Navigating the Virtual Horizon: Exploring 60 Remote Job Opportunities at Moniepoint 2024

Let us take you to the exploring of 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint as remote jobs have become a beacon for professionals seeking flexibility and a better work-life balance. In the dynamic landscape of remote work, Moniepoint stands as a visionary financial technology company, spearheading the digitization of Africa’s real economy. Remote work comes with its unique set of challenges and advantages.

By establishing a comprehensive financial ecosystem, Moniepoint empowers businesses with essential tools, including payment solutions, banking services, credit facilities, and robust business management tools, propelling them toward unparalleled success. This guide explores the wealth of remote job opportunities Moniepoint offers, inviting professionals to embark on a transformative journey within this innovative and customer-focused community.

Explore the diverse range of remote job opportunities available at Moniepoint. From entry-level positions to senior roles, discover how Moniepoint caters to professionals across various industries, ensuring a wealth of choices for job seekers.

Engineering Excellence at Moniepoint

Delve into the inspired and customer-focused engineering community at Moniepoint. Discover how cutting-edge tools such as Kubernetes and Docker drive the company’s infrastructure, creating an environment that excites infrastructure engineers. Explore Moniepoint’s daily engagement with big data, data analytics, and model-building, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience.

Decoding the Hiring Process at Moniepoint

Navigate the hiring process at Moniepoint with confidence. Understand the steps, from a preliminary phone call with recruiters to a case study-based discussion with panel members. Gain insights into the behavioral interview with members of the Executive team, providing a comprehensive overview of what to expect as you embark on your career journey with Moniepoint.

Explore 60 Remote Job Opportunities at Moniepoint

Delve into a comprehensive spectrum of remote job opportunities offered by Moniepoint. Spanning from entry-level positions to senior roles, uncover the tailored options available for professionals across diverse industries. Moniepoint ensures a breadth of choices, providing an extensive array of opportunities for job seekers to explore. Here is the list of about 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint:


1. Application Security Specialist
2. Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
3. Compliance Business Partner
4. Data Engineer
5. Data Scientist, Marketing and Growth
6. Events and Sponsorship Manager
7. Field Credit Officer (Akwa-Ibom State)
8. Field Credit Officer (Anambra State)
9. Field Credit Officer (Cross River)
10. Field Credit Officer (Delta State)
11. Field Credit Officer (Enugu)
12. Field Credit Officer (Imo State)
13. Field Credit Officer (Kaduna)
14. Field Credit Officer (Kano State)
15. Field Credit Officer (Lagos State)
16. Field Credit Officer (Ogun State)
17. Field Credit Officer (Plateau)
18. Field Credit Officer (Rivers)
19. Field Credit Officer (Taraba State)
20. Field Verification Officer (Akwa-Ibom State)
21. Field Verification Officer (Bayelsa State)
22. Field Verification Officer (Cross River State)
23. Field Verification Officer (Imo State)
24. Field Verification Officer (Katsina State)
25. Field Verification Officer (Kebbi State)
26. Field Verification Officer (Niger State)
27. Field Verification Officer (Ondo State)
28. Field Verification Officer (Plateau State)
29. Field Verification Officer (Sagamu, Ogun State)
30. Field Verification Officer (Taraba State)
31. Field Verification Officer (Yobe State)
32. Financial Data Analyst
33. Financial Reporting Manager
34. Flutter Developer
35. Growth Data Analyst
36. Growth Product Manager (Technical Product Manager)
37. Hardware Engineer
38. Head of Data
39. Head of Marketing
40. IT Auditor
41. Moniepoint Customer Success (Niger State)
42. Moniepoint Customer Success (Ogun State)
43. Pay Per-Click Specialist
44. POS Technician (Akwa Ibom)
45. POS Technician (Anambra)
46. POS Technician (Kaduna)
47. POS Technician (Lagos)
48. Security Analyst, Cyber Defense
49. Senior Backend Engineer (Java)
50. Senior Data Analyst
51. Storyteller
52. Technical Product Manager
53. UX/CX Research Lead
54. UX Researcher
55. Enterprise Architect

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About the Roles of the 60 Remote Job Opportunities at Moniepoint

The 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint offer a dynamic and flexible work arrangement, as they are fully remote and operate on a full-time basis. Embracing the evolving landscape of remote work, this role provides professionals with the opportunity to contribute to their responsibilities from any location. The emphasis on a full-time commitment underscores the dedication required to excel in this role, allowing individuals to immerse themselves fully in the responsibilities and objectives of the position. It also signifies the potential for a comprehensive and immersive professional experience, where individuals can thrive in their roles while enjoying the freedom of remote work.

The 60 Remote Job Opportunities Details and Criteria

The 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint listed above are currently open for job seekers. The vacant are opened at both Nigeria and Kenya Moniepoint branches:

Application Security Specialist

As the Application Security Specialist at Moniepoint, you will play a pivotal role in ensuring the integrity and safety of our digital assets. Your expertise will contribute to the development and maintenance of robust security protocols, safeguarding our applications against potential threats in the evolving cyber landscape. This role offers a remote working environment, aligning with the contemporary demand for flexibility and accessibility in the realm of cybersecurity.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

Joining Moniepoint as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer means immersing yourself in the cutting-edge world of cloud technology. Your responsibilities will revolve around designing, implementing, and maintaining our cloud infrastructure, ensuring scalability and efficiency. In this fully remote position, you will have the opportunity to harness the power of cloud solutions, contributing to the seamless operation of Moniepoint’s digital ecosystem.

Compliance Business Partner

In the role of Compliance Business Partner at Moniepoint, you will be a vital link between regulatory requirements and our business operations. Your responsibilities will include ensuring adherence to compliance standards and fostering a culture of ethical conduct. This full-time remote position reflects Moniepoint’s commitment to integrating compliance seamlessly into the fabric of our business while offering the flexibility of remote work.

Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer at Moniepoint, your role will be instrumental in the management and optimization of our data infrastructure. This fully remote position allows you to leverage your skills in handling large datasets, implementing efficient data pipelines, and contributing to the foundation of data-driven decision-making at Moniepoint.

Data Scientist, Marketing and Growth

Join Moniepoint as a Data Scientist specializing in Marketing and Growth, where your analytical prowess will drive strategic decision-making. In this fully remote capacity, you will delve into large datasets, extract actionable insights, and collaborate with cross-functional teams to enhance Moniepoint’s market presence and foster sustainable growth.

Events and Sponsorship Manager

Embark on a dynamic journey as an Events and Sponsorship Manager at Moniepoint. In this role, your creativity and organizational skills will shine as you plan and execute impactful events and partnerships. With the flexibility of remote work, you’ll have the freedom to connect with diverse audiences and elevate Moniepoint’s brand through engaging events and strategic sponsorships.

Field Credit Officer

As a Field Credit Officer covering various states, you’ll be a key player in expanding Moniepoint’s financial services across Nigeria. Your responsibilities will include assessing creditworthiness, managing relationships with clients, and facilitating financial transactions. This role offers the unique opportunity to contribute to financial inclusion, all within the flexibility of a remote working environment. One of the 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint includes the Field Credit Officer in various states like; Akwa-Ibom, Anambra, Cross-River, Delta, Enugu, Imo, Kaduna, Kano, Lagos, Niger, Ogun, Plateau, Rivers, and Taraba states.

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Field Verification Officer

Field Verification Officer is one of the 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint in various states like;Akwa-Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross-River, Imo, Katsina, Kebbi, Niger, Ondo, Ogun, Plateau, Taraba, and Yobe states. Your role is integral to Moniepoint’s commitment to maintaining a secure and reliable financial ecosystem. In this position, you will be responsible for conducting on-the-ground verifications and ensuring the accuracy and authenticity of information related to financial transactions and client profiles.

Financial Data Analyst

Join Moniepoint as a Financial Data Analyst, where your analytical acumen will be instrumental in deciphering financial trends and informing strategic decisions. This fully remote role allows you to dive deep into financial data, providing valuable insights to guide Moniepoint’s financial strategies and initiatives.

Financial Reporting Manager

As a Financial Reporting Manager at Moniepoint, your expertise will contribute to the precision and transparency of our financial reporting processes. This remote role requires a meticulous approach to financial data, ensuring accuracy and compliance with regulatory standards while offering the flexibility to work from any location.

Flutter Developer

Become a vital part of Moniepoint’s tech innovation as a Flutter Developer. In this role, you’ll be responsible for crafting seamless and dynamic user interfaces for our applications. The remote nature of this position allows you to contribute to Moniepoint’s mobile development projects while enjoying the freedom of location-independent work.

Growth Data Analyst

As a Growth Data Analyst at Moniepoint, your focus will be on deciphering user behavior and market trends to drive business growth. This remote role empowers you to apply your analytical skills to optimize user experiences, enhance product offerings, and contribute to Moniepoint’s continuous evolution in the financial technology sector.

Growth Product Manager (Technical Product Manager)

Join Moniepoint as a Growth Product Manager, where your technical expertise and strategic vision will shape the development of innovative products. This remote role provides the flexibility to collaborate with cross-functional teams, driving the growth and success of Moniepoint’s product portfolio.

Hardware Engineer

As a Hardware Engineer at Moniepoint, your role will revolve around designing, testing, and maintaining hardware components critical to our operations. In this remote position, you will contribute to the seamless integration of hardware solutions, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of Moniepoint’s technological infrastructure.

Head of Data, Kenya

Step into a leadership role as the Head of Data at Moniepoint, where you will guide the strategic direction of our data management initiatives. This remote position empowers you to shape the overarching data strategy, ensuring the effective utilization of data assets to drive innovation and business excellence.

Head of Marketing, Kenya 

As the Head of Marketing at Moniepoint, you will lead the charge in developing and implementing comprehensive marketing strategies. This remote role offers a unique opportunity to shape Moniepoint’s brand identity, reach diverse audiences, and drive marketing initiatives that resonate in the competitive financial technology landscape.

IT Auditor

Join Moniepoint as an IT Auditor, where your expertise will be crucial in assessing and enhancing our information systems’ security and efficiency. This remote role allows you to conduct comprehensive audits and contribute to Moniepoint’s commitment to maintaining robust IT infrastructure and data security practices.

Moniepoint Customer Success (Niger State) and (Ogun State)

As part of Moniepoint’s Customer Success team, you’ll play a pivotal role in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty across different states in Nigeria. This remote position reflects Moniepoint’s dedication to delivering exceptional customer experiences while providing the flexibility to work from your chosen location.

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Pay-Per-Click Specialist

Become a key player in Moniepoint’s digital marketing strategy as a Pay-Per-Click Specialist. In this remote role, you’ll leverage your expertise in paid advertising to optimize campaigns, drive user engagement, and contribute to the overall success of Moniepoint’s online presence.

POS Technician in Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Kaduna, and Lagos

Join Moniepoint as a Point of Sale (POS) Technician, contributing to the deployment and maintenance of POS systems across various regions in Nigeria. This remote position offers the opportunity to play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality and efficiency of Moniepoint’s payment infrastructure.

Security Analyst, Cyber Defense

In the role of Security Analyst specializing in Cyber Defense, you’ll be at the forefront of safeguarding Moniepoint’s digital assets. This remote position empowers you to analyze and respond to potential cyber threats, contributing to the overall resilience and security posture of Moniepoint’s digital ecosystem.

Senior Backend Engineer (Java)

Elevate Moniepoint’s technical capabilities as a Senior Backend Engineer specializing in Java. In this remote role, your expertise will be pivotal in designing and implementing scalable backend solutions, contributing to the overall efficiency and functionality of Moniepoint’s digital infrastructure.

Senior Data Analyst

Join Moniepoint as a Senior Data Analyst, where your advanced analytical skills will be harnessed to derive actionable insights from complex datasets. This remote position offers the opportunity to lead data-driven decision-making processes, driving innovation and strategic advancements within the company.


As a Storyteller for Moniepoint, you’ll be the voice behind our brand narrative. This remote role invites you to craft compelling stories that resonate with our audience, enhancing Moniepoint’s brand identity and fostering a deeper connection with stakeholders.

Technical Product Manager

Step into a strategic role as a Technical Product Manager at Moniepoint, where you will oversee the development and enhancement of innovative products. This remote position allows you to collaborate with cross-functional teams, ensuring the alignment of technical capabilities with overarching business goals.

UX/CX Research Lead

As the UX/CX Research Lead at Moniepoint, your role will center on understanding user experiences and crafting intuitive interfaces. This remote position empowers you to lead research initiatives that contribute to the continuous improvement of Moniepoint’s user-centric design philosophy.

UX Researcher

Join Moniepoint as a UX Researcher, contributing to the optimization of user experiences across digital platforms. In this remote role, you’ll employ research methodologies to gather valuable insights, ensuring that Moniepoint’s products align seamlessly with user needs and expectations.

Enterprise Architect

As an Enterprise Architect at Moniepoint, you’ll play a critical role in designing and overseeing the overall structure of our technological infrastructure. This remote position allows you to shape the architecture that underpins Moniepoint’s operations, ensuring scalability, security, and efficiency.

In conclusion, here is the list of 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint spanning various fields, reflecting the company’s commitment to innovation, flexibility, and excellence. These roles collectively contribute to Moniepoint’s mission of digitizing Africa’s real economy, providing professionals with the chance to be part of a dynamic and forward-thinking organization from the comfort of their chosen work location. You can apply by clicking on each of the 60 remote job opportunities at Moniepoint listed above. Good luck!

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