This is a complete guide on how to become a Paga agent in Nigeria.

Paga is a mobile payment company building an ecosystem to enable people to digitally send and receive money using their phones and other devices.

They create simple financial access for everyone irrespective of your status and the type of phone you use.

Paga offers a wide range of services such as bill payments, remittances, the buying/sending of airtime, free money transfers, deposit to bank accounts, bulk disbursements, etc.

Paga has more than 27,000 agents in Nigeria and is still enrolling more.

Who Are Paga Agents

Paga agents are those who are well-trained and have been approved by the company to offer its services to people in their locality.

Paga agents get paid when they help their customers pay bills, buy airtime and data, make deposits, withdraw money, open a Paga account and also transact from their personal account.

Paga keeps its fees low to help Paga agents make a profit and also stay active in their area.

As a Paga agent, you will receive a commission for every transaction you perform, plus bonuses and other incentives which they roll out at intervals.

You can operate anywhere in Nigeria with your agent account, and the more transactions you perform the more money you make.

As a Paga agent, the amount you realize from carrying out your tasks is what you get, there are no hidden fees or charges, and agents who perform high get rewarded with bonuses.

Additionally, high-performing agents are supported with emergency funds when they have no funds in their account to initiate a transaction.

Duties Of Paga Agents

As a Paga agent, you earn money anytime you carry out the following transactions for your customers.

  • Creating Paga accounts for your customers.
  • Depositing money for your customers into any Paga or bank account
  • Helping customers withdraw money from their Paga or bank account
  • Enabling customers to pay their electricity, water, DStv, Lagos State Government bills, and more
  • Virtually toping up any phone number with airtime or data
  • Transferring money into any bank account or Paga wallet
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Steps To Become A Paga Agent

Before becoming a Paga agent, it is advisable to know everything about Paga, visit the website, read some useful information, read reviews and know what it entails to become a Paga agent.

Moreover, below are the steps on how to become a Paga agent.

1. Do The Basic Registration

There are two methods you can use to register for Paga agent. First, you can register via the website by filling the interest form

1. To commence the registration, Log on to,

2. Click on the orange stripes by your right

3. Among the displayed options, click on ‘Agent’

4. Click on ‘Become An Agent’ on the next Page to view the registration page.

5. For the registration, you would be requested to provide your email address, first and last name, phone number, residential address, your state, and your local government, you would also be asked if you are interested in the Paga Orange POS.

Secondly, you can simply send an email to [email protected]

Or register your interest by using any of the channels below:

Call: 07000007242 Or 012777160
Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @paga
Facebook: @mypaga

WhatsApp: 08099227242

SMS: 09090027242

Live chat –

After the registration, one of their representatives will contact you for the onboarding process. Moreover, If you are not contacted after 7 days of filling the form, you can contact Their customer care at 07000007242 or [email protected].

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2. Get Trained

Once your registration is complete and you are fully set up, a Paga representative will be assigned to extensively educate you on how Paga agent works.

3. Download And Install The Paga Agent App

Once you’ve completed your training, you can download and install the Paga agent app.

To download the Paga agent app, Visit the Google play store on your Android device, search for Paga agent and follow the instructions given for a successful download.

After installing the app, set up your account by signing up.

The Paga agent signup fee is 20,000 naira. The amount covers everything both branding and startup funds. Once you pay the fee, your branding material will get to you.

4. Fund Your Paga Account

As a newly registered Paga agent, After setting up your account, you are free to decide on the amount you want to use as your startup capital to fund your Paga account.

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Ways To Fund Your Paga Account

You can fund your Paga account using any of the following means

1. Bank transfer

You can fund your Paga wallet using internet banking or a bank mobile app by transferring funds from your bank account directly to your Paga wallet.

To do this, simply follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your internet banking
  • Select Transfer to other Banks
  • Insert your 10 digits Paga Nuban account number
  • Select “Paga” or “Pagatech” as beneficiary Bank
  • Input amount
  • Fill the required field on the transfer page
  • Input your PIN
  • Complete the transfer process

2. Debit card

You can fund your account using your Naira debit card. Simply follow the steps below

  • Click on fund account under “account”
  • Enter amount
  • Click on “Fund account”
  • Select card as a payment option, then click on the deposit tab below
  • Enter your card number
  • Enter the expiry date of your card
  • Enter CVC at the back of your card
  • Input your PIN
  • Click on deposit and follow the instruction to fund your wallet
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3. Bank account

You can fund your account using your bank account. Simply follow the steps below.

  • Click on fund account under “account”
  • Enter amount
  • Select bank as a payment option, then click on the deposit tab below
  • Enter your account number
  • Enter your BVN
  • Click on deposit and follow the instruction to fund your wallet

4,. Paga Agent

To fund your account, visit any Paga accredited agent to fund your account.

GT Collections

To fund your account via GT Collections (Mobile app/Online), simply follow the steps below

  • Log in to your GTB account
  • Click on other payments
  • Click on more payments
  • Click on Infotechs & other services
  • Select “Pagatech Limited” from the list of merchants
  • Click on Paga Collections
  • Insert your 10 digits Paga account number, fill in other details and amount
  • Click on continue
  • Confirm and complete the process
  • Note that this service is available to GTBank customers only

GTBank 737

To fund your Paga account via GTB *737# service, simply follow the steps below

  • Dial *737* 50*amount*145#
  • Enter your 10 digit Paga account number
  • Confirm name and enter your 737 PIN or last 4 digits of your GTB debit card and send

Note that this service is available to GTBank customers only.

GTB *737*22#

To fund your Paga account using GTB *737*22# service, simply follow the steps below

  • Dial *737*22#
  • Select Option for Recipient Category
  • Enter Transaction Amount
  • Enter Wallet Account Number (Phone Number)
  • Enter 737 PIN to Authenticate Transaction.