Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on Mikano generator prices in Nigeria, read to the end to gain more insight.

Electricity is very essential in our present society, almost all our life activities require electricity to function.

Also, almost all businesses in the world rely on electricity to function properly, therefore a lack of electricity would amount to less output.

However, in Nigeria where there is a shortage of electricity supply, people resort to power generated by generators.

Generators in Nigeria are one of the things that are highly purchased. There is no home, hospital, business, industry, etc., in Nigeria that does not have a generator.

However, if you want to buy a good and long-lasting generator, then you should consider the Mikano generator.

Mikano generator is one of the best generator brands in Nigeria and this article has provided a list of Mikano generator prices in Nigeria.

About Mikano Generator

Mikano International Limited is one of the power generation companies in Nigeria that was established in 1993.

The company has a power generation division, Steel Fabrication sector, Electrical Products & Solutions, Heavy Construction Equipment & Forklifts, and Mikano Motors.

Mikano’s Power Generation Division is Nigeria’s widest assembler of power generating sets from well-known generator manufacturers such as; Yorc, Perkins, and MTU.

However, Mikano provides quality generators ranging from 9kVa to 3,500 kVa for residential, commercial or industrial use.

It ensures that all its generators are factory fitted and thoroughly tested to endure all kinds of weather conditions, particularly, the tropical climate in agreement with global standards.

Types Of Mikano Generator

Mikano generators are of different kinds which are; diesel generators and gas generators. However, you can either buy or rent the different types of Mikano generators.

By renting generators, you pay only for the kVa that you need, the team will install and constantly maintain the generators to ensure you have an uninterrupted power supply.

Mikano provides rental of both gas and diesel power generators to fit all types of uses such as residential, commercial, or industrial.

However, rental workshops are located across Nigeria, and below are the different types of Mikano generators.

Mikano Diesel Generators

Mikano diesel generators are available in UK Yorc, UK Perkins, or German MTU Engines coupled with UK Yorc alternators.

However, the three different generator brands range from 9kVa to 3,500 kVa for residential and industrial use.

Mikano diesel generators are water-cooled with radiators and a comprehensive AC/DC control panel, perfectly built to standards.

Mikano Gas Generators

Mikano gas generators are available in UK Perkins or German MTU Engines.

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This type of Mikano generator is a better option for people who run their generators 24/7 with full load because it saves running costs and requires minimal maintenance overheads.

Mikano gas generators can function on Compressed Natural Gas which enables users to save operational costs, especially in regions where the gas pipelines are not available.

However, Mikano gas generators have the following benefits:

1. They enable users to save Up to 50% operational cost.

2. They have a Longer lifespan.

3. They have Green Energy.

4. They have high product Integrity and Durability.

5. They produce Low noise and vibration.

Things to Consider before buying a Mikano Generator

There are very important things to consider before buying a Mikano generator. Below are the important things to consider before buying the Mikano generator.

Type Of Generator

The first thing to consider is the type of generator that will meet your needs because there are Mikano generators for homes and industries.

What you need the generator for will determine the type of generator you need to buy.

Place Of Installation

Before you buy a Mikano generator, you need to consider the installation place.

It is advisable to make a place available for your generator to be installed. However, if you do not know what the place should be like, it is important to ask questions.

Moreover, it is advisable for the place of installation to be far from people’s windows or where people gather.

However, since you know the capacity of the generator to buy, you will have to prepare a place according to the size of your generator.


Knowing the features of the generator you want to buy is very important, it will help you know if the generator is fit for the purpose you want to use it for.

The ratings you should look out for in a generator include output voltage, rated power, maximum power, rated output frequency, fuel type, recommended engine oil, excitation method, etc.

User Feedback And Reviews

It is important to make a proper market research before proceeding to purchase any generator. Look out for reviews and feedback because there is an iota of truth in something two to three people testify about.

Buy From Authorized sellers

Endeavor to buy your Mikano Generator from authorized and reliable outlets with a receipt and warranty card to avoid buying substandard generators.

Moreover, if it is possible, test the generator in the seller’s presence to ensure its authenticity.

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Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria

If you purchase your Mikano generators and products from the Nigerian online marketplaces or from third-party vendors, they would come at a high price.

However, to get Mikano generators at the best prices, you need to purchase them from the company directly.

Moreover, below are the Mikano generator prices in Nigeria and the different models.

Generator Brand Prices
Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-11G] ₦3.5m – ₦4.4m
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 403-15G2 ₦3.7m – ₦4.6m
15KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]  ₦3.2m – ₦4m
20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 404-22G] ₦4.1m – ₦5m


20KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦3.5m – ₦4.3m
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33G] ₦4.5m – ₦5.6m
30KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦3.8m – ₦4.9m
40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]    ₦5.2m – ₦6.3m


40KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦4.4m – ₦5.4m
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG1]  ₦5.5m – ₦6.7m
50KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦4.5m – ₦5.6m
60KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1103-33TG2]    ₦5.8m – ₦7.1m


60KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]   ₦4.9m – ₦6m
65KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-44TG1]    ₦6.7m – ₦8.2m


80KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-44TG2] ₦6.9m – ₦7.2m     ₦8m – ₦8.3m


80KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦5.6m – ₦6.9m
100KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1104-TAG2]    ₦7.9m – ₦9.4m


100KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦6.5m – ₦7.9m
120KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]  ₦7.8m – ₦9.3m
135KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TG1] ₦10.4m – ₦12.3m
150KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG2]    ₦11.4m – ₦13.3m


150KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]  ₦9m – ₦10.6m
180KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106C-E66TAG4]      ₦12.9m – ₦15.3m


200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1106-TAG4] ₦13.6m – ₦16.1m
200KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦11.5m – ₦14m
250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1306-E87TAG6]         ₦18.3m – ₦21.3m


250KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦14.2m – ₦16.9m
300KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 1606A-E93TAG5]      ₦23.1m – ₦27.4m
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG2]      ₦25m – ₦29.4m
350KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]  ₦19.4m – ₦25.5m
400KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2206A-E13TAG3] ₦27.5m – ₦32.2m
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2506A-E15TAG2] ₦30.7m – ₦35.6m
500KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦24.3m – ₦28.6m
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2]    ₦41.9m – ₦48.3m
650KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc]  ₦33m – ₦38.6m
800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4006-23TAG3A]   ₦61.5m – ₦74.2m


800KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦49.9m – ₦62m
1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Perkins 4008-TAG2A] ₦85.5m – ₦86.4m


1000KVA Mikano soundproof generator [Yorc] ₦68.7m – ₦69.7m

Benefits Of Buying Mikano Generators

There are many benefits of buying Mikano generators from authorized dealers, below are the benefits.

Service Maintainance

When you buy Mikano generators, you do not start worrying about how to maintain them because Mikano offers maintenance contracts for any generator you buy directly from them and they deliver it to you safely at any location in Nigeria.

They install it for you and offer you user training on servicing and handling of the generator, especially if you are a project-based client.

They carry out Preventive service and routine inspection, on-call and repair services, minor and major overhauls, alternator troubleshooting/rewinding.

Good Customer Service

Mikano team does not just get your money and forget about you after purchasing their generator,  they create a long-lasting relationship with you.

They constantly support you by providing 24/7 customer support service to provide total and quick solutions to your problems.

Spare Parts Availability

Your Generator will not last forever, it might start developing fault after using it for some time and you would need to replace some of the original parts with spare parts.

Mikano makes it possible for you to easily purchase original spare parts by making them available in stores.

However, Mikano’s after-sale service and assembly use only authentic spare parts for its generators.

You Get Authentic Generators

When you buy from Mikano, you buy authentic and reliable products. After assembling the components of their generators, they are sent for a one-hour quality inspection, testing their full load between 20% – 120%.

Contact them to purchase your generator, rent your generator, purchase power, or for service and maintenance of your power generator set.

However, you can contact the Mikano team with the information below.

Phone number

+234 (0) 7001234567

Email address


Address info

34,35 Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja.

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8 am – 5 pm
Saturday: 8 am – 12 pm
Sunday: Closed

That’s all on Mikano Generator Prices In Nigeria, I hope it helps you purchase an authentic and reliable generator.

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