This article contains a list of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and their locations. Enrolling your children in the best schools is a very good thing to do for them.

Children are shaped when they are young, and whatever is deposited in them remains permanent.

Therefore enrolling your children in good schools will create a permanent impact in their life and make them excellently stand out amidst their contemporaries academically and morally.

How To Determine A Good School In Nigeria

Good schools are not determined by the number of students in the school, but by the quality of students. It’s not also determined by school fees paid, but the level of values promoted by the school.

Below are the things to look out for in schools before enrolling your children.

1. Accreditation

Best secondary schools are accredited. Before you enroll your children in a school, make sure the school is accredited, because accredited schools meet the minimum quality standards.

If you enroll your children in a school that is not accredited, the certificate of that school will not be acknowledged, and your children would be made to write external exams like WAEC and NECO in other schools.

2. Discipline

Make sure the school has what it takes to discipline your children. Don’t enroll your children in a school that lacks disciplinary ability. School should be able to shape your children beyond just teaching them to be academically fit.

3. Sufficient professional teachers

Best secondary schools in Nigeria engage professional teachers to teach their students.

It is necessary to look beyond the beautiful school walls and names to know if the school has professional teachers to handle your children.

Qualified teachers possess skills that will motivate your children to learn without difficulty.

4. Satisfied and happy teachers

Good secondary schools have satisfied and happy teachers. The teachers that are employed to teach your children should be well paid and taken care of.

Teachers who are unsatisfied with their works are always unproductive and this may harm the overall academic performance of your children.

Happy and satisfied teachers can influence your child positively and are also dedicated to their works.

5. Conducive Learning environment

Good schools are concerned about the learning progress of their students by providing a conducive learning environment. A good learning environment boosts academic growth and facilitates learning.

6. Modern School Curriculum

Good schools use standard and modern school curriculum to teach their students. The school curriculum should capture the present soft skills needed in this century, so when students graduate they would stand tall in the societies and thrive in their careers.

A report of excellent performance in WAEC, NECO, JAMB, etc.

Good schools produce students who are exceptionally intelligent and can confidently write and excellently pass any external examination.

Good schools in Nigeria are known for their outstanding performance in WAEC, JAMB, NECO, IGCSE, and other exams. Their students consistently perform well in all internal and external examinations.

Furthermore, the Best schools in Nigeria have excellent Performance in various academic competitions like Cowbellpedia, InterswitchSpark, etc.

Moreover, good schools engage their students in extracurricular activities such as sports, games, debates, quizzes, etc.

Extracurricular activities boost the confidence of children, and they will also gain skills such as communication, teamwork, organization, problem-solving, and time management.

Enrolling your children in good schools will build them up academically, morally, emotionally, etc. It will enable them to compete fearlessly with their counterparts and also thrive in places they wouldn’t naturally.

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Good secondary schools paves way for your children to excel in higher institutions.

Finally, do not joke with your children’s education, bad schools will affect your child negatively; it will stimulate low self-esteem in them, especially if they cannot measure up with other students.

Bad schools can quench your child’s aspirations and deaden their intelligence.

20 Best Secondary Schools In Nigeria And Their Locations

There are numerous secondary schools in Nigeria jostling and competing for parents’ attention.

Moreover, most of these schools do not have the basic amenities to cater for these children and most of them see school as another money-making venture without having the interest of the students at heart.

However, there are still  many good schools in Nigeria  but we are going to mention just 20 of the schools

1. Lifeforte International Schools, Ibadan

Lifeforte International School is a Private Christian school, consisting of Preschool, Junior, and High Schools for children between the ages of 3-18 years.

Lifeforte provides an ideal environment for learning with ultra-modern educational and recreational facilities.

Their curriculum which is both Nigerian and British is designed to meet both national and international requirements.

They prepare their students for exams of the West African Examination Council and Cambridge Assessment International Education ( both GCEs and Checkpoint).

They also provide instructional help and guidance for examinations such as TOEFL and SATs.

Lifeforte international school is located at 1 Lifeforte Boulevard, Awotan GRA, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Lifeforte International Schools Website.

2. Chrisland International School

Chrisland international school provides quality, all-round education for students. The school runs the Nigerian and British curriculums together.

Their assessment system is based on continuous assessment, assignments, project work, and termly examinations.

The students always record outstanding feats in all examinations with distinctions in all subjects.

They are accredited with Accreditation International(AI), the national council for private school Accreditation(NCPSA), and the council of British International Schools(COBIS)

The school is located on Road 3, Victoria Garden City Estate, Ajah, Onigbongbo LGA Lagos Nigeria.

Chrisland International School Website

3. Corona Secondary School

Corona School, despite being established 65 years ago is still active and excellently meeting student’s needs.

The school has received numerous awards and recognition in Nigeria and from across the world.

Their students graduate to become successful in their different fields of endeavor.

Corona secondary school is well managed by a highly experienced board of trustees.

It is located at 72 Raymond Njoku St, Ikoyi 101233, Lagos.

Corona Secondary School Website

4. Graceland International School

Graceland international school is one of the best schools in 2021.

Their students are known for passing their external examination with distinctions.

Their school is commendable as they have won numerous awards including two times gold medalists from pan African Mathematics Olympiad. Six times winner of National Cowbell Competition, and other notable awards.

The Graduates of Graceland International school have gained admission to prominent universities in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

The school is located at 25-27 Liberation stadium road, Elekahia, Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

Graceland International School Website

5. Nigerian Tulip International College

Nigerian Tulip International College is one of Nigerian’s leading community colleges located in Abuja, with campuses at Kano, Kaduna, Lagos, Ogun, and Yobe.

The school prides itself on the outstanding academic performance of students.

Nigerian Tulip Int’l Colleges are known for competing in National & International competitions with a total of 1809 Medals.

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The school is located at 31 Monrovia St, Wuse 2 900200, Abuja.

Nigerian Tulip International College Website

6. The Ambassador Schools

The Ambassador Schools is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Their students are known for performing excellently in all subjects and this is visible in the outstanding results they got from various external exams such as WAEC, IGCSE, NECO, JAMB, etc.

The Ambassador school is located at 1 – 7, Igberen Road, Opposite MAN Building, Off Idiroko Road, Oja Ota Bus Stop, Ota, Ogun State.

The Ambassador Schools Website

7. Hillcrest College

Hillcrest college was founded in 1942 as a non-profit day and boarding school for children of missionaries and other children as well.

The students are noted for performing excellently in both international and external examinations over the years.

The school uses an American curriculum and is built to academically equip students to successfully fit into American and European Universities.

The school is located at 13 Old Bukuru Expy, Jos.

Hillcrest College Website

8. Surefoot International School

Surefoot International School is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria with a hundred percent success in both Cambridge IGCSEs and WASSCE exams.

It is an inclusive, co-educational, private day and boarding school.

Surefoot international school is located at Plot 1 Surefoot International School Drive Opposite Zone 6 Police Station, Murtala Mohammed Hwy, Ikot Efa 234540, Calabar.

Surefoot International School Website

9. Charles Dale Memorial International College

Charles Dale Memorial International School is a co-educational and multi-cultural school accepting students both locally and internationally.

The school has won many awards and recognition including the National Chemistry Olympiad Competition, and many others.

The school is located at 12 Army Range Road Igwruta, Port Harcourt.

Charles Dale Memorial International College Website

10. Hallmark Secondary School

Hallmark Secondary School is a co-education school with a boarding system that runs a strictly National British Curriculum structure.

Many of the Alumni of Hallmark International school are enrolled in top universities in Nigeria and abroad and most of them are doing well In their careers.

The school is located at Itanla, Road, Akure, Ondo state.

Hallmark Secondary School Website

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11. Loyola Jesuit College

Loyola Jesuit College is a co-educational boarding secondary school in the Jesuit tradition.

It is a full boarding school, with teaching and supervision from members of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in affiliation with the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus and devoted lay teachers and staff.

The school provides a conducive environment for learning, spacious athletic fields, and creatively designed buildings that make Loyola Jesuit College a beautiful and effective educational learning environment.

It is located at Loyola Jesuit College Loyola Street, Gidan Mangoro, Karu-Karshi Road, Abuja.

Loyola Jesuit College Website

12. Lumen Christi International School

Lumen Christi International School is a full boarding school for boys.

Students in the school come from across the nation and overseas.

The school promotes moral values, spiritual development, and academic excellence.

Lumen Christi has won numerous awards from the several competition they’ve participated in.

Lumen Christi is located in the heart of Esanland-Arue, Uromi in Esan North-East L.G.A of Edo State.

Lumen Christi International School Website

13. St. Gregory’s College

St. Gregory’s College is a catholic school established in 1928.

Despite being established many years ago still prides itself as one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Their curriculum offers students opportunities to soar in any sphere of life they desire.

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They equip students to study anywhere in the world after their graduation by preparing and offering them opportunities to sit for local and international examinations.

The students of  St. Gregory’s College graduate with exceptional knowledge and ability in Coding and Robotics.

The school is located at 18/19 St Gregory’s College Rd, Ikoyi 106104, Lagos.

St. Gregory’s College Website

14. Crescent Hall International School

Crescent hall school aims at creating a peaceful, Islamic, and homely environment for every child with lots of learning opportunities.

They offer children the scope to acquire skills to communicate; gain confidence and most of all, have fun.

They also stimulate the child’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social growth alongside language development.

Crescent hall International school is located at 30A/B Ladoke Akintola Crescent G.R.A. Ikeja.

15. Kaduna International School

Kaduna international school is a fully accredited International School belonging to AISA and COBIS.

The school runs both British National and Nigerian curriculum, and it is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Facilities in the school include a well-stocked library, art and design studio, ICT suite, WIFI access points, playground, football pitch, and basketball court all set in wonderful and serene surroundings.

The school is located at No1 Wurno Road, off 800283, Kaduna

Kaduna International School Website

16. Olashore International High School

Olashore International High School is one of the best schools in Nigeria.

Their students are involved in a wide range of extracurricular activities without risking their exceptional academic performance.

Olashore International School is committed to academic excellence.

The school seeks to develop in each student a mastery of the skills of communication and learning.

The school is located at Oba Oladele Olashore Way, P.M.B.5059, 233116, Iloko-Ijesa.

Olashore International High School Website

17. Day Waterman College

Day Waterman College provides a UK-based education program but follows the directives issued from the Ogun Ministry of Education.

Study Life at Day Waterman College is challenging, fun, fascinating, hard work, fast-paced, and very satisfying.

The school is located at Local Government, Asu Village Road Off Abeokuta-Sagamu Expressway Owode, Abeokuta.

Day Waterman College Website

18. Vivian Fowler Memorial College

Vivian Fowler Memorial College is an all-girls school in Nigeria and it was established on 8th January 1991.

The school offers a balanced education that improves students’ personal qualities to enable them to cope with life in universities both in and outside Nigeria.

The school is located at PLOT 5 Billings Way, Oregun 100001, Ikeja. No doubt Vivian Fowler Memorial College is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

Vivian Fowler Memorial College Website

19. Christ The King College

Christ the king college is one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria and is exclusively for boys.

The school aims at developing the total child academically, morally, and spiritually.

Christ the King is a fortress of knowledge where modern facilities are used for learning.

It is located at Oguta Rd, City Centre 434106, Onitsha

Christ The King College Website

20. Atlantic Hall

Atlantic Hall is a co-educational full-boarding secondary school, and one of the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

In Atlantic Hall, students are taught morals to guide them in finding and developing their talents. The school is located at  106103, Epe, Lagos state.

Atlantic Hall Website

That is all on the best secondary schools in Nigeria.

I hope this guide on the best secondary schools in Nigeria helps?