How To Get A Job Abroad From Nigeria

This is a quick guide on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

Every day, a lot of Nigerians are faced with the difficulty of securing a job within the country and this has lead to their search for ‘Greener Pastures’ outside the country.

It is a belief among a majority of Nigerians that there are better opportunities abroad than within the country, Nigeria. With that in mind, they look for ways to get good jobs abroad from Nigeria.

If you are one of those seeking how to get a job abroad from Nigeria, this guide will help.

In this article, I will be showing you easy tips on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

11 Easy Steps To Finding A Job Abroad From Nigeria

Below are quick tips on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

1. Make Plans

To get a job abroad from Nigeria, you need to be absolutely sure that you have thought through the idea of going to live and work abroad before coming to a final decision of getting a job abroad.

Living and working abroad come with a lot of challenges and changes that you need to come to terms with such as psychological and emotional adjustments.

This might cause you to leave family, friends, colleagues, groups, and so on including the fact that you would be starting afresh in a completely new environment.

2. Develop A Skill

Obviously, there is a large number of career lines that you can pick from and focus on.

You can either choose to perfect your skill or pick a completely different skill and develop it to enable you easily get a job abroad from Nigeria.

You should also check your passion for the chosen skill because it is the only passion that can drive you to be very efficient in such a career line.

When developing a skill, you should also consider the level of demand for that skill in the country you want to go.

If your skill is not in high demand in the country, your skill would prove useless in that country and therefore, getting a job in such countries would be difficult.

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3. Learn About The Country

One other important thing to do while deciding to work abroad is to make a thorough research on the country of choice.

Countries are different just like environments with their laws and guidelines and to enable you make a good decision on the country that you want to get a job, you should consider their Laws, Tax, Political system, Employment benefits and rights, Health care system, Human Rights, Visa requirements, Educational system, Rate of crime and their cost of living.

4. Localize CV

When deciding to work oversees from Nigeria, It is advisable to forward a Resume and not a CV depending on the country you are applying to.

The word pattern and sentences should be taken into consideration while creating the CV or Resume to any country especially to a country with a different language.

Translating your well-documented CV or Resume to the language of such countries may be an advantage in getting a job there.

5. Secure A Job Before Travelling

It is very important to be sure you have secured a job in that country first before embarking on the journey to that country.

This is one important tip a lot of people who are looking for how to get a job abroad from Nigeria are missing.

Whether it is to work oversees with no experience or with experience, you should make that known in your application process and ensure the job is gotten before spending money on such trips.

Embarking on such a journey without securing the job would expose you to the long and frustrating process of getting a job in such countries, not to mention the waste of time and money.

As a Nigerian, it is important to consider the best countries to make money as a Nigerian and countries that are in high demand for your specific skill before embarking on such travels.

6. Links

Having friends, family or colleagues in the country you want to get a job in is of great advantage because it would help cover so many factors like accommodation, knowing about that country before going and also the search for a job in that country would be easier.

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It is important to inform them of your decision or prior to making your decision to enable them to give you a first-hand guide on certain areas concerning getting a job in that country and moving down there.

7. Be Skype Enlightened

A lot of companies and businesses abroad would conduct an interview after going through your CV or Resume and would not necessarily invite you over for an interview.

This is the part where you need to be good on Skype. These employers would request a video interview on Skype and if you are not Skype enlightened, it would cripple your chances of getting that job.

Therefore, before applying for a job abroad from Nigeria, you should get a Skype application or software on your device (Computer or Phone) and learn how to use it.

8. Seek The Help Of A Professional

The process of getting a job abroad from Nigeria can be tedious and frustrating. This is why there are several companies who can handle your issues of how to get abroad and how to work abroad.

They will help you find the jobs according to your preference and help you secure permits in such countries.

One of such companies that would help you find jobs abroad is BUNAC.

9. Learn Their Language

Another tips to take into consideration when looking for how to get a job abroad from Nigeria is by learning the language of the country you wish to get the job.

You should have in mind that not every country speaks the English language, so learning the language of that particular country you are seeking a job in is very important.

This would be an added advantage to your resume or CV and also help in your interaction with locals while you are in such countries.

It is also a fact that people who speak several languages are in most demand all over the world.

10. Benefits

For job seekers who travel abroad for jobs, there are certain benefits attached to living and working abroad.

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This is a fact that most people fail to note. In certain countries, immigrants who live and work there enjoy certain benefits that make traveling and working abroad worth it.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Illness and Injury benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Child care benefits
  • Job seekers Allowance
  • Disabilities and Career benefits
  • Winter fuel Allowance, etc.

11. Get Your Correct Papers And Travel

After putting all factors into consideration and ensuring you have done all that is required, thereby securing the job abroad from Nigeria, the only thing left to do is get your correct papers and then travel to that country to resume your work.

Your credentials, documents, and international passport along with your visa and flight ticket should be in order.

Its no use getting a job abroad and not been able to show up for the job.

That is why it is important to get your papers in order to enable you to travel to that country.

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This may sound shocking but a large number of Nigerians migrate to foreign countries in search of greener pastures with little or no knowledge of how to get a job abroad from Nigeria or how to get a job overseas from Nigeria the right way.

So many others apply for jobs overseas from Nigeria without knowing the steps on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

This is the essence of the above guide on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria and with these factors carefully taken into consideration, applied in getting a job abroad from Nigeria, getting a job abroad from Nigeria is possible.

That’s all on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria. I hope this guide on how to get a job abroad from Nigeria helps?

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