How To Join Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is one of the top Africa online market today. There is hardly any product you want that you won’t find on Jumia.

Products you will find on Jumia include electronics, automobile, fashion, etc.

A lot of People in Africa buy products from Jumia on a daily basis, and these products are promoted by Jumia affiliates.

The beautiful thing about being a Jumia affiliate is that you earn after a purchase is made through you while you spend nothing.

This is true, as affiliate marketing has proven over the years to be one of the most reliable ways to make money online.

If you wish to learn how to join the Jumia affiliate program, this guide will help.

Jumia Affiliate Program

Jumia is an online market platform that offers the sale of various products that cuts across fashion, phones, household items, gadgets, etc.

It is an African marketplace that ensures the delivery of products to buyers in a safe and efficient manner.

Jumia was created in the year 2012 and has grown since then to have over 40,000 companies who partner with them across Africa.

The process whereby a person promotes goods and services of a dealer to get paid a certain amount of commission is called ‘Affiliate Marketing’.

In Jumia, such persons are called Jumia Affiliates.

Jumia affiliate program is the best in Nigeria and encourages the affiliates to promote the products on sale by the company in ways that would attract the customers to buy these products.

For every time a product is purchased within a 30 day period, the Jumia Affiliate is been paid a certain percentage of commission for that product.

Jumia affiliate program offers the best payments to its Affiliates when compared to other Affiliate programs in Nigeria.

Jumia allows its affiliates to enjoy up to 11% of commission from every product sold on the affiliate’s platform.

How Does Jumia Affiliate Program Work

Jumia Affiliate program creates links for its affiliates to promote their available products on their various platforms.

This means that for every buyer that makes a purchase within 30 days directly from any of Jumia affiliate links, the affiliate gets a commission for each product purchased on the link.

A tracking code is created and used by Jumia to track every purchase made on the link given to Jumia affiliates.

This helps Jumia cut any form of fraud or theft on the part of an Affiliate.

Jumia offers its affiliates a minimum payout limit monthly which is 5000 Naira and affiliates are only paid when they hit that amount or above that in a month.

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In a situation whereby an affiliate doesn’t reach that minimum monthly payout of 5000 Naira in a month, it is then rolled over to the next month until he hits that amount.

Benefits Of Joining Jumia Affiliate Program

There are several benefits attached when you join Jumia affiliate program.

  1. You have access to a team of professionals from Jumia who are ready to assist you.
  2. You have access to awesome banner designs to easily promote a product or category.
  3. A good commission package, up to 11%.
  4. Direct payment of commissions to your local bank account.
  5. Wide range of publicity made possible on social media platforms and various other mediums.

Jumia Affiliate Commissions

Every sale you make as a Jumia affiliate, attract a certain Jumia affiliate commission.

You can earn up to 11% commission from Jumia affiliate program.

However, Jumia affiliate commissions are not fixed, as they differ in terms of category.

Below is the Jumia affiliate commission based on categories of Jumia products.

Fashion 8% 2% 1% 11%
Watches &
8% 2% 1% 11%
Services & Deals 8% 2% 1% 11%
Weddings 8% 2% 1% 11%
Baby, Toys & Kids 6% 2% 1% 9%
Health & Beauty 6% 2% 1% 9%
Temptations 6% 2% 1% 9%
Top Searched 5% 2% 1% 8%
Sports & Fitness 4% 2% 1% 7%
Dark & Lovely 3% 2% 1% 6%
Default 3% 2% 1% 6%
Phones & Tablets 2% 2% 1% 5%
Home & Office 2% 2% 1% 5%
Computing 2% 2% 1% 5%
Cameras & Electronics 2% 2% 1% 5%
Books, Movies & Music 2% 2% 1% 5%
Automobile 2% 2% 1% 5%
Travel Bags &
2% 2% 1% 5%
Brand Store 2% 2% 1% 5%
Clearance Sales 1% 2% 1% 4%
Games & Consoles 1% 2% 1% 4%
Groceries 1% 2% 1% 4%

How To Become A Jumia Affiliate

Joining the Jumia affiliate program is very easy, and open to everyone.

To join Jumia affiliate program:

  1. Open your mobile or laptop computer web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Click on the Become An Affiliate button
  4. Fill the online Jumia affiliate application form correctly
  5. Agree with  Jumia Terms & Conditions
  6. Click Register to submit your application.

Your application will be reviewed and if found to meet the Jumia affiliate program requirement, you will be accepted into the Jumia affiliate program.

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How To Check Your Jumia Affiliate Earnings

To check your Jumia affiliate earnings,

  1. Log into your Jumia Affiliate Account
  2. Select your country

Instantly, a display of your daily, weekly, and monthly progress would pop up on your screen.

How To Generate A Jumia Affiliate Link

If you have a specific product or category you wish to promote, you can easily generate a link for that product or category.

To get links for a particular Jumia affiliate product, follow the guide below.

1. Log into your Jumia Affiliate Account

2. Once signed in, click Offers

3. Scroll down and select Jumia Nigeria, assuming you want to generate link for Nigeria.

4. You will see banners and link options. Select the Links option.

5. You will be taken to the deep link generator page. This is where you will generate links for the product or category you wish to promote.

Leave this current browser tab open, and open a new tab.

5. On the new tab, go to and select the product or category you wish to promote.

6. Copy the page URL of that product or category you wish to promote, and go back to the other tab where you were generating your affiliate link.

7. Now past the link, and generate your affiliate link.

How To Promote Jumia Affiliate Link On Facebook

It is no hidden truth that Facebook houses millions of users worldwide, and this makes it a very good platform to promote your Jumia Affiliate link.

Facebook offers several promotion tools and features that make it stand out amongst others and enable you to reach your targeted audience.

There are various ways you can promote your Jumia affiliate link on Facebook.

Below are 4 ways to promote your Jumia affiliate link on Facebook. 

1. Facebook Ads

One of the best ways to promote your Jumia affiliate link on Facebook is by running Facebook ads (advertising it on Facebook).

Facebook ads allow you to target people based on their location, demographic, and profile information.

However, advertising your Jumia affiliate link on Facebook is not free.

Hence, you must be willing to spend a little amount of money to use this method.

The good thing is, you don’t have to spend much. With as little as N500, you can run Facebook ads for 1 day.

How you intend to do is entirely up to you. However, creating a Facebook page would make things very easy for you.

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As a matter of fact, you can’t run Facebook ads without having a Facebook page.

2. A Facebook Page

You can create a Facebook page and grow your followers which becomes a great platform to promote your brand amongst the numerous followers on your Facebook page.

A Facebook page offers the opportunity for a large number of followers to view your posts on the page and also contact you directly either through direct messages or the contact information you provided on your page.

This makes it easier for you to make your followers aware of the products you are promoting and thereby increase the number of potential customers on Facebook.

3. Facebook Group

Groups on Facebook are great platforms to reach a wide audience due to a large number of people in these groups.

You can join a very active group with a large number of people and post information on the products you intend to promote alongside your Jumia Affiliate link.

You can also decide to create your own group on Facebook and focus on promoting products through your Jumia Affiliate link.

Inviting Facebook users to join the group would help increase your audience and would also make your brand popular among a large number of people who would then tell others about it.

One advantage of promoting your Jumia affiliate link on Facebook groups is that you don’t have to spend any money when compared to running Facebook ads.

4. A Facebook Profile

Your personal Facebook profile is another great place to promote your Jumia Affiliate link.

Promoting your Jumia affiliate program is very easy, simply make posts on your timeline with your Jumia Affiliate link attached to it.

When your Facebook friends know that you are a Jumia affiliate, they can easily contact you if they have a product they wish to buy.

Promoting your Jumia affiliate link on your personal profile is actually the best and recommended way to promote your Jumia link.

The reason is that your Facebook friends already know you and trust you, hence buying their desired products from Jumia through your link is very easy compared to strangers.

That’s all on Jumia affiliat program.

I hope this guide was helpful?

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