10 Best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone

This article captures intrinsically the 10 Best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone in 2022 effective for your usage anytime, though most on this list are premium versions.

Most likely, at several intervals, you have probably been required to enter your phone number as a means to be verified via SMS by different apps or sites you browsed or visited on your iPhone.

On some occasions, you may have hesitated because you do not trust the services of the sites or app in question.

This is where our article on the 10 best SMS verification Apps for iPhone comes in handy and essential.

Yes, it is ok to enter your personal phone number for SMS verification on apps or websites you trust, but for those, you don’t.

You need extra precautionary measures like having an SMS verification app to help you prove your authenticity.

The 10 best SMS Verification apps for iPhone are compiled and well-analyzed to provide you with adequate information and multiple virtual phone numbers that you can use for SMS verification instead of your personal phone numbers.

How does this work?

Easy! All you need do is enter the virtual phone numbers that are generated via the SMS verification apps on the sites requesting your phone number.

This will help you bypass subsequent SMS verifications when you use these auxiliary virtual phone numbers and still create the online account you desire.

One of the significant advantages of using any of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone is the ability to reduce spam, abuse, and internet malware.

We have therefore compiled below a list of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone users to use anywhere.

List of the 10 Best SMS Verification Apps for iPhone

1. Numero eSIM iPhone

Numero eSIM is an excellent SMS verification app and qualifies as one of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone and the first to be featured on our list, though arranged in no particular order.


The Numero eSIM iPhone makes available your auxiliary phone numbers from both the USA and 80+ different countries.

The virtual phone number provided by the Numero eSIM app can be used to make and receive both international calls and SMS.

The Numero eSIM has a free coins center in its app that allows you to collect coins that can earn you a free USA number.

Also, the SMS verification app provides you with a variety of call-related features, such as calls via WiFi, call forwarding, personalized voicemail setups, and more.

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In addition, if you desire to get another country’s phone number for the purpose of SMS verification you have the option of purchasing it.

2. Paraline

Another notable SMS verification app that cannot be ignored is Paraline. It is one of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone users.


The Paraline app makes provision for virtual phone numbers that you can use to make or answer calls as well as for SMS verifications.

Paraline is also an alternative for anyone who does not want to pay their telecom operator an extra or additional fee to secure a second connection.

Paraline gives you access to virtual phone numbers of selected countries. Most usually, Paraline allows you to generate US/UK/CA-based phone numbers only.

When you have successfully generated a phone number with Paraline, you can go ahead to use the virtual phone number to verify the SMS on your iPhone.

3. Burner

This is another efficient and also the most popular virtual phone number app on the Apple App Store. Burner is also one of our 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone with several perks.


Burner allows you to get an auxiliary phone number for SMS and calls.

Burner is most usually patronized when creating disposable phone numbers with local area codes. Though, these disposable phone numbers can be used to register on social networking sites and create accounts on online shopping websites, dating sites, and the like.

The burner also allows you to create multiple disposable phone numbers with just one subscription.

Burner phone numbers are easily destructive, so you may choose to burn the phone numbers anytime at will and create a new one.

4. Keap

Keap is another name that falls in our list of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone and it is mainly designed to help small businesses, but can be used for SMS verification purposes.

What’s more fascinating about Keap is that you get the benefit of call/SMS forwarding, setting up auto-replies for SS, etc.

And like every other iPhone SMS verification app, Keap provides you with a second virtual phone number that you can use to send or receive calls and SMS, with its features that work great on iPhones.

Though, Keap only provides you with the ability to generate US and Canada phone numbers alone.

Above all, Keap has a simple interface and makes a great SMS verification app for iOS users.

5. TalkU: Unlimited Calls + Texts

TalkU as the name suggests is a great SMS verification app and makes one of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone devices.

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It is compatible with iOS 10.0 or newer models.

TalkU: Unlimited Calls + Texts provides users with a backup phone number for social media, SMS verification, business, and other privacy protection.

TalkU promotes call placement via the use of either WiFi or cellular data.

It allows you to have and maintain privacy as well as protect your personal phone number by limiting platforms, apps or online sites on which you enter them.

It also offers free messaging and a local genuine phone number or numbers to use as fake verification codes.

Calling and messaging between TalkU users are free and there is access to unlimited international and domestic texting.

6. PingMe

PingMe is an iPhone SMS verification app that has features that can enable you to Bypass SMS verification codes without buying a new phone number.


This feature of PingMe places it on our list of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone devices.

PingMe, helps you to generate multiple choices of phone numbers as you desire and allows you to manage calls and SMS from them.

With PingMe’s latest version you can find and manage an SMS Verification Code Helper feature that is suitable to use for registration on various websites and apps online and yet still secure privacy to your real phone number.

You can get otherwise get a 2nd SIM number with PingMe and use it for all kinds of purposes both SMS and Call verifications etc.

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7. 2nd Line

2ndLine is the name to choose if you are in need of a second pr virtual phone number that can be used for SMS verifications on apps or Websites on your iPhone.

The 2nd Line is another app that offers you a burner phone number that you can use to make local calls and messaging.

The only clause to the 2nd Line is that it’s only useful for those in the US and Canada; hence you can only generate a phone number of two countries.

8. Hushed

Hushed is one of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone devices. It is fantastic and the app can help you bypass SMS verification.

Hushed provides you with over 300 area codes within the UK, Canada, and US.

It is particularly designed as a private phone number app for iPhone. Hence, after a local number has been generated for you, it can be used to receive SMS verification codes or on-call verification.

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These numbers generated via Hushed are suitable for all social networks and instant messaging apps.

In addition, Hushed also provides you with other SMS and call features, such as Auto-Reply set up for texts, call forwarding, routing, voicemails, and lots more

9. Line2

Line2 is an iPhone app that enables you to create a vanity phone number, that is suitable for SMS verification, or as a second line for all your communication needs.

However, it is different from 2ndLine app, but Line2 also helps generate a second phone number, though works on a plan.

You may need to purchase a monthly or yearly plan, and it also has a premium subscription.

But, Line2 offers awesome features like call screening, call blocking and forwarding, unlimited VoIP calls across US and Canada, Call recording, group messaging, and much more.

10. Dingtone

Dingtone is ironically last on our list of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone devices but possibly the most versatile and efficient SMS verification app in this technological age.


Dingtone has a ton of features that keeps it outstanding and so far unreckoned with on the chain of best SMS verification apps for iPhone.

Dingtone makes available access to phone numbers across over 230 countries.

The app provides you with a free US phone number that you can use to call and text any of these numbers via landline or mobile number.

Another amazing attribute of Dingtone is that you can create and own a free account.

Also, you can purchase real phone numbers from the UK, Belgium, Canada Netherlands, Austria, France, Sweden, Mauritius, Australia, Indonesia, etc on Dingtone.

Dingtone also has features like caller ID, call forwarding, and blocking as well as voicemail greetings, walkie-talkie, etc.


Agreeably, the above list of the 10 best SMS verification apps for iPhone is the best and can help you navigate through every website, social network, or app you do not wish to enter your personal phone number.

Also, any of the list SMS verification apps can mitigate your exposure to spam, etc, and generally help you enjoy a great online experience.

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