This article contains the 7 best cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

Sending goods and products in Nigeria has never been easier ever since the emergence of courier service providers in Nigeria.

The goal of a courier service company or delivery service company is to make shipping of packages from one location to another easier for people.

If you are looking for the best courier service in Nigeria, this guide will help.

In this guide, I will show you the list of the top 7 cheapest courier services in Nigeria, and also highlight the things to consider when choosing a courier service.

List of Courier Services Companies in Nigeria

Below is the list of 7 cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

  1. Zenith Carex International Limited
  2. EMS Speed Post
  3. GIG Logistics
  4. AB Logistics
  5. ABC Cargo
  6. UPS
  7. Red Star Express

1. Zenith Carex International Limited.

This courier service which is one of the best cheapest courier services in Nigeria was established in the year 2002 and since then has grown so much to a formidable state with various offices across the country.

In Lagos, they are located at Ajao estate and they perform the following services:

  • Warehousing
  • Courier services
  • Custom clearing services
  • In-country haulage
  • Integrated logistics service support

2. EMS Speed Post

The EMS speed post has been in existence for a very long time dating from far back 1986.

This makes it one of the oldest courier services amongst a line of courier services in Nigeria.

It has built a reputation for quality service delivery alongside a great relationship with its customers.

The great part about the EMS speed post is the fact that despite the quality of their services and relationship with customers, they are quite cheap and affordable.

They created a platform whereby customers can check the cost of their services and estimate what it would cost for a particular delivery.

3. GIG Logistics

This courier service is one of the most popular courier services in the country and they have a reputation for wide coverage within Nigeria.

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If you are looking for one of the best cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria, GIG Logistics is definitely one of them.

They make their quality services quite affordable and easy for customers to reach.

They are time conscious and maintain a good customer relationship which has made them one of the best courier services in Nigeria.

4. AB Logistics

The AB logistics courier service is well known in Nigeria for its quality service delivery and reliability.

They make the movement of packages easier and comfortable for customers, thereby reducing the financial strain on the customers.

Their services are as cheap as 800 Naira on the minimum and also make the movement of packages from one state to the other affordable for customers.

5. ABC Cargo

The ABC cargo is a courier service that is one of the oldest courier services in Nigeria dating far back to the 90s and since then built a great reputation for quality service to customers and reliability.

Their services are one of the cheapest despite the quality of their services.

They have grown so big that they have various offices across Nigeria. They make their services cheap and quite affordable to their customers.

6. UPS

This is one of the cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

Although they are not the cheapest courier service, they offer quality services and maintain a great customer relationship.

Their time consciousness is top-notch and this makes customers rely on them for timely delivery of packages.

Although they are not as old as most courier services, they have a long time reputation of consistency and reliability.

7. Red Star Express

The Red star express is one of the popular courier services in Nigeria and they offer the following services:

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Air Express: This service is mainly for moving packages that are needed within a set time frame. It is designed to make urgent deliveries.

Bulk mail: This service is designed mainly for conveying and delivering of documents that are bulky or confidential like company papers, agreements or contract papers, account papers, etc.

Inbound collect: This service takes care of the shipment of packages to any country with the cost taken care of within the country.

E-commerce: One feature of the Red star express is that it performs the role of a third party in logistics-related services.

E-commerce companies benefit from this because it helps them make deliveries to clients easily.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Courier Service

Before choosing a courier service, there are certain things you should consider given the number of courier services in the country.

Below are the top 5 things to consider when choosing a courier service in Nigeria.

1.  Areas covered

It is essential to check the area coverage of the courier services before choosing a courier service for your package especially when it involves shipping packages to other countries.

Knowing the area covered by these courier services would enable you to decide on the best courier service for delivering your package to the actual location.

2. Speed

When selecting a courier service for a package, you should consider how fast they can be in delivering your package within the said time.

This factor is very vital because it protects your reputation also if you are into eCommerce or any form of business that requires package delivery.

Customers tend to stick to suppliers who they can rely on when it comes to efficiency and speed delivery.

3. Tracking.

Tracking is very important especially for moving large packages.

It is important to monitor the movement of packages to ensure safety and timely delivery to the desired location.

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Not all courier services have this particular function and so packages are either lost or delayed.

Tracking the movement of packages would give peace of mind to the customer and also ensure the reliability of the courier service.

4. Flexibility

Knowing the flexibility of these courier services is vital to ensure they are flexible enough to meet your needs at any given time.

Urgent deliveries may arise at certain times and not all courier services are flexible enough to accommodate your urgent needs or changes in your usual deliveries, So getting the right courier service to handle such situations is vital.

5. Price

This is also a very key factor to consider after putting every other area into consideration.

The price of the service delivery should be affordable to you along with its good service delivery.

The number of courier services in the country has increased over time and they all come with their different prices, so it is also essential to check for the courier service that you can afford while still putting all other factors into consideration.

The quality of service or the efficiency of a courier service is not always measured by the price attached to it, some cheap courier services offer great services at affordable rates which can also get you the desired satisfaction you want.

That’s all on the cheapest courier services in Nigeria.

If you followed this article on the cheapest courier services in Nigeria, you should be able to easily identify the best courier service in Nigeria.