can fetch up to 5000 free to use channels if set up properly using a friendly dish and low noise block downconverter.

With Digicom free to air decoder, you can see MBC TV, JOY TV, MYTV,  AMOS TV, etc.

Features of Digicom 9000 HD Free To Use Decoder

  • Multi-language OSD
  • 4:3 and 16:3 aspect rate
  • HD 1080p
  • 5000 channel memory space
  • Fully DVB-S2/MPEG-4/H264 decoder
  • 8bit colors on-screen display ceased
  • SW upgrade via USB
  • 950-2150MHZ Frequency range
  • 0 for multimedia
  • Multimedia playback
  • Letterbox for 4:3 TV-Device


The satellite receivers mentioned above are considered the best free to air decoders in Nigeria because they possess features such as higher memory capacity to store up to 3000 channels, support HD, subtitle, Teletext, and more.

That is all on the best free to air decoders in Nigeria.

I hope this helps?

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