Accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria

This article is to help you locate any accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria that may be close to you

without falling into wrong hands as well as ensure you get full worth for your time and money while you learn what you truly desire.

Whenever we speak of getting a course training on a specific subject matter or soft skill, we strive to make sure we learn from the best and from an organization that offers standard accredited courses, and a widely accepted certificate as proof.

NEBOSH is one of only a few educational organizations that meet the above standard across many countries including Nigeria.

Before we delve into knowing the available accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria, we might want to have a little background of what NEBOSH offers and how they work.

What Is NEBOSH?         

The full meaning of the acronym NEBOSH refers to the “National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health” they are a UK awarding organization dedicated to offering globally recognized, professional and certified qualifications in health, safety, environmental management, and risk management courses.

Due to the high standard of NEBOSH courses and training, many health and safety job adverts specify NEBOSH qualifications as part of their criteria.

What is NEBOSH training and why is it important?

NEBOSH doubles as an examination board but provides students with a syllabus and training courses in various fields within the health, safety, environment, and risk management sector.

Their courses are designed to incorporate all levels of staff in various workplaces.

NEBOSH offers certifications to students who have completed their training, and these certificates are globally recognized one such certificate is the “NEBOSH International General Certificate(IGC) in Occupational Health and Safety” (which is a globally recognized certificate that equips you with the needed credibility and respect as a safety professional.

These certificates are excellent first steps toward securing a career and becoming a qualified health and safety professional.

Everything you need to know from basic to professional levels on how to protect people from injuries or handle health emergencies and boost your company’s performance is embedded in this qualification.

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Yet you may wonder, is this opportunity only for those in the UK? Of course not, they are available in other countries too and Nigeria is on that list.

Wondering where you can find accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria? We got you covered.

List of accredited NEBOSH Training Centres in Nigeria

Below is a list of accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria that you can take advantage of and earn a fully certified and credible certificate to use globally.

1. Novelle Center

Novelle Center is one of the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria and was established a decade ago.

Novelle centre is both an accredited NEBOSH and IRCA, and their training solutions are across Africa and major parts of Middle-East Asia.

The centre has a track record for high-standard professional training course delivery.

Novelle Center is well-recognized as an ISO 9001, ISO 45001, and ISO 14001, Certified Training and Consultancy company.

With a team of knowledgeable tutors and experience in course delivery as well as practical and industry experience.

Novelle Training centers in Nigeria are located in Port Harcourt and Abuja.

2. Safeguard Safety and Management Center

This is another one of the recognized accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria, for Occupational safety and health certification.

Safeguard is a respected Quality health and Safety advocate, as well as environment and security management.

It has been useful to proffer solutions and management consultancy in Africa since 1999

Safeguard Safety and Management center offers 16 NEBOSH Courses, including  EMC, ENV. DIP, IGC, IOG, INT’L DIP., Leadership Excellence, Wellbeing, and IC.

It is located in Port Harcourt

3. Jobskills Training Institute®

Another accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria is Jobskills Training Institute situated in Lagos State.

They offer HSE, Best First Aid, BOSIET, Document Control & Management, Business Training in Nigeria, and other On-site services

4. Kafela Global Concept Limited

This company is an accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria.

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Kafela offers occupational safety and health tutoring too.

They are located in Lagos, Nigeria.

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5. Hybrid Group

The hybrid group is also one of the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria and one of the oldest in business.

They offer online classes in their over 15 years of being in operation.

They are located in Lagos State

6. HSE Training Institute

This training centre is one of the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria

With 5+ years in business and providing On-site services

“The HSE Training institute is a place to start the journey of safe working.”

HSE is situated in Port Harcourt

7. Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON)

This institute is among the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria

The Training centre offers courses that come with certification

They are also committed to ensuring safety and raising health professionals

They are located in Port Harcourt and Uyo Nigeria.

8. London Professional Training centre Nigeria

The London Professional Training centre (LPTC) is the UK- accredited NEBOSH training centre in Nigeria.

The training centre is committed to providing Experts and Evidence-based solutions to address the needs of individuals and corporate organizations.

Their key focus lies in the Healthcare and Educational industry.

They are situated in Lagos, Nigeria.

9. Charkin Maritime Academy

Charkin Maritime Academy is also one of the accredited NEBOSH Training centres in Nigeria that is committed to occupational safety and health

Charkin is mainly a leading provider of training professionals in the maritime and offshore oil & gas industries in Nigeria

Their reputation qualifies them as an “excellent training centre.”

10. Tolmann Allied Services

Tolman allied services is a team of well-trained professionals in health and safety which qualifies them as one of the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria.

They are also as old as 25 years in the business, working tirelessly to train delegates from the Aviation, Oil & Gas as well as Maritime Industries to uphold safety standards while at work.

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With over 25,000 delegates from several reputable industries trusting Tolmann to provide safety, health, survival, and emergency management training, to ensure safety at work.

They run a wide range of courses such as fire training courses, health and safety training, OPITO digital training, Emergency response training, Survival Training, etc.

They are located in Port Harcourt

11. Opeans Nigeria Limited

Opeans Nigeria Limited is a leading safety training provider and one of the accredited NEBOSH Training centres in Nigeria

At Opeans safety training is offered to help individuals and organizations stay aware, and have emergency preparedness to act as safely as possible in unexpected safety and health accidents.

Through a blend of theoretical tutorials and hands-on practical sessions in several safety courses, they ensure to deliver the best safety training and consultancy necessary.

The Opeans Training centre is located in Warri, Delta State.

12. Deslog Training and Consulting Ltd

Deslog is a fantastic training centre and also one of the accredited training centres in Nigeria.

It also offers consultancy services and courses in safety and quality health management.

13. Piston And Fusion Limited

Piston and Fusion is a certification and management training institute and is also one of the accredited NEBOSH training centres in Nigeria.

They offer professional management training programs and certifications.

It is also an accredited centre for several certification programs asides from NEBOSH

They have over 5 years of business experience and provide top-notch professional training services.

Their courses include but are not limited to, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Management, Customer Services, and Finance.

Their training centres are situated in Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt.

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