May 21, 2024
best Video Editing Apps for Android

There are many video editing apps for android that you can find on the internet. However, not all of them might give you the result that you desire.

If you are looking for some of the best free video editing apps for android, or top video editing apps for android without watermark, this guide will help, as we have carefully handpicked the top 10 best video editing apps for Android users that are flexible and easy to navigate.

10 Video Editing Apps For Android Devices

From top to bottom arranged in their order of efficacy.

1. Filmr

Filmr is an incredible video editing app, superbly designed with a unique but user-friendly interface for easy navigation for android devices as well iOS devices.

Features of Filmr

1. Excellent for amateur video editors as well as advanced video content creators

2. It is fast and filled with creativities that enhance intuition and experience, with its amazing effects, frames, filters, etc giving the user enough avenues to play with.

3. Filmr video editor anchors its awesome feel with great quality.

4. It also allows you the ability to make in-app videos or export any video of your choice from already existing videos in your gallery.

5. Horizontal, vertical, etc are views you are sure to find of Filmr video editor including the ability to crop and clip as you desire.

6. On Filmr there is a limitless number of images/videos you can import or export.

7. Also, a range of font styles and sizes are available to you, to make your text words captivating and irresistible as you send your unique messages across.

8. Above all sterling qualities of Filmr what tops it for the users is the fact that there are no ads display interruptions while editing is on.

2. Quik Video Editor

Quik, which is no doubt one of the best video editing apps for android without watermark, is another video editing app you can count on, powered by GoPro.

Quik is designed to be free, unlike Filmr which comes with a worthy and small stipulated charge.

Features of Quick Video Editor

1. There are many interesting things about Quik video editor app, one of which is its automatic ability to play with transitions, filters, effects, etc as well as apply them where suitable while editing.

2. Though Quik allows you to customize your videos as desired, it is also designed to edit your videos automatically.

3. Quik also gives room for over 70 photos and video clips to be imported directly from GoPro plus, gallery, or cloud server.

4. On Quik you can create motion photos.

5. Excellent speed and sound quality.

6. Flexibility of recording, cropping, changing layouts, adding text, etc.

7. Totally void of watermark leaving you to take the credit for a good edit.

8. Videos can be created in different dimensions such as – horizontal, portrait, cinema, or square.

3. KineMaster Video Editor

KineMaster is an exclusive full-featured video editor for Android devices with a user-friendly interface and over 2500 downloadable transitions, effects, filters, videos, images, and transitions.

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Kinemaster also prides itself in great audio quality since the addition of EQ presets, ducking, and volume tools that don’t just enhance volume but make the Kinemaster audios strongly immersive and powerful.

Features of KineMaster

Kinemaster has finely picked in-built graphics, font styles and sizes, transitions, clips, and lots of editing styles to better the aesthetics of your video editing process.

1. Presence of text and an animation tool to add motion photos etc to layers

2. Features that resonate voice-overs, changers, and other, sound effects as well as alter background music are available.

3. Kinemaster has a fine ability to blend videos that have been clipped without notice.

4. Impressive video quality is guaranteed.

5. Share options on YouTube, Dropbox, and other social platforms are also available on Kinemaster.

4. Filmora go

Filmora go is one peculiar and powerful video editor application, and also happens to strike as one of the best free video editing apps for Android without a watermark or place any form of time limit to your clip while or after editing.

Features Filmora go

1. Filmora go comes with a lot of cool key features that help you create and enjoy decent videos through a wide range of effects and presets.

2. With filmora video editor, you have an easy option to share your just-created videos with your social media friends directly on Youtube.

3. Also, exporting video to your Instagram handle is made easier on Filmora go as there is an Instagram-ready 1:1 aspect ratio format you can use to fit your video in nicely.

4. They have a fat library of licensed and trendy audio you can apply to your video editing.

5. Also, have a lip sync feature for your video

6. Filmora go allows the importation of videos directly from social media sites for editing, in case they are not saved to your phone gallery.

7. Reversing, trimming, general text overlays, and motion speeds are available features on Filmora go

8. This video editor app for android has a unique ability that supports lots of international languages like German, Spanish, Turkish, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, Russian, French, and more

9. It is fast to add all its amazing features. Also, its PRO version grants access to high-quality preset templates.

5. VivaVideo

This is also a great free video editing app for Android, and with it are all the basic and comprehensive features any video editing app can have for amateurs, as well as advanced features for professional video editors that keep it evergreen and desirable.

Key Features of VivaVideo

1. VivaVideo allows you to your video editing experience fun and experimental with images and songs

2. It has features that offer transitions, video additions and combinations as preferred, video merge and clipping, and hundreds of desired special effects, filters, and stickers, with add text options, etc.

3. It also allows you to blur your video background and leave your focus on the desired detail.

4. Other special functions like motion effects speed up or slow videos are present on the app

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5. You can directly share the video to your social media handles from within the app.

6. On VivaVideo editor you can export your video at any stage of your editing process with desired resolutions that span from 720p, 1080p, 4K, and more.

7. It also works exceptionally for editing short clips and videos.

8. A sterling quality of VivaVideo editor is that it is super easy to use, for anyone.

6. InShot

InShot which is also one of the best video editing apps for android is a popular and amazing video editing app, that comes with a lot of perks and unique features that are very productive for video editing, and also quite suitable for beginners.

Features of InShot

1. InShot works beautifully for movie making, one of its strong qualities too.

2. InShot has video editing features such as trim & cut video/movie, music and text addition, effects and filters as well as, blur background, etc all to help you dig into your creativity.

3. Allows adjustments of music volume with features that enable fade-in and fade-out.

4. Also, permit detailed color correction and changes as desired for your videos and photos.

5. Other qualities include merging options, and joining clips from two different videos in a fine blend.

6. Supports multiple formats and resolutions as well as ratios.

7. Enables you to share your incredible videos with ease on social platforms of your choice such as TikTok, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.

7. WeVideo

WeVideo video editor app is another easy and fast, and fun video editing app for Android that is embedded with amazing features to help make your video editing experience on the app worthwhile.

It has a unique ability to make breathtaking memories by capturing them wherever you want and also transforming them into livable videos that fits your mission.

No doubt, WeVideo is one of the best video editing apps for android.

Features of WeVideo

1. We video allows you to make stunning videos with themes and gorgeously creative video filters

2. WeVideo also comes with blur background, and it allows you to customize your own music or choose from its library of custom tracks.

3. Allows you to create slideshows as you edit your videos if desired.

4. You can publish up to 4K Ultra High Definition video on it selected upgrades.

5. WeVideo has huge benefits on their Professional or Business plan such as expanded music/theme libraries, professional-quality graphics, and without a WeVideo watermark.

6. Publishing and uploading any finished video to YouTube,  Facebook, Dropbox, etc is one of WeVideo features

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8. PowerDirector

PowerDirector video editing app a product of CyberLink offers you that user-friendly and warm interface on your Android device to get you started on your video editing journey.

Features of PowerDirector

1. It is a very advanced Android video editor that is mostly enjoyed by professionals, as amateurs are welcome to get their gear on too.

2. PowerDirector features as an Editors’ Choice app on Google Play.

3. PowerDirector video editor enables you to make videos in 4K quality resolution

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4. It also allows you the convenience of editing your videos with multi-timeline features.

5. The app also provides features such as effects and filters, motion, music additions, transitions, overlays, emojis and sticker additions, etc.

6. You can also stabilize your videos to fix shakiness.

7. Has Pre-made templates to enable quicker  creation of videos

8. Also chroma key takes care of green screen backgrounds and glitches.

9. Multiple blending features are available to enable your video to come out as desired.

10. Finished videos can be exported or posted on social network platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

9. VideoShow

VideoShow is a self-navigable and practical video editing app, that doubles as a movie scene maker for both art professionals and beginners.

Features of VideoShow

1. It has a video cutter feature, that makes reverse, blurring, duplicating, splitting, merging, trimming, collage clips, or videos possible.

2. Allows for easy direct shooting of videos through the app with editing ability.

3. VideoShow also empowers you with a unique ability to add artistic subtitles to your video editing process and to change its audio.

4. Reducing video sizes directly in the app is one feature you can find on VideosmShow

5. It also allows the importation of videos from your device gallery to edit as you desire.

6. Allows joining of multiple different videos into a single clip

7. The app contains an inventory of over 50 elaborate themes for stunning music videos/slideshow/vlogs instantly.

8. Allows for multiple image additions and also permits you to set a precise time-cut for audio change

10. YouCut

YouCut is also one of the best video editing apps for Android. This is a simple and straightforward video editing app for Android with all the basic desirable features.

Features YouCut

1. YouCut allows you to add music, and texts, make slideshows, and trim and merge your videos to help create your desired video.

2. YouCut video editor app popular is one of the video editing apps without a watermark, it gives you all the credit for your effort.

3. It has a simple user-friendly interface, and it is fast for videos and moviemaking.

4. Videos made on YouCut can be saved in either high-quality or low quality, to fit the user storage capacity.

5. You can also share your videos on other apps or export them directly.

6. YouCut Pro grants access to paid features such as fonts, effects, and filters with ads-free experience.

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The video editing apps listed above are a good place to begin for anyone looking at having a career in video editing or anyone who wishes to experiment and boost their video editing skills.

They are effective and can broaden your experience and knowledge with constant practice.

Also, if any of the applications seem difficult to use, you can always visit the apps help center, leave a review or drop a comment.

That is all on the top 10 best Video Editing Apps For Android phones. I hope this helps.

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