How To Create A WhatsApp TV And Make Money

This is a detailed guide on how to create a WhatsApp TV and make money, read to the end to gain more insight.

Whatsapp is one of the best social media platforms and one of the best apps to make money online.

Many people only use WhatsApp to chat with their friends and loved ones without knowing that they can monetize the platform.

There are many ways to make money on WhatsApp and one of the ways is through WhatsApp TV.

WhatsApp TV is a WhatsApp account used for posting content to entertain people via the status feature.

If you have been longing to make money on social media, I think you should create a WhatsApp TV.

Do not worry about how to start it because this article on how to create a WhatsApp TV and make money will teach you everything you need to know.

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About Whatsapp TV

Whatsapp TV is a WhatsApp feature that people use to entertain WhatsApp users through posting memes, short funny videos, stories, etc.

Many people often wondered if there is a special app known as WhatsApp TV. There is no special app called WhatsApp TV, a WhatsApp TV is simply your Whatsapp status.

You can create a WhatsApp TV using the normal WhatsApp we generally use or WhatsApp business, and posting things on your status automatically makes you the owner of a WhatsApp TV.

The general WhatsApp or WhatsApp business is referred to as WhatsApp television when you use it to entertain your contacts by posting different kinds of entertaining content such as short movie series, comedy skits, memes, savage responses, etc. on your status.

However, when creating a WhatsApp TV, it is advisable to use the WhatsApp business app because it has more advantages than the regular WhatsApp app.

With WhatsApp business, you can set up your business details. You can let people know everything about your business and what they expect to gain. Using the app for Whatsapp TV, you can tell people about your activities.

Whatsapp business also allows business owners to respond to messages automatically even when they are offline. This improves their customer service because customers will feel valued.

The app also allows users to add their business logo, so a well-designed logo will make your TV enticing and professional.

However, WhatsApp business enables people to know how their audience is engaging in their businesses, and this will help you keep track of how people are engaging in your WhatsApp TV.

However, you can only claim that you are running a WhatsApp TV if plenty of people are viewing your status, so you have to add many contacts to your WhatsApp list to achieve this.

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What To Do Before Creating A WhatsApp TV

People do not just wake up to create a WhatsApp TV, they thoroughly prepare for it to avoid failure and disappointment.

If you want to run a successful WhatsApp TV, you need to prepare effectively if not you will find it difficult to make money from it.

However, below are the things you need to do to run a successful WhatsApp TV.

1. Discover your Niche Choose

The very first thing to do before you create a WhatsApp TV is to discover your niche because niching down when running a WhatsApp TV is very important, it will make your audience know what to expect from you.

There are many niches you can choose from; you can choose to be displaying memes, jokes, motivational talks, educating posts, stories news, etc.

When trying to discover your niche, it is advisable to look inward. It is important to consider what you love most, find something you can read for hours, and carry out research on without getting bored at all.

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2. Build a large Contact List

Making money from WhatsApp TV requires you to have a large audience, and without ensuring you have a large contact list, it is not advisable to start a WhatsApp TV because you would get frustrated when the money is not forthcoming.

Traffic is what every online business person wants, and traffic is money. If you can drive traffic from your WhatsApp television to your blog or your YouTube channel, you would be a wealthy person.

However, for you to properly run your WhatsApp TV, you have to gather enough relevant contacts that will give you the money you desire.

3. Get A Smart Phone To Run The Whatsapp TV

You need to get a good smartphone to run your WhatsApp TV if you did not have one already.

At the initial stage, you can use any smartphone you can afford, but as time goes on, you would need to get a very good smartphone because your phone memory would be filled up because of too many contacts.

Also, the messages will become too much that if your phone does not have a good RAM and high ROM, it will start hanging and you would not be able to run your television smoothly.

4. Save Your Contacts To Your Email

One good thing about saving your contacts to your email is that you can access them anytime you need even when you get a new phone after losing the previous one.

To avoid losing your contacts, it is advisable you save them to Google.

Also, why you need to save your contacts to your email is that your phone memory would not be able to accommodate all the contacts you would have, so you need to save them to google.

How To Create A WhatsApp TV And Make Money

It is very easy to create a WhatsApp TV, you can either use the normal WhatsApp app to do it or WhatsApp business. Like I have said earlier, it is advisable to use the WhatsApp business app because of the great features embedded in it.

However, below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a WhatsApp TV and make money.

1. Set Up Your Whatsapp TV

The first step to creating a WhatsApp TV is to set up your WhatsApp TV, and below is a step-by-step guide on how to create a WhatsApp TV.

1. Download the WA business account app from the google play store.

2. Launch the app immediately after downloading it.

3. Click on Agree and Continue and after that input the phone number you want to use for your Whatapp TV.

4. After that, set the name of your account and your logo, and then click on Next. Mind you, you need to give your account the name you want your WhatsApp TV to bear.

5. Once you click on Next, you have created your WhatsApp TV.

2. Choose A Name And Logo For Your Whatsapp TV Brand

Before you create a WhatsApp TV, you need to think of a captivating name that will capture the purpose of the WhatsApp TV excellently.

However, the name must be very memorable so that people can remember it, and it must also be original to avoid plagiarism.

You can also create a logo for your WhatsApp TV to make you appear professional, and also to represent your brand identity.

It is advisable you choose colors for your brand, let your WhatsApp TV has unique colors that will stand it out from others, and also, you can use these colors to create your WhatsApp TV logo.

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However, after creating your logo, you can use it as your profile picture so that your WhatsApp TV can be easily identified by your audience.

Also, to further look professional, you can make a short description of your WhatsApp TV so that people will know what your TV is all about, and they will also know your interest, vision, and goal.

3. Tell People About Your WhatsApp TV

After you have chosen your niche, set up your account, and chosen your WhatsApp TV name and logo, the next thing to do is get people to save your WhatsApp TV contact so that they can view your status update.

You have to create awareness so that plenty of people can view your status. You can create a broadcast message including the phone number of your WhatsApp TV and send it out to people.

However, you can also tell your friends and family members to all tell people about your WhatsApp TV.

4. Start Posting Immediately

The essence of creating a WhatsApp TV is to entertain people and at the same time make money off it.

So after setting up your account, gathering contacts, and doing all the necessary things you needed to do, the next thing is to start posting immediately.

However, you can further market yourself by placing your WhatsApp TV name and the phone number on the images and videos you would be posting, so that people can recognize your content wherever they see it.

5. Engage And Relate With Your Viewers

It is not just enough to only post content on your status for your audience, you also need to engage and relate with them.

Always reply to their messages when they comment on your status, and sometimes do giveaways with airtime.

You can also come up with interesting activities that your audience can participate in, this will make your WhatsApp TV interesting and they might recommend your TV to their friends.

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How To Make Money From WhatsApp TV

The sole aim of creating a WhatsApp TV is to make money, and so you must play your cards well to make the money you desire.

You will not start making money on WhatsApp TV immediately you start it, you would need to work hard and be consistent at what you do to get to the point of earning the money you desire.

However, you can make money from WhatsApp TV through:

1. Advertising

You can make money from your WhatsApp TV by advertising other people’s products and services on your status.

However, you do not start placing adverts on your status immediately after you start your WhatsApp TV, you have to grow your contacts first, and also gain people’s trust.

Before people pay you to advertise their products, they might want to be sure that you have the right amount of audience to patronize them because they want to make sales, so they would request the number of people who view your status.

However, you should have at least 500-1000 views per post, with this, many business owners will pay you to advertise their businesses.

2. Selling Your Product

Selling your product is one of the things you can do to make money on WhatsApp TV.

If you have a product to sell or services to render, you can easily advertise it on your WhatsApp TV and interested people will reach out to you.

Even if you do not have a physical product or product of your own, you can do drop shipping and earn a commission.

3. Affiliate Marketing

You can make money from WhatsApp TV by earning a commission through affiliate marketing.

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You can reach out to companies offering affiliate opportunities with a high commission and become one of their affiliate marketers.

What you have to do is advertise the company’s products on your WhatsApp TV with a short captivating write-up about the product.

However, do not fail to add your affiliate link as interested people will click on the link to purchase the products while you earn your commission.

4. Organizing Online Classes

Another way to monetize your WhatsApp TV is by organizing paid online classes. You can just create high-quality classes for viewers who are interested in what you want to teach.

However, the amount they will pay for the classes will depend on what you want to teach them, and the duration of the classes.

Also, you have to be conversant with what you want to teach them, it should be something you know very well and can teach confidently.

5. Driving Traffic To Your Blog

If you are a blogger, you can earn from WhatsApp TV by driving traffic to your blog.

When you publish articles on your blog, you can post a brief summary of that article on your WhatsApp TV, and then urge interested viewers to read the complete article on your blog.

By doing this, you drive more traffic to your blog and also earn handsomely.

How To Grow Your Whatsapp TV

It is not just enough to create a WhatsApp TV, you have to grow it to start making money. Moreover, of what use is a WhatsApp TV if you are not earning from it with all the data spent?

However, below are ways to grow your WhatsApp TV.

1. Make Use Of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. will help you grow your WhatsApp TV.

You can use these platforms to advertise your WhatsApp TV and get more people on your WhatsApp contact list.

You can also pay influencers on these social media platforms to advertise your WhatsApp TV thereby gaining more contacts.

2. Connecting With Well-Known WhatsApp TV Owners

To grow your WhatsApp TV, you can reach out to well-known WhatsApp TV owners to help promote your WhatsApp TV on their status.

When doing this, you need to keep aside some money to pay them because they might not do it for free.

3. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to growth, and without consistency, you cannot grow your WhatsApp TV.

It is only when people see your posts every day and get used to it that they will invite their friends to your TV.

You can create a content timetable so that you will know what to post and when to post to entertain your audience.

4. Organizing A Referral Contest

Another way you can grow your WhatsApp TV is by organizing a referral contest for your viewers.

A referral contest means telling your viewers to refer a certain number of people to your WhatsApp TV to earn prizes.

However, the prizes to be won must be tangible if nobody will want to participate in the contest.

Also, you need to be posting great content on your status so that people can confidently refer people to your WhatsApp TV.

That’s all on how to create a WhatsApp TV and make money, I hope it helps you create yours.

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