A detailed guide on the best Grammarly alternatives.

Good writing skill is very essential in our world, it makes your writing professional, compelling, and fascinating.

However, whether you are writing a blog post, an article, or sending an email to a customer, you need to write in clear correct English observing all the grammatical rules.

Many people shy away from writing because it encompasses many things, but there are tools that can help you improve your writing skills.

A lot of people know Grammarly as the only grammar and writing tool, but Grammarly is not the only writing tool, there are other excellent writing tools that can give you exactly what you want.

This article on the best Grammarly alternatives will show you the best Grammarly alternatives you never knew about.

About Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the well-known and widely used software tools for plagiarism, grammar, and spell-check.

Grammarly makes writing to be devoid of mistakes like grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors.

Grammarly comes in free and premium versions, you can utilize the free version if you are competent in the English language but if your command of the English language is average or below average, you can go for the premium version for flawless writing.

Furthermore,  Grammarly is compatible with devices like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, it comes with a user-friendly dashboard with functionalities including proofreading and a plagiarism checker.

Grammarly includes features like multiple device document access, performance stats, vocabulary enhancement suggestions, and a personal dictionary.

However, Grammarly’s Chrome extension permits users to use Grammarly’s suggestions with Gmail, WordPress, and anywhere else they write on the web.

You can also get Grammarly as a Windows desktop app, you just need to drag and drop a file you would like proofread into Grammarly and it would highlight all the errors.

Finally, you can utilize  Grammarly’s Android and iOS apps to check your texts or other writing on mobile, and if you do not want to install Grammarly, you can use its online editor.

Best Grammarly Alternatives

Although Grammarly is an excellent writing app, it is not the only one available, there are other writing apps that perform the same functions as Grammarly that people do not know about.

However, below are the best Grammarly alternatives you can start using when Grammarly gives you hard time or when you are tired of using it.

1. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is one of the best Grammarly alternatives that offer excellent grammar and style checking in writing.

It integrates suggestions, articles, videos, and quizzes to make writing fun and interactive and charges a reasonable amount of money.

ProWritingAid scrutinizes your text and makes prominent various writing issues such as dialogue, pacing, readability, repeated phrases, consistency, overused words, sentence structure, and punctuation issues.

However, the writing app improves writing speed and has more than twenty writing reports. it makes pronounced elements like repetitiveness, unclear wording, sentence length deviation, over-dependence on adverbs, passive voice, over-complicated sentence structures, etc.

Furthermore,  it helps you correct embarrassing errors, and its Word Explorer and contextual thesaurus help you find the right words for your writing.

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ProWritingAid has browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari that allow you to check your writing on almost every website, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Medium, Wattpad, etc.

It easily blends with MS Word/Outlook, Google Docs, Scrivener, Open Office, and Final Draft so you can edit wherever you write.

ProWritingAid comes with different offers, there is ProWritingAid free which costs $0/year, ProWritingAidPremium which costs $79/year, and ProWritingAidPremium+ which costs $89/year.

2. Sapling

Sapling is a grammar checker and writing assistant, it is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

With Sapling, you can improve your writing with a spell and grammar checker, autocomplete suggestions, and writing suggestions.

Sapling employs deep learning technology (akin to GPT-2/GPT-3) to provide the best suggestions for your writing.

It helps you to correct spelling/typos, check your grammar, rephrase your sentences; write correct messages, emails, and documents; and maintain a skilled writing style across your business team.

Sapling highlights more than 60% of grammar mistakes, and it makes better grammar and writing suggestions.

It works as a browser extension across all your text-based web apps and business platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Linkedin, Zendesk, Salesforce (Lightning, Quip), ServiceNow, etc.

Although English is supported by default, Sapling also offers 中文, Deutsche, Español, Français, Italiano, 日本語, and Português.

Moreover, Sapling has different plans for users which are, the free plan and the premium to which you subscribe with the sum of $25 per month.

3. Reverso

Reverso offers online translation and grammar checking in 14 distinct languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, etc. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

This writing tool helps you to detect and fix all types of grammar and spelling errors including wrong verb tenses; nonagreement between subject and verb; wrong prepositions; confusion between words with similar spelling; typos, insignificant punctuation, etc.

It Synonyms and rephrase features motivate you to write and speak better with a high extent of accuracy and speed.

its online grammar module and conjugator can help you conjugate verbs in English and learn every rule and exception including auxiliaries and modals, irregular verbs, tenses, etc.

Additionally, with Reverso, you can enhance your vocabulary with it Thesaurus, and learn new expressions in English daily.

4. SentenceCheckup

SentenceCheckup is a Free online sentence checker, it is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

It can improve and correct sentence structure, eliminate spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, and improve your writing style.

SentenceCheckup fixes run-on sentence structure issues to make your article clearer and more concise.

This writing tool corrects grammatical errors and fixes all mistakes in your content such as punctuation errors, spelling mistakes, etc.

It underlines every spelling error in your work with Red color, grammatical errors with blue color, style issues with light green.

However, you do not have to download anything or subscribe to use it for a fee, it is absolutely free.

To use it, Just paste your writing into the space provided by the online tool, and it will automatically highlight your mistakes.

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5. Write

Writer is the AI Assistant for teams that checks grammar, style, and plagiarism. It is one of the best Grammarly alternatives. checks grammar, style, and plagiarism.

It is a writing tool that stands out among other writing tools because of its provision for teams.

Writer can review the content of your team based on your style focus, and brand voice approaches, help you track your team, and discover the errors they are prone to making.

This writing tool enables you to share team snippets — sections of authorized, reusable text varying from single sentences to page-long templates.

It is embedded with a unique feature known as an inclusive checker that helps you bypass negative expressions.

Writer has different offers, there is a free version that you do not need to pay a dime before using, and there is Writer Pro which costs $11/month, $99/year, and Writer Team which costs $18/month, $162/year.

However, the essential features of Writer include:

  • Grammar checker
  • Style checker
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Inclusivity checker
  • Readability score
  • Chrome extension
  • Online Editor
  • Integrations with Google Docs, MS Word, Outlook, and Figma

6. LanguageTool

LanguageTool is one of the best Grammarly alternatives, it gives you tips on how to enhance your text while writing an e-mail, a blog post, or just a simple message.

It has both the free and premium versions you can utilize. The free version checks grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and gives basic style suggestions, like removing passive voice and redundant words.

The premium version provides extra style and tone reviews and synonym suggestions, it detects misspelled names and titles in emails and incorrect numbers, such as ISBN numbers.

However, the LanguageTool browser add-on is responsive anywhere on the web, and despite the language you are using, it will automatically detect it and offer suggestions.

Its browser add-ons are Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Opera, and you can use it on iOS, macOS, Windows, Email Add-ons, Gmail, and Thunderbird.

LanguageTool exists in different languages including Grammar Checker for English, Grammar Checker for German, Grammar Checker for Spanish, Grammar Checker for French, and Grammar Checker for Portuguese.

LanguageTool products include:

  • Check Grammar & Spelling
  • Premium
  • LanguageTool for businesses
  • LanguageTool for non-profits & students
  • Proofreading API
  • Open-source development

7. Slick Write

Slick Write is a free application that enables writers to check their writing for grammatical errors, and other outstanding errors that may make writing unpresentable.

This writing tool is essential for bloggers, novelists, SEO content creators, or students writing school articles, and it is one of the best Grammarly alternatives you can adopt for your writing.

Slick Write is free and it offers great features you can utilize to make your writing outstanding.

It is well known for its outstanding features of reports and analysis, the central editing page provides essential statistics like readability, moderate sentence length, calculated reading period, etc.

This writing tool enables you to highlight a phrase in your writing to browse it on Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and Google.

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However, the key features of Slick Write include a Grammar checker, Style checker, Customized feedback, Reports and analysis, Chrome and Firefox extensions, and an Online editor.

8. Ginger

Ginger Software is a writing tool that offers almost all of the same features as Grammarly plus the rephrasing feature of WordTune.

Ginger is an AI-powered writing assistant that corrects your texts, enhances your writing style, and boosts your creativity.

Ginger-free browser extension has a 600-character limit, does a primary grammar check, and provides rewrite hints and synonyms for the words you use.

However, the Premium plan offers more style suggestions and has a tool for translating your writing into more than 40 languages.

Ginger functions beyond just correcting spelling and grammar errors, to speed up your writing,  ginger takes into consideration full sentences to suggest context-based corrections.

Ginger is embedded with AI-based Synonyms, you can double-click a word on any website to choose from a variety of synonyms and expressions to make your writing superb.

There are different kinds of Ginger including Ginger for Windows, Ginger for MS Office, Ginger for Mac, Ginger for Chrome/Safari/Edge, Ginger Writer for iOS & Android, and Ginger Keyboard for Android.

Furthermore, Ginger’s services include Premium Plans, Ginger Grammar API. Ginger for Business, and Ginger for Education.

The essential features of ginger include a Grammar checker, Suggested rephrasing, Dictionary lookup, Translation tools, an Online editor, Chrome extension, and Desktop and mobile apps.

Ginger has both free and paid versions, the paid version is the Ginger premium and it goes for $13.99/month, $89.88/year, $167.76/two years.

9. WordTune

WordTune is also a writing tool that helps improve grammar and style, it is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

WordTunes concentrates on full sentence rewrites, and analysis of sentences, and gives multiple suggestions on how to rephrase sentences.

The Premium version allows you to choose whether you want the rewrites to be standard or casual and whether you’re trying to make your writing shorter or longer.

This writing tool provides considerable rewrite suggestions for sentences, and it enables you to get synonyms when you highlight a word.

WordTune has a chrome extension and online editor, and it has free and paid versions. The paid version is the premium and it costs $24.99/month, $119.88/year

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10. Readable

Readable examine the readability of your writing using algorithms including Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog., it is one of the best Grammarly alternatives.

This writing tool checks your writing for keyword density, it fixes issues such as passive voice, cliches, and adverbs.

One of the Readable features, Checker, allows you to examine existing web pages, Premium subscribers can see a full history of every URL they have scored.

However, its essential features include a Grammar checker, Style checker, Readability test, and Keyword density tool.

Readable doesn’t have a free version, but a seven-day free trial of the ContentPro which you would pay a total sum of $48/year afterward.

That’s all on the best Grammarly alternatives, I hope it helps you make the right choice.