May 21, 2024
Things to Consider Before Buying a New Gaming Smartphone

This article will intimate on the things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone. Without a doubt, smartphones are one of the coolest aspect in our now technological age.

Smartphones are capable of a wide variety of functions that goes beyond calls or texting which is one  of the reasons it is called a ‘smartphone’.

With new models manufactured on a daily basis to meet more specified functions and individual needs, their benefits and efficacy is near limitless.

It can do nearly everything, designing, photography, tutorials, movies and of course gaming.

Which is our interest in this article on things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone, apparently you may be one of those who have a strong interest in games and it may even go beyond a hobby but moreso a means of earning.

If you are a serious gamer, then it means you need more than just a regular smartphone and below are things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone.

A gaming smartphone comes with a suite of many extra-cool features, such as the latest processors, fast touchscreen sensitivity and the longest battery lives to withstand use and make gaming more realistic and last longer.

A gaming phone is a device designed for exclusive use and may not be very convenient for general-purpose use, but absolutely perfect for serious gamers on the go.

Other compositions of gaming phones are the presence of shoulder triggers that give players a near Nintendo Switch or Steam deck feel, and these triggers can almost always be customized.

Things to Consider Before Buying a New Gaming Smartphone is our focus on this article, and with our list you will know just what to consider before spending on a gaming phone.

Apparently, with the wide variety of smartphones it could get really confusing knowing which to opt for.

So, with specific brands known for as gaming-smartphones like Asus with their ROG series, Lenovo’s Legion series, and Xiaomi’s Black Shark series you can choose better.

These devices aim to offer a better gaming performance, than average smartphone devices. Enabling you focus on areas that would matter more to any gamer, including features like storage and a better processor over a multi-sensor camera.

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Below is an essential rundown of things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone.

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List of Things to Consider Before Buying a New Gaming Smartphone

1. Internals and Processor

One of the foremost things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone is its processor and internals which are very vital aspects of playing games on professional levels.

Your gaming phone needs to have admirable speed, as well as have great performance and compatibility, which are the exact features that a Snapdragon 700-series device or an 800-series, Asus ROG 6 guarantees. You can also consider phones with a higher-end MediaTek Dimensity series chips like the Dimensity 1000 and Dimensity 1200.

2. Battery capacity

One of the next things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone is the phone’s battery capacity and charging speed. This is because playing games consume a lot of battery power and the more you play games on a smartphone, the more power will be drained.

Hence, you will need to ensure that the gaming smartphone you wish to buy have a decently durable battery capacity. Notwithstanding, factors such as higher resolutions, higher refresh rate, and higher graphic settings on games drain battery fast. But a gaming smartphone with at least a 4,500mAh battery can ensure a longer gaming hour.

Charging speed is also crucial, just as fast as battery drains from a gaming phone, it needs to be replaced and you may want to go for phones with more battery capacity over higher charging speeds over faster-charging phones with smaller batteries. For games  where a single match can go on for over 30 minutes, it is best to have a high capacity battery that can offer longer gaming hours in a single stretch without cutting you off mid-way.

3. Screen resolution, refresh rate and touch sampling rate

Among things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone, is screen resolution, refresh rate and touch sampling features as mentioned earlier.

You definitely need to enjoy your games, and a quality screen resolution is imperative to make you have that desired feel. Search for a gaming smartphone with a high resolution modern screen with 90Hz or 120Hz support.

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The higher refresh rates is necessary and beneficial on games where every frame counts and when making split-second decisions. A higher refresh rate display is capable of showing you more frames per second unlike the traditional 60Hz screens.

However, one important factor many people overlook is the high touch sampling rate on modern phone screens is the touch sampling rate. The touch sampling rate of your phone’s screen determines how quickly the games will react to your touches on display. The higher the touch response the better, but users should expect at least 180Hz touch sampling screens.

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4. Memory and Storage

Apparently, any one who is a game lover will know that games have large sizes and these sixes most usually increase as you play frequently. A regular smartphone will be too limited for some games due to it small storage space.

At least get a gaming smartphone with a 128, 256 GB of internal storage and above, should work suitably for onboard storage. Smartphone games and modern games, in general, are constantly growing in size with every update. Installation alone and setup can occupy as much as 1GB.

Since, you need as much space as possible. you also need a large RAM for gaming, consider about 6GB as a starting point. If you can get 8GB or more, opt for it to make sure your device is good with all newer, resource-heavy games and also a little future-proof.

Also, you can get a faster UFS 2.2, UFS 3.0 or UFS 3.1 storage for faster load times for apps and games, as modern titles can get quite big on storage size and even bigger the additional downloads is factored in.

5. Cooling

If you need to get a gaming smart phone, then you are aware it is going to get hot, and that will require an efficient and fast cooling feature before the heat begins to affect the performance of your processor.

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This process is called throttling and phones targeted at gaming should have some advanced form of cooling mechanism inside the device.

A good way to gauge the cooling abilities of your next gaming smartphone is to look up trustworthy reviews on the device. as many could be gimmicks but reviews by other users of the same device can give you a more honest view that talks about the gaming and cooling performance of the phone in details.

6. Shoulder buttons

Another of things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone are shoulder buttons which can be found on both higher-end phones, and gaming phones and make an important additions to gaming phones. For a number of games, having one or two physical buttons can come in really handy.

These shoulder triggers can help you map and gain more control of your choice as you take your gameplay to the next level.

7. Support for 3.5mm audio and third-party accessories

The 3.5mm jack may start to feel like it is becoming redundant on modern phones as more and more people switch to Bluetooth-based audio solutions like true wireless earbuds.

However, gamers will swear by 3.5mm headphones or earphones, which makes it one of the things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone because they come with zero latency (the minute difference in time between a game sound being generated, and it reaching your ears).

The presence of a 3.5mm jack may not be crucial, but for absolutely lag-free experiences, users can look at phones that do support the input mode. On the other hand, a number of mid-range to high-end gaming phones come with support for third-party accessories. These should also be considered while buying a new phone as not all accessories will be compatible with every phone.


With the above tips in perspective of things to consider before buying a new gaming smartphone, you have better chance at decision making.

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