10 Best Free Proxy Servers To Access Blocked Websites

This article is targeted at revealing the Best Free Proxy Servers To Access Blocked Websites in a safe and secure way.

As we know, a proxy server is an application that runs on the network that facilitates the computer to make requests on its behalf.

It serves as an intermediary platform between the client and a service. Though in the case of a proxy server, the client is your computer and the service is the website you wish to visit.

Proxy servers are most usually used to access blocked content on the internet but, for storing, hiding, and changing IP addresses while visiting the website.

It is also efficient in the control of Internet usage by children, employees, and anyone with unauthorized access, maintaining total anonymity while keeping specific data away from public consumption.

Proxy servers are also useful for denying access to specific sites through configuration and provide you with overall better network performance.

With all the benefits you can enjoy on proxy servers, they are some that are inefficient in providing these benefits, and for this reason, we wish to help you choose only the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites on our list with their features inclusive.

List of 10 Best Free Proxy Servers To Access Blocked Websites

1) IPRoyal

IPRoyal is one of the known, reliable, and best free proxy servers to access blocked websites currently on the internet.


It has its own global network of well-modeled and sourced residential proxies with over 100,000 IP addresses in 190+ countries.

The application offers a genuine IP address from an authentic user with a real ISP connection to anywhere in the world.

IPRoyal proves to be a perfect solution for a wide variety of businesses as well as personal usage. It has proven valid in cases where authenticity is essential.

It works just right for sneaker copping,  web scraping, social media automation, market research, gathering SERP data, and many more.

Proxies are not shared on IPRoyal. In addition, it has great speed, is reliable, and has affordable residential proxies.

The application also offers HTTPS and SOCKS5 support, API support and additional tools (proxy tester, extensions for Chrome and Firefox), sticky and rotating sessions, and a support team available 24/7.

IPRoyal offers an excellent price/value ratio.

The online service allows for excellent customization options while accessing your streaming service.

2) Oxylabs Proxy Server

This is another very innovative proxy service that stands as one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites with great capabilities for gathering data at scale.

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Oxylabs have a number of sterling features that prefer just the needed solution for users, such as offering solutions of Datacenter proxies, Real-time Crawler, Residential Proxies, and Next-Gen Residential Proxies.

All of these provide unlimited bandwidth and domains including a dedicated account manager for Datacenter proxies. While human-like scraping, AI & ML-based solutions are provided by Residential Proxies and Next-Gen Residential proxies simultaneously.


Oxylabs offers a self-service dashboard that is efficient at providing detailed statistics of proxy usage and helps with the creation of IPs whitelisting, sub-users, etc.

Oxylabs have a data-gathering tool with a 100% success rate with various use cases, like brand protection, market research, travel fare aggregation,  Price & SEO monitoring, etc.

3. Bright Data (Formerly Luminati)

Bright Data is Best for making data-driven business decisions and this feature among others qualifies it as one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites, as it further helps to unlock any website and to retrieve accurate data.

With Bright Data Proxy Manager, which is an open-source tool, with built-in scraping features all proxies can be managed with one interface.

Its Proxy Manager also has capabilities that allow you to route requests according to customs rules through, mobile IP networks, etc.

Bright Data provides detailed request logs and provides tools such as ISP Proxies, Residential Proxies, Data Center proxies, Mobile Proxies, Web Unlocker, etc.

Browsing and monitoring all the requests that are sent through a proxy is allowed.

Bright Data Proxy Manager provides 24/7 global support and dedicated account managers.

4) Smartproxy

Smartproxy is a fascinating residential proxy network and one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites to help you shoot unlimited connection requests contemporaneously.


With Smartproxy your scraper can access a surfeit number of web pages in a very short time and a separate proxy user can be set up for each task, which will have its own login credentials.

Smartproxy enables exceptionally easy proxy setup and offers comprehensive documentation for all setup and installations.

It also establishes unlimited connection and threads and harbors 195 data centers spread across 8 cities worldwide.

It grants access to geo-blocked services.

Firefox and Chrome are best for setting up this proxy with ease

Smartproxy is a service powered by over 40 million IPs and follows a straightforward setup process that gets easier with the comprehensive documentation offered.

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5. HMA

HMA offers a free proxy server that ranks as one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites from anywhere in the world and has great strengths in offering private browsing with just 1 tab while hiding the IP in 1 tab, safe online banking transactions can be carried out on any network, etc.


HMA has features to monitor and abort all ISP tracking that offers more protection to your entire browsing history from getting tracked and stored by the ISP.

HMA is the best service for anonymous browsing.

It provides an encrypted connection that will let you surf safely even on unsecured public Wi-Fi.

It can access US TV shows with paid subscription services.

HMA offers protection for up to 5 devices concurrently and is supported by all modern devices and compatible with platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, etc.

6. Hide.me

Hide.me is a web proxy that follows a strict no-logs policy making it one of the few best free proxy servers to access blocked websites and also has apps for all devices while securing VPN protocols.


Hide me offers an all servers support protocols like IKEv2, OpenVPN, etc.

Hide.me is suitable to be used by anyone, beginners, geeks, youngsters, adults, etc.

It is safe, has a simple-to-use interface, and is best for the fastest VPN and privacy protection.

It is also suitable for Windows, Mac, Androids, Apple TVs, etc.

With Hide.me premium version, you will have access to fixed IP addresses, dynamic port forwarding, and streaming support.

It has a free browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

In addition, Hide.me offers IP leak protection and strong AES-256 encryption.

7. 4everproxy

4everproxy is another proxy you should consider when choosing the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites.

It has lots of VPN servers at 8 different locations and secures all the connections through TLS.


It makes use of a different IP address for every page you visit making it nearly impossible for anyone to view the URLs from your browser, by deleting the proxy sessions after 2 hours of closing the browser.

It fully encrypts all VPN connections and allows you to choose the location of the server.

The Custom HTTP Proxy option enables you to enter the custom proxy in the IP: PORT format and tunnels all the traffic through the 4everproxy’s server and that through the proxy provided by you.

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8. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy is a free and secure web proxy ranking as one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites with advanced capabilities.

This proxy can be used for video hosting sites, search engines, social networks, etc, and also supports anonymous surfing of video websites with full streaming.

CroxyProxy may be the best advanced online proxy and a perfect alternative to VPN.

One spec about this proxy is that it is a free tool and requires no downloading or configuration.


It is capable of hiding the real IP address and therefore lets you surf anonymously, and all its websites are SSL encrypted.

Also, permalink features are provided to help you share opened pages with friends.

It supports HTML, and cross-platforms as well as on Android and Chrome OS.

9. ProxySite

ProxySite.com is among the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites with its dedicated VPN servers around the globe.


Its features include no logs storing and the highest security and privacy provision.

Best for speed through its gigabit network.

Its Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption help in safer surfing

Also, ProxySite channels everything back to you, regardless of the security of the destination website.

10. Whoer

Whoer offers has an incredible service list, that horns it as one of the best free proxy servers to access blocked websites by checking Internet speed, online ping test checker, domain & IP, DNS leak test, etc.

IWhoers’ web proxy offers a fast and free way for changing the IP address, unblock sites, and securing anonymity on the web.

Its services are available in multiple countries and its premium anonymizer provides excellent speed to servers in their desired countries.

Does not allow tracking of user actions and no logs are maintained on premium and free versions.

Whoer is available for Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Yandex and supports all platforms and devices, such as Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, etc.


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