Top Charity Organizations In Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the top charity organizations in Nigeria, read to the end to know the best charitable organizations to approach when you need help.

A charitable organization is an organization whose primary goals are humanitarianism and social well-being.

Charities and non-profit organizations play an essential role in supporting less privileged members of society in Nigeria as well as in other countries.

If you want help from a charitable organization, this article on the top charity organizations in Nigeria will help you know the right charity organization in Nigeria to approach.

Top charity organizations in Nigeria

Below are the top charity organizations in Nigeria that are making an enormously substantial contribution to the well-being of Nigeria.

1. Women’s Technology Empowerment Center

Women’s Technology empowerment center also known as W.TEC is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria.

It is a Nigerian non-governmental organization that works in the gender and technology space in Nigeria. Members of this organization have worked hard to educate people on the need for women’s involvement in Technology.

This organization train women for ICT-specific jobs, like computer engineer, programmer, system analyst, hardware and network specialist, and designer.

They also help women to develop technology skills that can be used for other ICT-reliant jobs or self-employment.

2. Education As A Vaccine

Education as a Vaccine is a non-profit organization registered in Nigeria and in the United States to improve the health and development of children, adolescents, and young people.

EVA ensures that children and young people in Nigeria reach their full potential. It also works to improve the quality of life of helpless children and young people.

3. Youth Empowerment And Development Initiative

Youth Development and Empowerment Initiative is an adolescent health organization that uses effective and innovative development approaches to educate, empower, and inspire youth and community development in Nigeria.

It was founded in 2011 and has reached over 250,000 young people in schools and communities in Abuja, Lagos, Akwa-Ibom, and the Ogun States.

This charity organization has deep experience in:

1. Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health

2. Orphans and Vulnerable Children & Youth (OVCY) Programming

3. Combination of HIV Prevention

4. Malaria Prevention Education

5. Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Prevention

6. Neglected Tropical Diseases Prevention Awareness

7. Positive Youth Development, and Community Mobilisation.

4. New Era Educational And Charitable Support Foundation

New Era Educational and Charitable Support Foundation build teams of young women and men with skills to become leaders and agents of peace in their societies.

It is one of the best charitable organizations in Nigeria that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, creed, race, color, health status, and religion.

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5. Ovie Brume Foundation

The Ovie Brume Foundation is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria. It was established in 2003 with the aim of making education accessible to people.

The Foundation provides free educational, social, and recreational programs and activities for less privileged children from low-income homes.

The foundation seeks to help young people maximize their potential and become valuable members of society who can contribute to the development of their communities.

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6. Christopher Kolade Foundation

Christoper Kolada Foundation is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria, and it was established in 1997.

The Foundation designs programs that improve education and literacy, and promote good leadership.

7. Keeping It Real Foundation

Keeping It Real Foundation is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria. It offers digital and vocational skills training for Youths with and Without Disabilities in Nigeria.

The organization embarks to transform the lives of helpless children, youth, persons living with disabilities, prison inmates, women, and people in the local communities.

8. Land of Hope

Land of hope is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria. The organization aims at saving children who are branded as witches from exclusion, torture and death.

The organization also brings education to some of the poorest communities in the world to enable children to grow up to be independent, active, and social individuals who contribute to the development of their communities.

9. The Cece Yara Foundation

The Cece Yara Foundation is one of the top charity organizations in Nigeria. The organization works towards creating a safe and happy childhood for every Nigerian child.

The organization was established in 2006, and it focuses more on children as it prevents children from sexual abuse.

The Foundation provides psycho-social, legal, and medical support for children through a 24-hour free child telephone helpline (0800 800 8001) so you can contact them.

10. Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria

BRECAN is one of the best charity organizations in Nigeria, it has greatly improved breast cancer awareness through different strategic programs.

The organization’s world cancer day activities in the month of February include outreaches to schools, markets, and other public places.

The main focus of the organization is educating women on what they can do to be proactive with their breast health.

11. St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation

St Cyril Cancer Treatment Foundation is a breast cancer foundation. The foundation works hard to improve the delivery of cancer treatments in Nigeria.

The Mission of this organization is to increase the number of treatment facilities available and provide quality care for cancer patients.

12. Taste

Taste is one of the best charity organizations in Nigeria. It is an organization that encourages the spread of appropriate and sustainable technology in Nigeria.

This organization is responsible for the construction of community boreholes in Nigeria.

However, the work of this organization is divided into a number of streams namely:

1. Geological surveying of potential water locations.

2. Community support in the development of sanitation systems. read more

3. Drilling services for boreholes to supply clean drinking water. read more

4. Water delivery to needy communities. read more

5. Visiting schools in Jos to teach children about the work of TASTE and to help them

6. understand the importance of basic hygiene principles.

7. Taking a high-profile approach to honest & ethical standards in the business.

13. Hope Spring

Hope spring water is a charity organization that works with communities in Africa to develop water wells & boreholes so that people can have access to safe, clean drinking water.

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Hope Spring also aims to ease poverty, as well as sanitation and hygiene problems associated with lack of access to clean water.

14. She Writes Woman

She Writes Woman Mental Health Initiative is an organization that empowers people with mental health by granting them access to proper mental healthcare.

The project of She Writes Woman aims to empower 40 million Nigerians living with mental health conditions with knowledge and information about their disability and rights.

The foundation also aims to provide mental health patients with free Tele counseling and grant them access to its digital mental health community.

15. The Irede Foundation

The Irede Foundation was founded in 2012 based on Crystal Chigbu’s personal experience.

In the Foundation’s first year, two prosthetic limbs were provided and so far a number of 115 limbs have been provided for 82 children across 17 states in Nigeria, and still going on strong.

16. Dental Care Foundation

Dentalcare Foundation is a Non-Profit Humanitarian organization that was established in 2018 to improve and cater to free oral health care for orphans and children in rural areas.

It is one of the best charity organizations in Nigeria and has provided help to many Nigerian children living in rural communities.

17. Olive Community Development Initiative

As a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-political organization, Olive Community Development Initiative provides social services including counseling, psychosocial support, empowerment, legal aid, welfare support, and skill acquisition to young people in Nigeria.

This organization conducts medical outreaches for different communities in Nigeria and also offers help to malaria, TB, cancer, and HIV/AIDS patients.

OCDI also encourages girl child education and works to improve equal access to affordable and quality education for girls and youths.

18. New Nigeria Foundation

The New Nigeria Foundation is one of the best charity organizations in Nigeria. It was founded as a platform for promoting long-lasting socio-economic development activities in communities.

The program of this organization includes the Social Development Programme, Economic Development, Development Research and Studies, Capacity, and Institutional Building, Advocacy, Administrative Support Services, and Management of Infrastructural Projects.

19. Girls’ Power Initiative

Girls’ Power Initiative is a charity organization founded to promote the rights of children and young women through their participation in Research, Education, and Action-oriented programs offered by the organization.

This organization was established in 1993, it is a feminist, youth development, nonprofit organization  poise at intervening in the socialization of girls.

20. The GEANCO Foundation

GEANCO organization was founded to save and transform the lives of the poor and vulnerable in Nigeria and other countries in Africa.

The organization leads special surgical missions and runs maternal and infant health programs in Nigeria.

GEANCO also provides life-changing scholarships to young female victims of terrorism and gender inequality.​

Also, this charity organization uses modern, solar-powered rural maternal clinics to help poor, vulnerable pregnant women to deliver healthy babies.

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Importance Of Charity Organizations

Below are the importance of charity organizations in Nigeria.

1. Charity Fosters Unity

When people are united they make a huge impact and charity brings people together and makes them contribute to the common goal of society.

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The little contribution made by people can go a long way in helping solve the problems of people in a community.

2. Charity Teaches People Generosity

Selfless giving is the best, and giving to charity is a selfless action. Charity teaches people to be generous and show compassion to other people.

Also, when compassion and love are shown to children by charity organizations, they will grow to become generous and kind to other people.

3. Charity Helps Communities To Be Self-Sufficient

Many charity organizations often embark on sustainable projects in communities thereby helping them to be more self-sufficient and not dependent on donations.

4. Charity Tackles Gender Inequality

Gender inequality is one of the world’s greatest problems; despite the much progress made by many organizations, it is still prevalent.

Many charity organizations tackle these issues by educating people on the importance of female education, and female participation in the public space.

5. Charity Tackles Racial Inequality

Racial discrimination is practiced all over the world and many charity organizations are campaigning against it.

Charity organizations help to improve racial equality by addressing the ways racial minorities have been victimized.

6. Charity Reduces Poverty

Charitable organizations help in reducing poverty in many parts of the world with less-privileged people.

Charitable organizations tackle the causes of poverty in a community and ensure that people live healthy and happy life.

8. Charity Raises Awareness Of The Most Serious Issues

Charity organizations raise awareness of the most serious issues in the world because many people do not understand the urgency of certain issues and so are reluctant to help.

What charity does is make people understand the need to help people passing through a particular problem and motivate people to give.

9. Charity Organizations Protect Public Health

Limited access to good healthcare such as reproductive care, dental care, and preventative healthcare, is a serious problem, and many people have died because of that.

Lack of water has made a lot of people drink contaminated water which has also contributed to the sickness and death of many people every year.

When people are not healthy, it affects every facet of their life and causes poverty, so Charity organizations help provide healthcare to people in the rural areas through vaccine programs, clean water, and other services.

10. Charity Organizations Protect Human Rights

Human rights are very essential, it gives you the opportunity to express yourself as a human being but when these rights are trampled on, it becomes an issue.

Many charity organizations ensure that human rights are respected. These rights include the right to life, education, work, freedom of speech, etc.

That is all on the top charity organizations in Nigeria, I hope it helps you.



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