How to Pass ACCA Exams in First Attempt

Your ACCA exams maybe just be a few months away and you are wondering How to pass ACCA Exams in first attempt, this article will expose you to all that you need to know.

The ACCA exams are designed and formulated for anyone looking to have a certification in Accounting.

It is in full expression referred to as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) which is a worldwide professional accounting body that offers a Chartered Certified Accountant qualification (CCAQ)

But the main question is how do you get to pass your ACCA exams in one sitting?

Well, like all exams you really intend to achieve outstanding grades, one way on how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt is that you will have to do the obvious, “study” among other things, which we will outline in this article.

ACCA exams usually have a flexible and convenient exam schedule, and this is a good start-up pack to have at the back of your mind as it will help guide your actions and preparedness plans.

How to Pass ACCA Exams in First Attempt (What to do)

1.  Get a Proper Plan

For every exam and grade you wish to secure good grades and emerge with flying colors, you need to have a proper plan and not just a mental picture of what you desire.

This is the first approach on how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt and it is possible.

First things, fix yourself a flexible and realistic reading timetable and be dedicated to it. Start with your strengths and subjects and move to subject you are weaker at. This is to help spur you up to read more keenly.

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Also, this plan should tell you what to study every week and gives you question/s to practice on each topic

Beginning with a challenging subject may be discouraging and make you tap out of your study session too easily.

Make enough time to learn, read, study, retain and process all you learned daily.

Chances are you are bound to do better in your ACCA exams if you want, what you had learned to go into your long-term memory.

So, consider making plenty of time for revision, this is one way of how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt by leaving plenty of time for revision.

Get your free interactive study plan today to pass your exams.

plan how you intend to appear for papers and in what frequency given that you can write an exam every quarter. You should aim at appearing for a minimum of 1 exam a quarter ie – 4 exams a year. It is very important that you study with discipline & appear for papers as planned.

2. Cover the Right Syllabuses

Examiners of ACCA will more likely set examination questions based on the area you are supposed primarily write the ACCA exams based on the syllabus you are supposed to have covered.

This is why it is important, to get yourself acquainted with these areas during your study time and revise striving to cover all the right areas.

3. Get The Right Coach

Another way of how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt is by getting the right coach. Sometimes having a coach guide you through an important examination may prove very helpful.

A study coach may help narrow down topics that are most likely to appear and can help you fix your weak areas a lot better than you would on your own.

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The only challenge may be in finding the right one. You need to ensure that your coach possesses a few sterling qualities. Such as  – Approachability, Dedication, Knowledgeable, Flexible, reliability, and discipline.

A good coach will possess the above-listed qualities to groom you taking you through thorough practice, tests, etc to ensure your readiness to take your ACCA exams.

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4. Practice the ACCA Answering Format

This is a vital point of how to pass ACCA Exams in first attempt because many candidates make this mistake multiple times and end up failing them.

You might want to take more time to familiarize yourself with the acceptable and appropriate way to answer the questions.

The ACCA exams aren’t just about knowing the answers, you should pay attention to answering them in the acceptable ACCA standard technique so they can be valid.

To know what the required ACCA answering technique is, you should visit the ACCA website for directions. There is a guide referred to as the Examiner Approach interviews, this is a publication that can give you adequate insight from an examiner’s vantage point.

In addition, you can download the ACCA past papers to help you structure answers appropriately and probably learn from others’ mistakes.

5. Sufficient Rest

Sometimes due to pressure from parents or themselves, students tend to have little or no proper rest, trying to catch up with time, etc.

But the truth is, part of a successful tip of how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt or any other important professional exam is embedded in getting sufficient rest.

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This is because though excelling in your ACCA exams is vital, so is getting adequate rest. This is to enable your brain to relax and not feel fatigued or worn out before D-day and as such cause you mental strain to recall most of what you studied.

6. Stay Healthy

Health we say is wealth, and this applies even hypothetically in your ACCA exams.

Eat right and healthy, take your routine exercises and drink lots of water. Do not allow yourself to starve, that will be a sign of pressure and you may be malnourished and weak or even fall ill before the day of the exams.

Your health is very important and cannot be over-emphasized,  so avoid anxiety, get some relaxation engaging in some fun activities, these are a few secrets of how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt.

Your first time does not have to meet you all nervous, generally, avoid too much pressure as much as you can.


All the steps outlined above on how to pass ACCA exams in first attempt are sure approaches you can adopt and watch your ACCA score come out with delight.

You may likely nod to how much it was worth every decision you took following this guide.

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