How To Choose The Best Adjustable Beds

A detailed guide on how to choose the best adjustable beds.

How do you feel waking healthy and sound, feeling strong and relaxed with no aches around your body?

It is obviously a good feeling and this is because there is a good bed that gives you the maximum comfort you want.

No doubt you will definitely go to sleep every night without fears.

But this isn’t so for everyone, as some people struggle with different health challenges which makes it difficult for them to enjoy a good night rest.

In a bid to find a solution to their problem adjustable beds were invented.

Adjustable beds are beds that can be adjusted to different positions that are most comfortable for the user to enjoy a good rest.

It gives the user the chance to explore an array of sleeping positions till they find the one they like best. It can be adjusted electrically or manually depending on the user’s choice.

Adjustable beds can be used by anyone, although it is mostly used by people with certain health conditions.

Most people make use of adjustable beds due to different health conditions such as severe back pain, arthritis, insomnia, and so on.

While other individuals use it just to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, for relaxation and pleasure.

Adjustable beds come in different varieties but are categorized into two main categories.

  1. The lifestyle bed
  2. The profiling bed

1. The Lifestyle Adjustable Beds

This is used by individuals who just want to enjoy maximum comfort. They do not necessarily need to have any health condition.

They use it for relaxation and fun during leisure. It does not have a variety of features like the profiling adjustable bed.

2. The Profiling Adjustable Beds

This bed is used by individuals with different health conditions. It can be adjusted into different positions. Profiling bed consist of a mattress that is split into parts with different functions.

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Choose the best and comfortable adjustable bed for yourself depends on your personal needs to be met and expectations to be satisfied.

What To Consider When Buying An Adjustable Bed

There are things you must consider when choosing an adjustable bed to buy. It is important to be on the lookout for special qualities that makes your adjustable bed best for you.

Below are the best qualities to look out for in choosing an Adjustable bed.

1. Elasticity

Before buying an adjustable bed, ensure the bed is flexible enough. Its frame must be able to be adjusted to a certain particular position.

A good adjustable bed should be able to be lowered or raised from both top and bottom edge of the bed. Ensure it has good elasticity before purchase.

Profiling adjustable beds have mattresses that can split into three to four adjustable parts. These adjustable parts perform different functions based on their flexibility.

The functions range from sit – up functions to additional break function.

2. Durability

The materials the bed is made of, and the company that produced it is another factor that must be taken into consideration when buying an adjustable bed.

If you must buy an adjustable bed, then go for brand known for good quality to enjoy maximum comfort.

This way, you will have an adjustable bed that can serve you longer and better while resisting stress and pressure.

3. Weight And Mobility

The weight of an adjustable bed is another important factor you must consider when buying an adjustable bed, especially if you are buying it for relaxation, and you plan on moving the bed from one relaxation spot to the other.

This is indeed not fun if the adjustable bed is very heavy. Hence, it is advisable that if you are purchasing an adjustable bed for relaxation purposes, you should also consider having a fixed relaxation spot

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4. Proper Parts Check

Before buying an adjustable bed, run a proper check of all the electrical bed parts and make sure it is working properly and well fixed. Ensure to ask for a warranty for the bed, and or the various parts.

4. Adjustable Bed Arrangements

Adjustable beds come assembled or disassembled depending on the supplier. Hence, before buying, ensure to ask the supplier if it will be delivered to you assembled or disassembled.

If it will come disassembled, you might want to confirm from the supplier if they will assemble it for you upon arrival.

Assembling an adjustable bed is quite tasking and has a set of guidelines. If it will be supplied disassembled ensure to ask for a clear manual and or guides to assemble it.

5. Mattress

Your previous mattress may not fit into the new bed which means you will have to buy a new one. If you have any health conditions it is important to talk with your doctor and the mattress company to know the right mattress for your adjustable bed.

6. Single Or Split

This will be a very important thing to consider if you will be sharing the adjustable bed with someone.

It is advisable you purchase an adjustable bed with two different adjustable frames using two different mattresses.

This allows you and your sleeping partner to sleep together while enjoying your different position. Using an adjustable bed with the same bed frame and mattress will result in sleeping discomforts.


hybrid adjustable beds

Disadvantages Of Adjustable Beds

Despite the benefits of adjustable beds, it is not without shortcomings. Below are 6 disadvantages of an adjustable bed.

1. It is Expensive

Adjustable beds are more costly than every other bed. As such, most people who have a need for it cannot buy it, because of the cost.

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2. Maintainance

Adjustable bed is not your regular bed. It needs extra attention and maintenance.

Bed parts need to be checked regularly to ensure it is working properly and effectively. If spoilt or damaged, it must be repaired or replaced.

This has to done regularly to avoid any risk that can cause self-injury. For instance, if any part of the bed is not working properly while adjusting it you can sustain an accidental injury.

3. Weight

Unlike the traditional bed, adjustable beds weigh more which makes it difficult to move around during transportation.

Advantages of Adjustable Beds

Below are some advantages of adjustable beds.

1. It Can Be Adjusted

The body frame of an adjustable bed can be adjusted to a position that best suits your situation. It gives you the freedom to explore different positions while sleeping.

While resting, watching TV, or reading a book, you can adjust the top and the lower part by raising or lowering it a little to prevent backpressure.

2. Alleviates Back Pains

Patients having health conditions involving back pain are advised to use adjustable beds at home to get a good sleep.

Adjustable beds help alleviate back pains. Adjustment of the lower and upper part of the bed helps ascertain a good sleeping position which helps you transfer the body pressure away from the back to all other body parts.

A good and comfortable bed helps an individual fall asleep faster.

That’s all on how to choose the best adjustable beds.

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