May 21, 2024
Website Analytics

Companies use different tools to promote their products and services. Today, businesses can advertise their products on social networks like Instagram or Facebook. They can also use LinkedIn and other lead generation platforms.

Yet, it is crucial to have the website of your company. You can use your website to promote the products using SEO tools. The website is the face of your company where the customers will see all your products. You can also talk about your guarantees and advantages.

At the same time, it is important to have a lot of traffic on your website. Customers will not see your website if it is not popular. They only look through the first pages in search engines. You can have good content.

Yet, people will not see and order your products. To get more conversion, you should increase your rank SERP position in search engines. First, you can check the position using a rank tracking tool like SpySERP. It is the best software to see your online ranking. Let’s look at the advantages of using this free tool.

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1. The search engine rank tracker increases traffic and conversion

SpySERP lets you see the ranking of your website and the websites of your competitors. You will also understand how you can achieve the necessary position. It shows you the keywords most appropriate for your website.

That is why you can apply them to make your position higher. This will make more people see your website. The traffic will rise. If you have a quality website, you will also get much conversion. The SEO rank tracker can bring your more clients and purchases.

2. Downloading a report

The software is also a great option because you can download the results report. You will see your position compared to your competitors. You can compare it on different devices and work further with the results. There are different formats to download the report. You may use PDF, Excel, or CSV formats. All the reports are free.

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3. Best rank tracker to analyze keywords

SpySERP is a great tool to find and analyze the necessary keywords. You may use the keywords rank tracker for free on the website. There, you may find local keywords to enter into your content. Another option is to see what keywords your successful competitors use. Then you may apply them to your website to get better results.

How to Check the Website Using the Rank Tracker?

How can you start using the SpySERP rank tracker tool? First, register on the website and create your account. Then you can manage your project. In one project, state the domain you want to check. This can be your domain or one of your competitors.

Choose the search engines you want to find results for. Enter your main keywords for the content. The program will use them in the analysis. The system also lets you state certain dates for regular checking of your rank position. Then it will show you the results table.

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