Top 13 Best Online Payment Gateway In Nigeria

best online payment gateways in Nigeria

Making payments for goods and services online has been a huge difficulty for some time in the past.

Some of the challenges most online business owners faced ranged from the authenticity of the payment pattern to the stressful nature of the transaction.

This has been made easier with the emergence of more online payment gateways. Now, individuals can make payments online with ease, while business owners can receive payments online without stress.

Given the fact that there is now a wide range of online payment gateways, it becomes very challenging for a merchant to decide which is the best online payment gateway in Nigeria, for his or her business.

As a merchant, if you are looking for the best online payment gateway in Nigeria, or you are just looking for a free online payment gateway for your business, this guide will help.

13 Best Online Payment Gateways in Nigeria

There are so many online payment gateways in Nigeria. However, we have streamlined this guide to the top 13 popular online payment in Nigeria.

Below is the list of top online payment gateways in Nigeria.

  1. Flutterwave
  2. Paystack
  3. GTPay
  4. Interswitch Webpay
  5. eTranzact
  6. PayU
  7. Voguepay
  8. CashenVoy
  9. FirstPay Link
  10. Remita
  11. GlobalPay
  12. UBA UCollect
  13. SimplePay

Let’s consider them one after the other.

1. Flutterwave

Flutterwave is one of the most popular and best online payment gateway in Nigeria. Flutterwave makes it easy for merchants to accept payment from their customers anywhere in the world.

With Flutterwave, you can accept online payment easily by integrating Flutterwave into your eCommerce website, or app, and receive payments from your customers.

Aside from accepting payment online with Flutterwave, you can use the Flutterwave POS (Point Of Sale) to accept payment in person at your store, concert, etc.

Flutterwave supports many payment methods for different regions which include, Debit and Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, Mobile Money, Bank Account, POS, M-Pesa, Visa QR, USSD.

Benefits of Flutterwave

There are so many features of Flutterwave. Some of the benefits of using Flutterwave payment gateway are:

1. Secure Payment Platform: One thing that makes Flutterwave very outstanding is that they are very concerned about the security of their platform. Hence, Flutterwave boasts of a 100% secure payment gateway.

2. Suitable for Small and Big Businesses: Flutterwaves is suitable for both small and big businesses. Whatever kind of business you own, Flutterwave got you covered.

3. Affordable Pricing: Flutterwave pricing is very affordable, simple, and transparent.

Flutterwave Fees

Below are the payment and payout fees for Flutterwave.

Flutterwave Payments and Processing fees for Nigeria
Payment Methods Processing Fee
Local Mastercard, VISA, Bank Account, USSD, Bank Transfer, POS, Visa QR 1.4% per transaction
International Mastercard, VISA, AMEX 3.8%
ACH Not available 1.4%
QR Not available 1.4%
Mobile Money Not available 1.4%
Payouts for Nigeria
Mobile Money Bank Account
Local NGN 150 NGN 45 per payout
International Not available Not available

How To Sign Up for Flutterwave

To sign up for Flutterwave, visit their website and fill out the Flutterwave registration form.

2. Paystack

Paystack is one of the best online payment gateways in Nigeria. Paystack which is preferred by most merchant owners in Nigeria accepts both credit and debit cards payment.

Paystack is very easy to set up, and they accept payment from customers from multiple channels.

If you are looking for a simple and secure way to accept payment from your customers in Nigeria, Paystack is definitely designed for that.

You can easily integrate Paystack into your website to accept payment from your customers, or use their payment page and accept payments for your online campaigns, etc.

Actually, I prefer using Paystack for most of my online transactions.

Benefits of Paystack

There are so many features of Paystack. Some of the benefits of using Paystack payment gateway are:

1. Fraud Detection: Paystack has an advanced system that manually and automatically detects fraudulent transactions. This can save you a big deal of trouble.

2. Detailed Reporting System:

One other amazing feature of Paystack is that it provides its merchants with detailed reporting and alerts, to keep them updated with their businesses.

3. Quick Merchant Settlement: Paystack pay their merchants 24 hours after every successful transaction. Payment is made automatically into merchants’ bank accounts.

Paystack Fees

Below are Paystack fees.

Local Transaction: For every local transaction below N2500, there is a waiver of N100 fee, while the maximum fees for any local transaction, is N2000.

International Transactions: Fees for international transactions is 3.9% + NGN 100.

How To Sign Up for Paystack

To learn more, or get started with Paystack, visit the Paystack website here.

3. GTPay

The GTpay is a payment gateway designed by the Guarantee Trust Bank(GTB) to make cash transactions easier and more convenient for their customers.

This payment gateway can be used with debit cards issued by the bank and also ensures that deductions and credits are made instantly when transactions are made.

GTPay can be integrated seamlessly into merchants existing websites, thereby creating a connection between the merchant website, and his financial institution.

Benefits of GTPay

There are so many features of GTPay. Some of the benefits of using GTPay payment gateway are:

1. Provides Detailed Monitoring System: Providing a monitoring console that enables merchants to view transactions on their websites as they occur, creates certain confidence in both the business owner and the customer.

It gives the payment gateway a form of transparency image before the business owner and the customer.

2. Acceptance Internationally: One other outstanding benefit of GTPay that is definitely worth considering when deciding an online payment gateway for your business is Card acceptance.

Thankfully, the GTPay accepts both local and internationally issued cards ranging from MasterCard, VISA, and Interswitch.

3. Timely Transaction Processing: Merchants get the value of the transaction made on their website the next working day, for local transactions. While for international transactions, it takes only 48 working hours.

4. A Reduced Sign-on Fee: Another benefit of GTPay is that sign-on fee is made affordable to users so as to eliminate the inability to use the online payment gateway.

How to Sign Up for GTPAY

Signing up for GTPay as a merchant is a very easy procedure. To get GTPay, simply visit the GTPay online registration page, and register.

4. Interswitch Webpay

Another best online payment gateway in Nigeria is Interswitch.

Interswitch online payment gateway began operations in the year 2002 as an electronic payment company.

Interswitch Webpay is a great means to make payments online with its instant debit and credit pattern that enables users to carry out transactions and monitor the process easily.

It is ideal for the buying and selling of goods and services online with smooth bill payments at any time.

Benefits of Interswitch

There are so many features of Interswitch. Some of the benefits of using Interswitch payment gateway are:

  1. Convenience
  2. Low cost
  3. Swift transaction process

Interswitch Webpay Fees

Interswitch Webpay has a one-time integration fee of N150,000.

Also, after you have successfully integrated Interswitch Webpay on your website, you will be charged a fee 1.5% for every transaction that is successfully completed on your business website via Interswitch.

Simply put, you will be charged a 1.5% fee for every successful transaction below N133,333, while for successful transactions above N133,333, you will be charged a flat fee of N2,000.

How to Sign Up for Interswitch Webpay

To register for Interswitch Webpay, kindly send an email to

5. eTranzact

Another best online payment gateway in Nigeria is eTranzact.

eTranzact is among the leading payment gateways in Africa. They have their operations in Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, etc.

Also, they are rapidly expanding into other countries including a few foreign countries outside the shores of Africa.

eTranzact has made payments easier for companies and individuals with its efficient payment platform through its electronic transaction pattern.

They offer various payment services cutting across mobile, POS, ATM, etc and allows transactions made with locally issued bank cards.

As do other online payment platforms, eTranzact accepts both local and internationally issued cards like Visa and Master Cards.

To learn more about eTranzact, visit the eTranzact website.

6. PayU

PayU is another top best online payment gateway in Nigeria.

PayU which boasts of being Nigeria’s leading eCommerce payment gateway is a fintech company that provides means for Merchants and eCommerce websites to easily accept payment online in Nigeria.

PayU which was founded in 2002 is headquartered in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Currently, the company is in operations in Nigeria, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Kenya, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey.

PayU Merchants can easily integrate PayU into their businesses and accepts payment from their eCommerce website and mobile apps.

PayU Solution Plans

1. PayU Easy: This is a quick and easy way to start selling online. This solution plan is best suited for Startups and Small businesses.

2. PayU Plus: The PayU Plus solution plan is best for businesses that are looking for ways to expand and grow using an online payment gateway.

3. PayU Enterprise: This solution plan is best suited for large organizations as it allows them to have customized multiple payment methods to entertain all customers, including those without credit cards.

4. PayU Xpress: The PayU Xpress is a solution plan that makes it easy for customers to securely make payment for products or services with a single click using the PayU secure PCI-DSS level 1 certified card tokenization services.

5. PayU Subscription: If you are looking for a plan that allows you full control over your subscription payments, this plan is for you.

6. PayU Receive: PayU Receive solution plan is ideal for people who don’t have a website but wish to accept secure payment online.

Visit the Nigeria PayU website to choose a plan and learn more about PayU.

7. Voguepay

Another best online payment gateway in Nigeria to receive online payment is VoguePay.

VoguePay has been in existence for more than 4years with the vision to make online payments cheaper, safer, and accessible to businesses and customers.

Voguepay is a great payment gateway especially for website owners who engage in the sale of goods and services.

It enables merchants to receive payments from customers for the goods sold and services rendered without been charged for setting up the account.

They have been widely accepted for their quick and easy transaction process by most companies and business owners.

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This platform enables businesses and customers to conveniently make cash transactions in all major currencies. They also create wallets for their subscribers to make payments after funding it.

Benefits of Voguepay

There are so many features of Voguepay. Some of the benefits of using Voguepay payment gateway are:

1. Multiple payment channels: Voguepay accepts multiple payment options that include Internet banking (direct pay), wallet transfers, mobile payment, subscription billing.

2. International payments: Voguepay accepts payment from all major currencies, irrespective of the customers’ location.

3. Free integration: Another benefit of Voguepay payment gateway is that it is free and easy to integrate into your website.

As a matter of fact, Voguepay has many plugins and extensions for major website platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

4. Easy Account Management: Depending on your need, you have the option to opt-in for either the Voguepay personal account, or business account.

VoguePay Fees

Below are the Voguepay fees.

Integration Fee: Integration fees for Voguepay, whether personal or business account, is free.

Merchant verification Fee: For Personal account, verification fee of N1,500 or N2,500 is required for international wallet funds transfer services.

While for Business account, verification fees for those with Certificate of business registration  N1,500 and N2,500 for those with Government-issued ID cards only.

Transaction fee: For Personal and Business accounts, fees for transactions above N2,500 done with Naira Card is 1.5% + N30.

Withdrawal fee: Withdrawal fee for both Personal and Business accounts is 0.99% + N99.

How to Sign Up for VoguePay

To register as a merchant for either Vogue Pay Personal or Business account, visit the Voguepay registration pay, and choose your account type to get started.

8. CashenVoy

This payment gateway began operations in November 2009 and is owned by E-Settlement limited.

Cashenvoy is one of the best online payment gateways in Nigeria that is used by a lot of businesses and companies for swift online cash transactions. It accepts transactions from major debit cards in Nigeria.

The Cashenvoy also makes available a Cashenvoy wallet for which its users can make cash transactions online.

It can only be used on Business websites that accept the Cashenvoy payment gateway.

This payment gateway enables individuals to make payments to sellers on their websites and email with a free of charge cash transaction platform.

To learn more about Cashenvoy, how to sign up, and their fees, visit the Cashenvoy website.

9. FirstPayLink

FirstPay link is an online payment gateway designed by the First Bank of Nigeria to ease the cash transactions of their customers by making transactions done online easy and prompt.

With FirstPay link, merchants/eCommerce websites can receive payment online from their customers without much stress.

The FirstPay link payment gateway allows transactions with eTranzact, visa and master card, etc.

FirstPay link provides an avenue for customers to choose from the various payment options and also provides payment convenience for 24hours.

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It has a very simple integration process along with its secure mode of payment which made it accepted around the world.

However, to become a Merchant with FirstPay Link, you must have a bank account with First Bank.

Benefits of FirstPayLink

There are so many features and benefits of FirstPay Link. To learn about the features and benefits of FirstPay Link, click here.

FirstPayLink Fees

To implement FirstPay Link, merchants are required to pay a one-off implementation cost of N50,000 per Switch (Card scheme).

The transaction fee is 1.5%. However, the maximum fee for any transaction is N2,000.

How To Apply for FirstPay Link

To apply for FirstPay Link, you are required to download and fill the Merchant application form and submit it to any FirstBank branch nearest to you.

10. Remita

Remita is one of the best online payment gateways in Nigeria. Remita is a very secure and reliable payment gateway, and the most popular choice for the government and most top agencies to receive payment in Nigeria.

Remita has a wide range of payment services that include Debit and Credit Cards, Internet Banking, Bank Branch, POS Terminals, Direct Debit, Mobile Wallet, Cash Agents, mPOS, Standing Order and Electronic Purse.

With Remita, you can quickly send and receive payment online in Africa.

With Remita, you can simply view all your account balances from different banks, transfer money to another beneficiary, pay your bills online, and easily view your transaction reports in detail.

How To Sign Up For Remita

If you wish to register with Remita, or learn more about their features and pricing, visit the Remita website here.

11. GlobalPay

GlobalPay is another best online payment gateway in Nigeria, designed by Zenith Bank of Nigeria to enable its customers to perform cash transactions online with ease.

The payment method on this online payment gateway is quite simple with a one-time integration pattern.

It makes payment done by customers to sellers online easier and it accepts payments with Verve Card, Master Card and Visa Card regardless of whatever country you are.

It is also efficient in Nigeria and a lot of Nigerian companies and businesses have embraced this payment gateway for Making transactions online.

Benefits of GlobalPay

There are so many features of Voguepay. Some of the benefits of using GlobalPay payment gateway are:

  1. Multiple currency processing
  2. Global reach for businesses
  3. Easy monitoring and report of transactions
  4. Multiple card acceptance from a single integration
  5. GlobalPay provides a transaction platform that enables the users to make payments in various currencies and this speeds up the payment process.

How To Sign Up For GlobalPay

To sign up for GlobalPay, Merchants must first own a Zenith Bank account.

Next, download, fill, and sign the GlobalPay sign up form.

After the form has successfully been filled and signed, you are to return the form to E-Business Department, Zenith Bank Plc, Plot 87, Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Alternatively, you can send the form through your account manager, or visit any Zenith nearest to you for proper guidance.

11. UBA U-Collect

Just as the name goes, it is a product of the United Bank of Africa(UBA). UBA is another top best online payment gateways in Nigeria.

This online payment gateway was designed to aid the cash transactions between their customers and merchants using their bank cards.

It creates a connection between cardholders, their sellers who in most cases are merchants and their banking institutions. This payment gateway is swift and very reliable for payments.

Benefits of UBA UCollect

There are so many features of UBA UCollect. Some of the benefits of using UBA UCollect payment gateway are:

  1. Simple integration process
  2. Multi-currency support
  3. Low collection cost
  4. 24 hours customer support
  5. Instant text or email notification
  6. UBA UCollect 24hours customer support enables its customers to have a sense of security and reliability.

UBA UCollect Fees

UBA does not charge a fee for integrating U-Collect integration.

The transaction fee for U-Collect is 1.5% per transaction. However, the maximum fee is of N2, 000.

13. SimplePay

This online payment gateway has been in existence since the year 2013 and makes it easier for customers or businesses with an email address and bank account to make payments online conveniently.

Simplepay like the name implies operates a payment gateway platform that makes cash transactions simple and easier.

It doesn’t require much to set up an account with them. All that’s needed is just a bank account and an email to enable transactions smoothly.

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While we have attempted to list the top 13 best online payment gateways in Nigeria, their benefits, and fees, it is expected that you visit the websites of the individual gateways, and carry out more findings before settling for any.

That’s all on the top 13 best online payment gateways in Nigeria.

I hope this guide on the 13 best online payment gateways in Nigeria was helpful?

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