Importance of Political Parties in Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the importance of political parties in Nigeria, read to the end to know why political parties are very important in Nigeria.

There are many political parties in Nigeria and you might be wondering why it is so; this is because political parties have become a major part of politics in Nigeria.

In Nigeria, without belonging to any political party, you can never contest for election, and this is why you see people running from one political party to the other to be given a chance to stand in for election.

However, political parties have important roles to play in Nigeria, and this article on the importance of political parties in Nigeria has revealed the roles they play in Nigeria.

What Is A Political Party

A political party is an association that prepares its candidates to compete in the country’s elections in order to hold power in the government.

However, members of a political party hold the same ideas about politics, and they try to mobilize voters to support their common sets of interests, concerns, and goals.

Political parties have become a significant part of the politics of almost every country, It is rare to see a country with no political parties although some countries have only one political party while others have several.

Political parties do now exist alone, they usually include a party leader, who has primary responsibility to carry out in the party; party executives, who perform administrative and organizational assignments; and party members, who may volunteer to help the party in all ramifications.

Furthermore, Political Parties make it possible for candidates to participate in elections. In most countries, parties decide which candidates are selected and elected.

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However, a democratic government cannot survive without the presence of a political party, because it helps in linking citizens and government and acts as a platform for citizens to influence the government.

Political parties are most effective when the people involved are like-minded citizens with common political choices and goals.

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Importance of political parties in Nigeria

The importance of political parties in Nigeria can never be overemphasized. However, below are the importance of political parties in Nigeria.

1. Political parties in Nigeria influence public opinion, they shape and direct public view in every form of government.

2. Political parties help in creating political awareness among the everyday people, who would not have the time to read or learn about national matters.

3. Political parties use public rallies, meetings, and news conferences to communicate their thoughts on important issues that are bothering the masses.

4. Through political parties, the state of the nation’s economy, society, and politics are made known to the general public, and the right to vote is also made known to the entire people.

5. Political parties make people see the importance of voicing concerns, and this enables people to express their opinions on various important national issues.

6. Political parties help in maintaining political strength by uniting, streamlining, and stabilizing the nation’s political system.

7. Through the political parties, citizens can run for office. Political parties grant voters the right to choose the candidates they want and vote for the person.

8. Political parties influence the political decision of the country, they choose the candidates that would stand in for election, and Nigerians would only cast their votes for candidates proposed by political parties.

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9. Political parties play a huge role in shaping and influencing public and governmental policy in Nigeria.

10. Political parties create an atmosphere that is conducive for politics to thrive which in turn promotes economic advancement and national expansion.

11. Political parties make sure that there is no violence carried out in political activities. They always ensure they guarantee a serene political atmosphere.

12. Political parties in Nigeria make sure that they enlist individuals of character, letters, action, and leadership to prepare them for elections.

13. Political parties in Nigeria educate the citizens about their dreams and those of the ruling party.

14. Political parties in Nigeria improve the Welfare of Citizens.

15. Political parties create employment opportunities for those at the grassroots level to improve their social well-being and ensure that they have access to the good things of life.

16. They make sure that people in the urban area do not only benefit from the government, but also people from the rural area also have access to basic amenities such as good roads, reliable power supply, employment, stable running water, good schools, and good hospitals with adequate medical equipment and facilities.

17. Political parties contribute to the progress of the general welfare of the masses by presenting to them qualified leaders.

18. Political parties in Nigeria link the people and the government.

19. Political parties in Nigeria advocate patriotism and unity as their primary principles.

20. Political parties in Nigeria advocate for the nation’s basic values of patriotism and harmony. They encourage unity and align everyone’s interests.

21. Although a country’s population may be divided by regional, religious, or even national issues, they are tied together by political parties, which promote nationalism and solidarity.

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22. The Independent National Electoral Commission and political parties work together to make sure that the election’s procedures are carried out in an appropriate way.

23. Political parties in Nigeria are very important to the sustenance of democracy and governance.

24. Political parties are critical to democratic governance, linking citizens and government and acting as a platform for citizens to influence government.

25. Political Parties in Nigeria promote the interests of their members, obtaining and maintaining power within the government and suggesting policy alternatives.

26. Political parties are in charge of formulating public policy, and each political party participates in an election to accomplish the goals drafted in its manifesto.

Political Parties In Nigeria

There are many political parties in Nigeria, and below are the political parties we have in Nigeria.

  • Accord
  • Action Alliance
  • Action Democratic Party
  • Action Peoples Party
  • African Action Congress
  • African Democratic Congress
  • All Progressives Congress
  • All Progressives Grand Alliance
  • Allied Peoples Movement
  • Boot Party
  • Labour Party
  • National Rescue Movement
  • New Nigeria Peoples Party
  • People’s Democratic Party
  • Peoples Redemption Party
  • Social Democratic Party
  • Young Progressive Party
  • Zenith Labour Party

That is all on  the Importance of political parties in Nigeria, I hope it triggers your interest to belong to a political party.

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