Best Boxing Training Apps to Learn Boxing in 2023

This article is designed for sports lovers, particularly boxing, do you wish to know more about boxing without actually enrolling in a physical training studio or getting a physical coach? Well, here are the best boxing training apps to learn boxing.

We can agree that boxing is a physically energetic sport that requires lots of skills, strength, and training. As a combat sport without proper guidance, it can be dangerous and aggressive. This is why learning boxing should be done with professional and experienced guidance.

With this article, you will find and be exposed to the best boxing training apps to learn boxing, even without a physical coach, you can gain basic boxing knowledge and moves. Also, you can generally improve your fitness, and physique, as well as build your muscles while gaining self-defense abilities.

Just like any DIY app and guide on the internet today, these apps have been reviewed and proven to be effective as a safe self-study option.

There are also free and available to download on Android or iOS devices, though some features may be restricted to premium users alone.

Below is our list of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing, (teach the right warm-up and punching techniques, footwork, etc) that you may need. We also hope it provides a fulfilling and exciting opportunity for you while you train.

List of the Best Boxing Training Apps to learn boxing for Android and iOS

Through, careful research we have compiled a resourceful list of top-notch boxing apps available on the internet to help you live your boxing dream.

  1. FightCamp

First, on our list of 8 best boxing training apps to learn boxing is Fightcamp and developed by Hykso Inc. This is a home-boxing workout app, that equips users with the necessary instructions to train at home, with or without equipment.

FightCamp is a great app that offers some top-tier boxing training sessions that is likely exceptional.

This app is an excellent choice for those who are willing to invest in their boxing training and can be downloaded for free.

Though, it requires a monthly membership to access all of its features.

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The app is available for download on all smartphones FightCamp Home Boxing Workouts

2. PunchLab

Punchlab is found to be one of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing currently available on the web. It is developed by PunchLab SRL

Due to its efficiency, it is quite popular and also enjoyed by users.

The app coaches users on daily workout training, and boxing techniques even suitable for beginners as well as takes users through any sessions nearly equivalent to having a personal coach to guide you through your training.

PunchLab, also has the ability to track all progress levels and displays it in a statistical graph, allowing you to see how far you have come.

PunchLab also gives you the option to adjust the level of difficulty which can be very helpful for beginners.

Users claim the app is used by UFC fighters and professional athletes, to indicate the level of difficulty and the quality of their training.

The app runs both a free and premium version where you can have complete access to all the features and benefits. It is available for use on Android and iOS devices.

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3. Dodge Boxing

Dodge Boxing is known as one of the most user-friendly boxing training apps to learn boxing, developed by Alejandro Gutiérrez Vicario.

It also has basic commands for training and exercise, making it half suitable for starters and independent trainers.

The app also offers numerous benefits with ease and works efficiently for people who have prior experience in boxing.

The app is only available for Android smartphones.

Dodge Boxing app comes equipped with a special boxing timer and a statistics board, to help you track your progress and improve your techniques making it one of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing.

It is Free and available for download on Google Play Store.

4. Boxx

Boxx is a fantastic app for boxing training and is also one of the top contenders for the best boxing app to learn boxing.

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Boxx has a streaming service that enables its users to learn new techniques to grow their boxing skills.

Boxx goes beyond boxing in the actual sense, though its name says otherwise. Training that builds strength and fitness among users is highly guaranteed on Boxx.

Among, the features of Boxx is customizing, which enables users to make settings that are peculiar to them and work with their schedule and convenience.

Boxx is only accessible with a subscription where all the available features are given on a platter, giving you value for your money..  Though, access training sessions, can be both offline and online.

This app is only available to iOS users

‎Boxx: Workouts & Fitness Plans are developed by Boxx London Ltd


Puma, developed by PUMA SE is a widely recognized brand, and PUMATRAC encourages users to live their boxing dream, as well as stay active.

The app is one of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing currently in circulation and offers an interesting number of training options, with a selection of at least 12 workouts to choose from.

PUMATRAC also can offer users various fitness goals.

PUMATRAC is keen on its training with some likely tough workout sessions on its boxing training option.

The app features a range of exercise levels and permits users to customize the intensity of their workout.

It is flexible and as such enables users to create personal schedules and monitor their progress.

It is free and available for download on Google play store

6. Shadow Boxing Workout

Shadow Boxing is an app developed by Marc Gauthier. It offers a range of benefits and qualifies as one of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing by improving your boxing techniques and skills from the comfort of your own home.

The app makes effective provisions of all the necessary elements for a successful boxing workout.

Shadow Boxing, provides users with the flexibility they need to customize their workout according to their preferences.

This app is a great choice for iOS users but a subscription is required to access all features.

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This boxing app also offers other workout plans like cardio training and clear instructions for proper body movements to ensure users obtain optimal results.

Boxing Interval Timer

Boxing Interval Timer is your go-to app if you are struggling with timing as a boxer in training. Apparently, knowing how to efficiently manage your time when faced with an opponent or a competition cannot be over-emphasized!

This is an innovative round-timer design app that is exclusively for training boxers, kickboxing, wrestlers, martial arts, mixed martial arts, and more. These are all features of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing.

The app is easy-to-use, effective, and modernly designed to work perfectly with all HIIT training techniques.

It also allows you to get fully customizable times and sounds including alarm settings, countdowns, and timers for various parts of training, including preparation, rounds, rest, and warnings.

It is supported on iOS Devices, including iPhone and iPad with ratings of 4.8 on Apple store.

8. Boxtastic: Bag / Shadow Boxing Home HIIT Workouts

Boxtastic is one of the best boxing training apps to learn boxing on the punch bag.

It has a great HIIT-included training program that perfectly suits any user’s level and requirements.

The app generates unique, random boxing bouts easily every time.

There are about 16 bouts to explore, and you have many different ways to elevate yourself daily.

Exercise and punches commands are given at intervals to help you get better while cutting down on fatigue.

The app’s virtual trainer will help you master your movements and punch combinations, including other skills, just like a professional trainer.

It is supported on Android devices. with Ratings on Google Play Store at 4.6 with over 1,000, 000 downloads


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