The Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS 2023 is all we seek to cover primarily in this article.

Yes, Snapchat is a very popular social media application, with an enormous number of users and still counting on a daily basis across the globe.

This platform encourages and allows a couple of interesting activities while ensuring that users stay connected to their friends and family as well as new friends made on the platform.

Snapchat offers features that permit users, to snap pictures, make short video clips, etc to update friends and family on how their day is being spent via sharing photos and funny videos.

The application also encourages users to engage in live videos to interact with other users and this is an interesting feature to many and one that makes Snapchat stand out as one of the best social media applications among others.

Although with a very easy-to-use interface and is also popular, Snapchat can only be one. But, there are also many other similar applications like it and qualities that a standard social media platform should possess, ensuring users can derive nearly the same satisfaction or more as they do on Snapchat.

This article provides 10 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS 2023 that possess similar Snapchat features and that allows its users to create, and edit with different filters, effects, and captions, as well as post photos and videos with different filters, captions, and effects.

The following apps on our list have been well-resourced to give you the best user experience you can imagine for your social media time with your friends and family wherever you are communicating from.

Isn’t that just amazing? Let’s get right down to it!

List of 10 Best Apps Like Snapchat for Android / iOS

1. Instagram

Instagram is a very popular app like Snapchat and also one of the 10 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS.

It has several features that make users on the app enjoy a wonderful experience while creating and sharing their photos, stories, reels, and videos with friends and followers.

Instagram is also a great messaging app, which delivers instant messages to any friend or acquaintance texted.

It allows you to also get to view and stay on trend with trendy stories and happenings from others all around the world.

Instagram is great for businesses both start-ups and large scale because it gives you double client opportunities and a wide networking platform to boost your sales and gain new customers.

Also, the platform allows you to explore its numerous features such as privacy settings where you can control your audience when sharing with the community. 

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Insta reels are another embedded feature on Instagram that allows you to discover new ways of making entertaining short videos. Here, you can hit the like button, make comments, and create and share reel videos in the Reels tab.

Instagram currently ranks as the second most popularly used social media platform in the world, after Facebook. It is fast and with great aesthetic design, probably one of the reasons it is a suitable alternative for Snapchat to use on Android/iOS devices.

‎Instagram is free to download on the Google or Apple stores.

2. TikTok

TikTok since being bought by Bytedance and updated with more interesting features has been a daily destination app for many people.

It is also considered one of the 10 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS.

TikTok, users engage keenly in producing short-video content that is mostly entertaining, spontaneous, and genuine.

The genres of this video are wide, covering music, comedy, sports, pets, culinary, business, travel, etc. Works quite well for anyone who is generally in search of entertainment content.

All you need do is create an account after downloading and open the app to watch and engage via likes, comments, etc with whatever appeals to you.

The qualities TikTok offer makes it one of the Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS devices.

It is also easy to use the app to create your own unique original video content by providing easy-to-use tools to view and capture daily moments.

Tiktok is currently patronized by over 2 billion users all over the world.

TikTok download is free on both google and Apple store 

3. Sweet Snap

Sweet Snap is more particular about face filters yet still qualifies as one of the 10 Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS.

The app has great features and currently is used by over 100 million people. This shows you just about how excellent the app is.

Sweet Snap is incredible for taking selfies, with great focus and a queue of effects, filters, etc, to choose from to further beautify and personalize your snaps.

This app makes snapping go beyond just a 2-second camera flicker but gives you an artistic eye that pushes you to spend lots of time sifting through an endless selection of special effects for the best results.

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4. Marco Polo

Marco Polo is another fantastic video messenger app that gives you the leverage of staying connected to your friends and loved ones and also staying entertained, without making you compromise on trust.

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This app’s features include face-to-face communication with friends and family in a private, ad-free space without any form of intrusion.

Marco polo is a video chat app void of any tricks that may keep you on the app any longer than you wish.

This app also supports messaging, and it doesn’t save any personal conversations on its database. This and more ranks it as one of the best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS.

Marco Polo – Video Messenger is also available on Google Play and Apple stores for free download.

5. Imgur

Imgur is an amazing app with one of the easiest and most enchanting videos, memes, and picture-making apps available on the web.

With imgur, you can be rest assured of magic with tricks and tips for funny pics and movie GIFs across genres like science facts,, comics, art, and puns made by other people.

Guaranteed to tickle your funny bone and make you laugh your pants off – is that an expression? It is now.

Imgur is also home to the finest collection of cat videos found anywhere and makes one of the best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS devices

Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker is available on Google Play and Apple stores for free download.

6. Cluster

Cluster makes it incredibly easy, fun and of course possible for one to create, and share photos, videos, and other memories with the people you care about.

The app is simple, user-friendly, and similar to Instagram, also as the name implies it is great at linking you up with your own space like a family, group of friends, colleagues, etc.

Cluster makes one of the best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS devices and almost any operating system.

You can also find positive reviews about Clusters from its users.

‎Cluster is available on Google or Apple Play Store for Free download. 

7. Wickr Me

This is another app that allows for instant and smooth connections with your friends both privately or as a group.

This app’s newly updated version comes with encrypted voice calling, voice memos, and other new additions to guarantee strong and secured encryption for file sharing, as well as videos.

Also, it allows for privacy control of who views your content and for how long it should stay accessible.

Wickr also perfects forward and backward secrecy for user content. It is the most secure messenger platform, which makes it one of the best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS and powered by the most advanced multi-layered encryption and ephemerality relied on by millions of users across the world.

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‎Wickr Me – Private Messenger is available on Google play and Apple store for Free download.

8.  Telegram

Telegram is a straightforward, very easy-to-use, lean design, and secure mobile messaging app.

It also supports video content and falls as one of the best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS.

Telegram is fast and probably the fastest messaging app on the market currently, connecting people through a unique network of distributed data centers found all over the globe.

With Telegram, online teamwork and hosting large online communities are encouraged.

Messages, such as audio and video calls, as well as different files, and group chats with about 200,000 members, are guaranteed. 

Telegram has excellent, high-level security and privacy for both Android and iOS devices.

Telegram also has Snapchat-like secret chat

Supports file sharing up to 1.5Gb

Lots of stickers and GIFs

Video and audio calls

9. Bigo Live

Bigo Live as its name suggests is primarily geared toward users who want to live-stream and share their everyday video moments.

It is one of the Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS that supports the raw talents of people, as they showcase them to the whole world by interacting with other users.

Bigo has over 200 million current users on its platform and is also one of the most used live-streaming platforms now.

Once you discover and can fully use all of its features, It gets even more fun and allows users to tweak and harness all its amazing features to their advantage and maximum productivity.

Bigo allows users to go live make money, receive gifts, and of course, grow more fanbase.

It is equally a great app for gamers who want to show off their skills.

10. YouCam Perfect

We cannot make a list of the Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS without the remarkable YouCam Perfect. This is your go-to app when you need an app to edit and share-worthy selfies.

The app currently boast of over 500 million uses.

It provides all the necessary tools needed to create good photos, add effects and make face touch ups etc.

It is highly supported by iOS, Android, desktop, and Web platforms 


Snapchat is no doubt an incredibly thriving and enticing social media platform, but the above list does not just give a list of the Best Snapchat Alternatives for Android / iOS but also gives ideas of apps that are better and have more features and functionality than Snapchat. 

You should give it a try on a couple and tell us what the outcome was. Enjoy!