The 12 Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money in 2023

This is an article to expose our knowledge of The 12 Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money that we can take a chance on.

Do you love playing Trivia games and will jump at any opportunity to play them and earn real money? Well, you are reading the right article.

Here we will enlighten you on the best trivia apps that you can play to potentially earn some free real money and prizes, that will make you feel glad you did.

These Trivia games give you a vast option to help put your trivia knowledge to the test in your spare time with these Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money and may fit in as a side hustle.

Playing trivia games and earning can be a very lucrative idea, and you can do this through many gig apps. Our list of Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money will help you make good choices.

1. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is a trivia game app to win money and also one of the Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money. The head-to-head trivia game works by matching you with online opponents, and if you win rounds, you win points.

These points you earn are what you can convert to real money when redeemed eventually with a variety of prizes through free PayPal money and direct deposit.

Also, asides from winning your Trivia challenge rounds, you will have to watch ads between these rounds and games, to earn more points.

There are six trivia categories you can get questions from:

  • Science
  • Entertainment
  • Geography
  • Art
  • History
  • Sports

The ads can be quite displeasing, but this is still one of the leading ways to earn real money through trivia games.

2. Swagbucks Live

Swagbucks Live, known as Swag IQ by some people, is also one of the Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money and was developed as a branch of Swagbucks, it is also a very popular passive income app and GPT platform.

This app offers one of the very stable ways to play trivia games and earn real money because it is backed by a massive parent company.

Swagbucks also has its entire rewards system built into the Swagbucks ecosystem.

With Swagbucks Live, players compete at 10 rounds of trivia for a chance at acquiring the final pool of SB (Swagbucks), which will be redeemed on the official site for gift cards or through PayPal cash.

Another interesting about Swagbucks Live that puts it on our list of Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money is that you can still earn small amounts of bonus SB for scarcely making it through a few rounds, these serve as incentives to help you play daily.

Additionally, if you were eliminated during the competition with another opponent, you can get back in by paying into the round with an additional SB of your own.

Swagbucks is a great type of passive income setup on your laptop, and could be a decent trivia game to add to your library just for fun!

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3. Lucky Trivia Live

Lucky Trivia Live qualifies as one of the Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money and it is supported on smartphones both Android and iOS for people residing in the United States.

Lucky Trivia Live’s coolest features are found in the fact that it actually has live trivia shows where players can compete against other players to win prizes.

Trivia questions on this platform follow your typical categories such as entertainment, arts, sports, science, and history.

Points are earned when you get your trivia questions correct, and they can be used to enter various sweepstakes or eventually cash out with free gift cards.

Now, we gather that Lucky Trivia Live reviews on the Google Play store only display quite a few ads between questions.]

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4. Dabbl

Dabbl is one of the newly developed Trivia game apps and due to this, it comes with more modernized features that earn it a place on our list of Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money.

This app is growing quite fast in popularity and currently has a 4.5-star average rating on both the Google Play store and the IOS app store.

Now, Dabble doesn’t have live trivia games for cash. But, there are a number of ways to earn free gift cards on the app, these include:

  • Answering surveys for cash
  • Watching videos
  • Playing short trivia games
  • Telling brands about yourself
  • Downloading apps
  • Complete offer wall tasks

Overall, this app is really a mix of trivia apps and get-paid-to platforms that let you complete micro tasks for money.

To date, Dabbl has paid out nearly $3 million. You can redeem a range of free gift cards, including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more!

Plus, you only need $5 to cash out, making Dabbl one of the more realistic apps for earning rewards. If you want another quiz game that pays money and doesn’t mind other features like surveys and videos, Dabbl is worth trying.

5. Givling

Givling is a fantastic trivia app on this list of Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money because of its premise.

On Givling, players of Trivia games are automatically assigned to a 3-person team and have to answer true/false statements until they either back out or reach the time limit.

As your team answers questions correctly you gain points and the highest-scoring team at the end of the time limit splits a cash prize pool.

Givling app hosts 2 games per day, and to date, the trivia app has also paid out more than 3.3 million dollars to their successful gamers.

However, the most awesome thing about Givling is not just about the games but how it helps to alleviate student loan and mortgage debt a reason it is our Best Trivia Games That Pay Real Money

Givling players can also earn Queue Points from the trivia rounds or sponsored offers as they play, this will move them toward the top of the Queue.

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Any player that makes it to the top of the Queue, earns up to $50,000 and this is redeemed by Givling to sort out your loan and the platform has crowdfunded this money from advertisers, sponsors, and people who pay to play.

Now, there are technically hundreds of thousands of people waiting for their loans to be paid off, and Givling has only paid off 35 loans as of March 2019.

6. HQ Trivia

HQ Trivia app is a similar app to Lucky Trivia Live and is one of the best Trivia Games that pay real money and has gained a rise in popularity for the trivia app genre.

HQ Trivia is simple to play, all you need do is sign up and play 12 rounds of questions, and if you successfully ace them, you get to split the prize pool with other contestants.

This approach of most trivia apps provides a pretty fun way to make money online.

The sterling perk part about HQ Trivia app is that it runs daily games on a set schedule, so you and your friends can easily pick a convenient time for everyone to all tune in.

HQ Trivia is free to play, and the app is available for smartphones both iOS and Android devices.

If you want to try your luck at playing trivia for cash, this is a good place to start! In addition, the app sometimes hosts special celebrity guests (like The Rock or Robert De Niro) and it gets even more entertaining.

7. BigBrain Games

If you are looking for a money quiz app, one of your first options should be the BigBrain games. This app is new and considered one of the best Trivia Games that pay real money.

This trivia app is available for Android and iOS and has four different game modes with over 200,000 trivia questions to answer across a number of categories.

There’s a free game mode if you wish to hone your skills and you can take quizzes to earn money in BigBrain Games’ competitive mode.

This mode requires a small buy-in fee that varies by game. But if you’re one of the top players, you split the prize pool and walk away with the cash.

BigBrain Games enables you to cash out directly to your bank account.

8. TheQ

TheQ is another HQ Trivia-style app for the best Trivia Games that pay real money with live hosts, daily rounds, and some decent amounts of quick money up for grabs.

The formula is the same as other Trivia games, you will have to make it through all the rounds of trivia, and split the money with all the players that participated.

TheQ hosts 2 games on weekdays, and also has implemented a subscription model that definitely shakes up the playing field.

Users can upgrade to higher modes for more advantages and thrills such as the Q VIP Gold, Platinum, or Diamond through a weekly subscription to unlock bonus lives during trivia rounds.

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The Q is one of the higher-paying and more frequent trivia apps, you can opt for to make passive income.

9. Cash Quiz Live

Cash Quiz Live is a great app though currently in beta, but makes one of the best Trivia Games that pay real money on our list because they have a different monetization method than many apps which rely heavily on sponsors or venture capital to fund their winners.

Cash Quiz Live makes question-answering quite simplified. Also, by watching a commercial/video challenge, and answering quiz questions related to the video/mentioned brands, you get to win cash.

Cash Quiz Live hosts live games every Sunday at 10:00 but they also host impromptu games and random giveaways often.

Cash Quiz Live is also available on IOS and Android devices.

10. Ready Games

Ready Games is another new Trivia game app to be developed and one of the perks about it that makes it appear on our list of best Trivia Games that pay real money is that it includes some differences from most trivia apps.

Ready Games lets players compete in mini-games against other real players for a chance to win prizes.

On Ready Games, mini-games occur thrice a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 3 pm EST. Players have a chance to practice the game before the tournament but only get one shot at the live event, and the winner split the prize among the top 20% of players who make it.

Games on Ready games can include side scrollers, target practice games, and various mobile app games.

11. HOFr

HOFr is an absolutely must-download app for any sports Trivia gamer who looks to monetize their skills.

HOFr is an interactive game show that gives rewards to sports fans for their knowledge with cash prizes these Games run every day, covering events in the NFL, Premier League, MLB, NBA, and other major college leagues.

Also, it is supported by both iOS and Android devices as one of the best Trivia Games that pay real money.

HOFr, players are expected to make predictions based on questions asked by the hosts, and users with the most correct predictions can split the prize usually $1,000 in cash.

12. Lucktastic & Lucky Trivia Live

Lucktastic is a new win app for Android that has daily contests to earn cash prizes, and caters to grocery shopping, paid vacations, and free gift cards.

Lucktastic’s concept is fairly simple. Users will unlock free scratch tickets by watching commercials and stand a chance to win prizes..

Now, the Lucktastic live trivia app is known as Lucky Trivia Live which we have earlier mentioned on our list.

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