This is an article on the Best AI Image Generator Websites to Use (Free & Paid)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a scientific and technological project that has been steadily gaining grounds over the past couple of years.

With this new advance addition to our world comes the AI text-to-art generators from popular art generators like DALL-E to more quiet ones.

Though not every AI text-to-art generator is accurate, yet there are some tools you could use extensively to show off your creativity and this is represented by our list of the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use

Some of these AI Generator websites are freely accessed, while some is only accessed via a paid plan or you can unlock more features with a paid plan.

So if you’re a reader who’s interested in AI image, these are the best AI Image Generator Websites for your convenience and are available across the web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

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List of the Best AI Image Generator Websites to Use

1. Midjourney

Midjourney is a Unique platform and of course one of foremost and best AI Image Generator Websites to Use that generates text-to-art on a Discord server.

It is created by a self-funded team, and has found its bearings since the beta and also is massively popular in recent times.

Midjourney is only available on the Discord server as a bot and makes outputs of images right there.

To start, you need to join the server and feed your text prompts with an easy prefix. Doing this puts your request into a queue, and the AI attains to it in seconds.

The finished output takes a little while, and you can see the image getting better before you.

The output images are strikingly accurate and beautiful, even without your choice from an art style.

This platform also allows you to make choices from different variations, upscale an image, and have the bot at your disposal to redraw the art with a different text query. The AI does a good job at complicated prompts, and adds more elements to your request, without getting commands mixed-up.

Midjourney is not free to use beyond the first 25 image creations where you can leverage for free, afterwards you need to pay US$10 a month for the membership, which lets you create about 200 images.

2. Dream Studio (Stable Diffusion)

Dream Studio is currently one of the most popular and best AI Image Generator Websites to Use right now, otherwise known as Stable Diffusion, it is an open-source AI art generator that takes text prompts and outputs images in mere seconds. This AI model was trained on 4,000 Nvidia A100 GPUs over a month.

Also, Dream Studio compiles the Stable Diffusion model and APIs in one place and offers a higher speed AI art generation as opposed to the demo version.

Dream studio or Stable Diffusion works, by having the algorithm refine the image as it gets closer to the prompt. So once you enter a prompt, the AI generator converts the text to art and continues to refine the image. It stops when the image has gotten as close as it can to your text prompt. The variety of art generated is as far and wide as your imagination can go.

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The website includes an NSFW filter, which can easily be disabled with a local installation. A local install gives you the ability to upscale images.

However, Stable Diffusion’s AI art generator uses a lot of computing resources, so your machine should have a powerful GPU.

Dream Studio is a free AI art generator tool, the text-to-image AI has its strengths in art-style drawings where the character creation can be flexible.

3. Japser Art

Japser is a fantastic and among the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use with notably excellent writing capabilities, and quite a capable AI art generator as part of its services.

Like other services, Japser AI image generator is hosted on its website and requires one to buy a seat to access it. The AI art generator has two different methods of usage. You can either start from the beginning by using the Free Form option or use Jasper’s pre-built templates that refine the images for you.

The Free Form option requires the user’s prompt as with every other generator, the more detailed the prompt, the better the output.

Also, Japser also offers fine-tuning where you can choose from moods, mediums, keywords, language and even styles. When done, simply click on Create artwork and it will create your image and you can find the output images within a minute which is fast.

Japser’s aesthetics can be mix and matched by a user with other AI generator to get the image they want. Or you can simply choose any of the template options provided and let Japser do the work for you.

However, Japser Art isn’t free, purchase a seat for $20 to freely use it, and also users get a 5-day free trial of 200 images to test the service before they get the premium.

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4. DALL-E 2

DALL-E 2 is a popular and outstanding one of the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use, that you are bound haveto come across.

With enormous support on the internet, DALL-E 2 is an upgraded yet smaller version of the original and can create even more lifelike images.

It is created by the OpenAI research lab, and the generator was initially closed off and only available to selected individuals with limited access.

However, in the passage of time its model has improved, DALL-E 2 is now open to use for everyone, providing you sign up for an account.

DALL-E 2 gives you 50 credits so you use to generate images. Each output equals one credit, and you can purchase more credits when you are out, inoth, contributing to the research.

This helps them pump more funds into the project and train the existing AI to make it better. From the time it arrived to now, DALL-E 2 has gotten better in terms of overall accuracy and quality of its outputs.

DALL-E 2 allows you  to test a couokstalled, that didn’t happen too often. I tested a variety of scenarios, ranging from simple drawings to superclusters on fire, and the outputs were amazing.

Moreover, the edit tool in DALL-E 2 gives you the option to add a generation frame, where you can add more keywords and produce a new output based on your older one.

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This text-to-image generator also provides an option to request alternatives, so if you are not satisfied with your output, you can ask the AI to draw more images and choose from among them.

Also, to have an even better user-experience, DALL-E 2 intelligently gives you handy tips on how to make the AI art better, so using this tips will help you create a more beautiful image.

5. NightCafe

NightCafe is yet another easy-to-use and one of the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use available online and it offers variety.

NightCafe also provides plenty of customization options for output. As a user, you have leverage to pick both the output art style and the algorithm the AI uses, which secures you greater control over your creation. So if you prefer Clip Guided Diffusion over the Stable one, the choice is yours.

NightCafe is a paid service that makes available five free credits, which translate to five AI images. You can create an account and log in to get three more credits. But, you will need to subscribe to NightCafe to get more credits, with the prices starting as low as $0.053 per credit.

The image outputs you get from NightCafe appear lifelike and vivid, using Clip Guided Diffusion ensures the images created by AI follow the laws of physics grounding them more realistically and this AI can create a space odyssey image.

6. Pixray

Pixray, is a vital name on a list of best AI Image Generator Websites to Use, as it is available online as a website, for local installation on your PC, and also as an API for all those who wish to make AI art Discord bots.

However, compared to other AIs, Pixray takes considerably longer to give an output. Pixray takes about six minutes to create a single image, and the AI runs on Nvidia T4 GPU hardware.

Pixray has a straightforward and simple-to-use website design interface that lets you input the prompt and see the progress in real-time.

Once pixray completes an art creation, there’s a handy slider that lets you view the process the AI took to get to the final output. The images also follow decent representation.

Pixray is limited, but allows you to download and share the image and you get a choice between different PC specifications with a CPU or GPU to render your output.

Pixray is free to use, but a pop-up appears to pay for their services after a while of usage. Instead,  This will set you back anywhere from $0.0002 per second to way higher, depending on the workload, which is fairly inexpensive to use.

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7. Fotor

Another excellent and one of the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use is Fotor, which is a web-based tool that outputs images very quickly.

Fotor is completely free to use. But, you can only get 10 free images per day. To begin all you need do is create an account and begin.

Like other generators, Fotor requires and uses detailed prompts from users and it AI is capable of generating images from provided images and keeps a gallery of your creations.

Fotor outputs lovely and decent images that can be used with little to no editing with specific sizes, and the AI art generator also provides different ratios for a variety.

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To maximize creation, Fotor allows it users play with other settings such as styles, ratios, lighting, and more to enhance the output of images.

8. Text to Pokemon Generator

Text to pokemon Generator is perfect for those who grew up watching Pokemon.

Based on the replicate website as Pixray, this Pokemon generator allows a user to create new Pocket Monsters just by a text prompt which is an attribute of best AI Image Generator Websites to Use.

All you need to do is enter prompts like, Pikachu Yoda in Red, and watch the creation unfold.

It’s based on the same Replicate website, the AI image generator takes close to a minute to give you a Pokemon masterpiece. While it is not capable of mashing up many scenarios, the output images are amazing in their own right. Requesting the AI to create real-life figures and watch it unfold as you get drawing-style Pokemon mashups.

9. Lensa AI

While some of these AI art generators focus specifically on creating fresh images, Lensa AI is a new AI-powered tool that focuses on creating lifelike avatars using pre-provided images.

Lensa AI uses the Stable Diffusion deep-learning model to make this happen. All the app requires are some photos like selfies. It then uses the Diffusion model along with the CLIP image database to generate photos in different art styles.

Lensa AI primarily works through its app. Users need to upload photos that are clear and in line with the app’s guidelines.

Lensa undertakes heavy processing and requires about half an hour to complete image creation, which is usually worth the wait as tje output images are always well-defined and lifelike.

The website requires a one-time payment for the set of images and it gets to work. Lensa AI starts from as low as $7.99 for 50 avatars.

The company also claims that all uploaded images are immediately deleted so the user’s data is also safe. For all these reasons and more, Lensa AI makes its way into our list of the best AI Image Generator Websites to Use.

10. StarryAI

StarryAI is the last on our list of best AI Image Generator Websites to Use, It is an app that works on iOS app to create artwork and has an impressive user-friendly interface.

The home screen itself houses a text bar at the top, where you enter your prompts to create.

The app does provide you 5 free credits, after which you will have to get pro and buy more credits, starting at $15.99 for 40 credits.

The app is easy to use, has a great level of artwork accuracy and lets you save the created images within the app and share them.

The AI can easily understand a mixture of prompts. You can help the AI output images by uploading a photo.