10 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash in 2023

This article will enlighten you on the Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash at your own convenience both online or in-person.

Do you need quick and easy money without having to ask for a loan from a friend and probably have to pay an interest when the return date is due?

Or are you just contemplating what to do with your DVDs considering the dynamicity broadcasting have grown to in recent times and the patronage of satellite TVs and decoders than actual DVDs?

Well, it may interest you to know that there is still an on-demand market for DVDs and many people still use it. In spite the emergence of technologies to reduce that number.

Infact, statistics of the MPAA estimates that in 2018, U.S residents alone spent $5.8 billion on DVDs and Blu-rays.

This directly translates that you can do more than just throw your DVD in the thrash but make money from it and save yourself having to be in debt.

You are probably wondering, how and where will be the Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash.

That question right there, is the whole purpose of this article. We will be revealing 10 Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash.

If you need quick cash selling off your used DVDs, is one of the easiest ways and you can selling CDs and movies you no longer use too.

DVDs are a perfect first choice, particularly for people who use a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu for entertainment.

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Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash Online

Selling your DVDs online is one of the best places to start with and this open channels to reach more customers outside your network. You can use comparison websites, which offers you an instant price quote from a number of different sites. This may take a bit more work, but it is usually worth it as you can often get the best price for each DVD through this method.

There are also other options where you can sell your DVDs online, and equally likely to get a good price for them.

1. Bonavendi

The Bonavendi is one of the most popular and Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash. This is because Bonavendi gives you an avenue to compare prices in the app which works greatly for anyone looking to get the most amount possible for each DVD you sell.

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Bonavendi does not buy DVDs but gives you good monetary value for your DVD through the barcode scanner in the app which will  show you the best price among 30+ merchants currently buying same DVD.

 2. Decluttr

Decluttr is a trusted  buyer of used DVDs which makes it the Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash.

It is also versatile because other items like used cell phones, video games, books and LEGOs are also accepted by Decluttr which gives you an avenue to earn more money if you have many such items to sale.

Decluttr also have an in-app barcode scanner that makes it quite quick and easy to get a quote for your DVDs.

This allow you to add items to your order if the prices are convenient with you. Once this is complete, Decluttr will send you an email with a free shipping label. It will also issue your payment the day after it receives and check your DVDs. Then, You will get paid by PayPal, direct deposit or check.

In order to sell to Decluttr, you need to send in at least 10 items with a collective value that is worth above $5.

3. SellDVDsOnline.com

SellDVDsOnline.com is also another of our best places to sell used DVDs for cash and their primary benefit is free shipping.

Here, you will have to enter in prices of each one of your DVD by hand.

However, you may want to compare its price to others so you can ensure you’re getting the most money possible for your used DVDs.

4. eBay

eBay is a popular website for used items sale off and one of our best places to sell used DVDs for cash.

On eBay you can get to sale off your entire DVD collection online in one swoop rather than individual shipping,

eBay offers free listings for all your collection and only charges you 10% for your collection when they sell.

Remember to list every DVD in your collection so buyers know what they’re getting. Pictures help, too. It’s also a good idea to get boxes beforehand so you can accurately estimate shipping costs.

5. FYE

FYE is one of the best places to sell used DVDs for cash and does  not offer free shipping, but if you can send in a minimum of five DVDs worth $0.25 or more and have at least $10 total in your order, FYE will offer you a shipping credit worth up to $5.26.

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You can opt to receive payment via PayPal deposit, check, or online credit to the Company’s website.

FYE in addition, offers a limited number of retail stores that you may walk in and they may take your DVDs in person.

The retail stores and the website PayPal deposit operate independently of each other, so there may be different price quotations.

Best Places to Sell Used DVDs For Cash In-Person

Just like selling DVDs online they are also options that qualify as best places to sell used DVDs for cash in-person and it has its own advantages.

One of which happens to be quicker in-hand cash collection from fast rid of your collections. Also, you don’t need to worry about the details and logistics of shipping costs eating into your profit.

Local buyers are a better alternative if some parts of your DVD may be missing like the DVD binders.

6. Consignment store

Consignment store is one of the best places to sell used DVDs for cash in-person though it is not very common but you may be able to sell your collection both as a collection or individually.

Selling your used DVDs as a whole is always the better choice as individually may take a lot longer time to sell or not at all.

7. Pawn shop

One of the fastest and best places to sell used DVDs for cash in-person is at a pawn shop for your used DVDs is to sell your collection to a pawn shop.

However, you may not get as much worth for your DVD as should but you will definitely get in-hand cash.

But you can also ensure the price disparities is not so significant, by using an app like PawnGuru to make an ad that pawnshops can view. With this, you’ll get to receive different offers, allowing you to choose the highest one.

8. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is an online platform but it offers two convenient ways to sell used DVDs which is both online and in-person: through the Facebook Marketplace and through local buying and selling groups.

Facebook Marketplace is a free to platform and one of the best places to sell used DVDs for cash, though this may not work for speedy cash in-hand compared to sellers on established platforms like eBay.

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But, Facebook Marketplace offers you a chance to negotiate your price to your own convenience with potential local buyers. All you need to do is find selling groups, by typing your city’s name and a “buy sell group” into the search engine at the top of the Facebook page.

If you are using the website, You can find the Facebook Marketplace near the top of the left-hand navigation menu. While in-app users, can click on the hamburger button (the button with the three lines) on the lower right of the screen to display a free fall menu with a link to the Marketplace.

Note: On facebook marketplace a buyer and seller may have to meet-up physically, ensure to observe as much as security measures as necessary.

9. Garage sale

A Garage sale is one of the best places to sell used DVDs for cash, and with a garage sale you have the ability to sell only at your convenient price and in-person.

This is great for reliability and physical product assessment, also you can include other used items for sale that are not even appliances inclined. This will attract more people to your shade but give discounts for each sale to as a bait.

Also, with a garage sale you are saved the stress of looking for interested buyers those who come around are more likely looking for a deal on used items and you get to keep all your profits

Note: The big names of today like Google, Disney, Apple, etc started from a garage sale.

10. OfferUp

OfferUp is also a great marketplace app that qualifies as one of our best places to sell used DVDs for cash quickly.

On the app, you can list items you have for sale and is great for people with items that can be bought or sold locally, although there is a shipping option so you can sell to international or distant buyers.

OfferUp allows you to converse with buyers directly in the app’s messenger, so you don’t need to worry about giving strangers  your private contact.

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