This is a detailed guide on how to extract WhatsApp group contacts, do not hesitate to read to the end, there are many things to learn.

Whatsapp group is a great way of getting potential customers especially if you have products to sell or services to render.

It provides you with the phone numbers of individuals you can chat with privately, or call when need be.

So, what happens when these numbers are no more in the group or the group is taken down? You will lose a great deal.

So if your WhatsApp group contacts are very important, then you should consider extracting and saving them offline so you would be able to access them whenever you want.

If you do not know how to extract WhatsApp group contacts, read this article on how to extract WhatsApp group contacts to know how it is done.

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How To Extract WhatsApp Group Contacts

If you do not want to lose track of your WhatsApp group contacts, the best thing to do is to extract and save them offline for future usage in case something happens to your phone or the group.

It is unnecessary and time-consuming to individually save your WhatsApp group contacts to your phone especially when you do not have a personal relationship with the people.

The best thing to do is to copy them to somewhere safe other than your phonebook.

However, there is no feature on WhatsApp that will enable you to extract WhatsApp group contacts, but with the help of the google chrome extension, inspect element, and firefox, you can extract WhatsApp group contacts.

However, below are ways you can extract WhatsApp group contacts.

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1. Extract WhatsApp Group Contacts Using Google Chrome Extension

To extract group contacts from WhatsApp to a spreadsheet, you will need to use the WhatsApp Web app through a computer.

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However, the best way to achieve this is by using a Google Chrome extension. Below are ways you can extract WhatsApp group contacts using the google chrome extension

1. Go to Google Chrome Web Store.

2. Install the WA – Download Group Phone Numbers Chrome Extension.

3. After that, go to WhatsApp Web on your Chrome browser after installing the extension.

4. Scan the QR code with your phone’s camera to sync and open your WhatsApp.

5. Select the WhatsApp group chat you want to get people’s contacts from. Then click the three vertical dots at the top-right and select Download info to download the contacts into an Excel file.

6. Refresh your WhatsApp page if you cannot find the Download info option. Then retry the steps again.

The good thing about using the chrome extension to extract WhatsApp group contacts is that it organizes the contacts into an Excel sheet.

Also, it matches each contact’s related username with its phone number. And if a phone number exists in your phone contact book already, it will point it out in the downloaded Excel file.

Furthermore, you can also save WhatsApp group contacts on your android phone, to do this, you need to, first of all, download the Export Contact For WhatsApp app from your google play store, then after that follow the steps below.

1. Open your WhatsApp and go to the WhatsApp group you would like to copy the contacts.

2. Click the three-dot option at the top.

3. Scroll down to the Invite Via Link and click on it.

4. You will see the group invite link, just click on Copy Link

5. Now, go back back to the Export Contacts For WhatsApp app you downloaded, and open the Export Contacts Option

6. Click on Export 100 Contacts and past the WhatsApp group link you copied.

7. Choose the preferred file for the contacts such as PDF, Excel sheet, or word. Once you click on any of the files, it will automatically download the file.

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That is all you need to do to have WhatsApp group contacts on your android phone, now you can access your group contact in one place with their documented information.

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2. Extract WhatsApp Group Contacts Using Inspect Element

With Inspect Element, you can Copy texts from a web page like WhatsApp Web. However, using inspect element method to copy numbers from a WhatsApp group to an Excel spreadsheet is more manual.

Using the inspect element method, you would need time to arrange the phone numbers to match the owners’ username which is not so when using the chrome extension.

You can use any available web browser, as long as it lets you inspect the elements of a website to carry out this exercise. Below are ways you can extract WhatsApp group contacts using inspect element.

1. To extract WhatsApp group contacts using Inspect Element on Google Chrome, you will first of all go to WhatsApp Web on your computer.

2. After that, you select the group you want to copy contacts from. Look to the top of the group page just below the group name and icon, you will see some phone numbers listed horizontally on that tab.

3. Right-click any of the contacts on this tab. Then choose Inspect.

4. You will see the numbers already highlighted in the Elements menu; right-click on these numbers, and you will see a list of options.

5. Stroll your cursor to Copy, then other options will appear, then you click on the Copy element from the next sets of options.

6. After copying the numbers, you can paste them into a spreadsheet, and arrange them by yourself.

Furthermore, apart from using the Inspect Element option on google chrome, you can also use it on Firefox.

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However, the process for extracting WhatsApp group numbers from Firefox is a little different from how you do it with Google Chrome.

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Below are the steps to copy WhatsApp group contacts using Firefox:

1. Access WhatsApp Web via Firefox.

2. Select the WhatsApp group you want to copy contacts from.

3. Right-click on the contacts listed horizontally at the top of the group below the name of the group, and select Inspect(Q).

4. Right-click the highlighted texts in the inspect console. Choose Copy > Inner HTML.

4. Paste the copied contacts into an Excel sheet.

Note that when you extract WhatsApp group contacts using Inspect Element, you will have to arrange the phone numbers you copied to excel into separate excel cells because separating them makes it easier to copy and paste each number when needed.

However, below are the ways to arrange contacts into separate excel cells.

1. To separate numbers into individual Excel cells, you will, first of all, need to choose the row containing the phone numbers.

2. From the Excel ribbon, click Data, then, choose Text to Columns.

3. Tick the Delimited circle in the next window and click Next after that.

4. In the following Window, uncheck the Tab option, and  When you have done that, tick the Comma box.

5. Once you have completed the above steps, click Next, then, select Finish for the phone numbers to be in separate cells in a single row.

6. After that, select that entire row and copy it by pressing Ctrl + C on your keyboard.

7. After that, you can either open a new sheet or right-click on any cell within the one already opened.

8. After that,  go to Paste Special > Other Paste Options > Paste Special.

9. After clicking on the paste option, click the Transpose checkbox. Then, tap on OK.

10. After that, you will see the contact numbers in a single column, and each will now have its separate cell and row.