How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria

How To Join a Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria is our main focus in this article and we will be revealing many ways anyone with a strong football interest and dream can go about turning these dreams into realities.

Soccer academies in Europe have become more powerful and they have more resources, and they treat their players right. It is no wonder, how many players look forward to be on a European team.

Football is a game that though unites people all over the globe is also played differently all over the world, regardless of where you you live, players from outside Europe have different and unique skills and abilities that several academies are interested in acquiring to bring them to European standard level.

Do you have a dream of having a solid career in football someday and working actively to make it happen? At such blocking off any negative voice within and in you that says otherwise? That’s a good start.

Have you ever been in a football trial?

Do you want to join or attend a European football academy?

Are you a talented footballer in your local team and your friends and colleagues nickname you to some of Nigerians greatest players of modern day football? If your answer is yes, then you cannot stop reading this article.

Your chances to sign with a club in Europe are higher than ever as through this article on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria you will find out academies that are interested in signing young international clients from all over the world.

In this guide we explain the most common ways to get into a team in Europe fast and how we help you in the process in Alicante Football Academy.

In this guide on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria we look to explain all there is to know about about this  and how we can help you in the process to become qualified and stand a better chance of being contracted.

Though, you need to know that for you to be the next Karim, Mikel Obi etc. It will take a lot more than being talented, but it is possible.

Currently, you may be aware that getting signed by a European team as a Nigerian player seems nearly impossible and some have even gone to same is a matter of luck. But, we disagree as we will be showing you various ways on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria without leaning on luck.

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First, it start by taking planned and very deliberate actions. The European Football Club sigh up contracts with new players from outside the EU e.g from continents like America, Africa, Australia and also countries like USA, Canada, Nigeria, Malawi, South Africa etc.

All looking for an opportunity to play football abroad and they do it more frequent than you think. So, if you want to play for one, you have to make yourself seen by your deliberate actions.

There are diverse options to use to make moves of fulfilling your football career dreams and you will be learning them in a moment.

Without further ado, below is How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria, where you can be certain of obtaining professional training and coaching among other lessons as well as find you clubs to test.

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How To Join a Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria in 4 ways

Below are four various listed ways on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria

1. Be part of a Local Football Team

To get scouted for football in Nigeria and the first most likely ways of How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria with high competitions for same football opportunities by scouts in Europe. You will need to have an be actively part of a group with instruction from a local team’s umbrella.

This will equip you in the needed areas you need to develop as a footballer such as refining your methods, build your physical features and endurance as well as heighten your game intelligence and alertness as to reflect team-spirit with your local team.

As a footballer who yearns to rise to stardom someday, you must continuously strive to perform and be your highest level in the field whenever you need to play, as you never can tell who you will dazzle and be impressed with your skills.

This alone could earn you an invitation to the European football trials or even a direct signing contract with a European football club.

2. Contact a Licensed European Football Agent

Another way on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria is by being very keen at finding a licensed and authorized football agent in Nigeria is a great other way to living your career dream of becoming a European Footballer.

You must show your competent levels by participating and completing several homeworks or tests and aim to receive impressive feedbacks.

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Also, ensure that you have a documentary of your on-field performance, best, in all areas (i.e during training sessions, individual drills and on competitions etc.)

You have to be at your best in the position you play and it should be captured in the video clips. This videos will be submitted by the licensed football agents via email as a pitch.

Note: These are many fraudulent and fake people posing as licensed football agent in Nigeria. It is important that you are very careful when finding one.

Some licensed football representatives include:

Victor Ikpeba –

Shittu John –

Francis Aiyegbeni –

Okocha Nandy –

Akosa Joseph –

Paul Olusoji –

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3. Email Representatives of the European Club

This may seem as a far-fetched reality but for anyone who is keen on achieving their football dreams, you do not want to leave any stone unturned. Hence, if you are seeking How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria.

Go ahead and make a video with your outstanding performances at the position you play in and also include photos of yourself holding any medal you have been awarded for remarkable stride of individual achievement in a competition.

Once you have that, find the official email addresses of European football clubs via social media platforms and on all the internet spaces generally.

Then, proceed to making a formal introduction of yourself and include samples or highlights of your accomplishments. We advise, this should be both oral and written.

Also, best get in touch with smaller European clubs for an increased opportunities to get your desired feedback or responses for tryouts and possibly contract signing.

4. Apply and Attend a specialized football academy

Applying to a specialized football academy in Nigeria is another way of How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria and can be your needed start to a huge professional football opportunity.

So, when you have decided to play football professionally, you also may want to get professional training by registering in a football academy, far beyond just a local team. This is the very step to make sure you can get to play football in Spain and Europe without any bureaucracy issues.

The country has a number of football academies to supply European teams with talented youths. This type of specialized football academies will help you gain skills, they will provide a number of resources for improvements, including quality and experienced coaching staff as well as a competitive environment with other like-talents and ultimately scouting agreement with European clubs.

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Many renowned European footballers today and Nigerian professional athletes who are currently in their big breaks were discovered through these academies.

Some prominent names like Taiwo Awoniyi, Mikel Obi, Kelechi Iheanacho Joseph akpala to list but a few are products of institutions such as these.

Nigerian football Academies with the best opportunities of knowing How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria include:

  • Pepsi football academy
  • papilo football academy scouting deals with United Kingdom
  • FC Barcelona Academy students appearing in Nigeria
  • Bolton Wanderers football academy
  • Ifeanyi Ubah Academy with West Ham FC starting does MiDAS football academy
  • Carat24 football academy
  • International football academy
  • Midas Football Academy
  • Hoffnung International Football Academy
  • Lagos tigers Fc
  • The AS Roma Academy
  • Buruj Sports Academy
  • The international Academy of sports
  • Vandyke FC etc

Alternatively, considering How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria you can apply for a temporary VISA e.g a student’s visa, which will allow you to stay in Spain and Europe for a period of time.

Fly to Europe to play for a football academy by purchasing and completing all the requirements of the school and form details needed by a football academy in Europe.

All the terms of the contract will be communicated to you of your stay in Europe. This document contract is needed to apply for a VISA.

You will be first-hand exposed to a Pro Coaching Course for the academy players to study as you stay there as a student.

If you’re doing your own studies you can continue with them here.

Finally, it is more likely you will be found a European football club to sign in Europe as you stay at the to top of your game.


We understand the dreams nursed by young talents to play football for an European team and and we have the above article on How To Join A Football Academy in Europe From Nigeria written as we deemed necessary to help make their dreams come to fruition.

We are the glue between you and playing professional football in Europe.

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