This is a detailed guide on the top ten best online jobs in Nigeria.

Working online is becoming more popular in Nigeria now, especially with the alarming rate of unemployment in the country.

Many graduates are wandering about the street of Nigerian cities in search of one job or the other from a particular firm to another.

But life has advanced beyond going from corporations to corporations fruitlessly in search of unavailable jobs.

Therefore, in this post, I am going to show you how you can do more than seek physical jobs.

I will show you paying online jobs you can take and how you can get them.

You Can Make Money Working From Home In Nigeria.

There is an abundance of online jobs in Nigeria that you can do without much suffering.

The list of online jobs in Nigeria is just so plentiful that you can’t be left stranded since you have a skill and the required passion.

How Many Online Jobs Are Available In Nigeria?

There is no limit to the list of online jobs available for you in Nigeria whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate.

Even if you are a civil servant, there are numerous online jobs that will serve as a very good supplementary to the work you’re doing.

Most times, that work you’re doing may eventually become the supplementary source of income because of the strength of the online jobs.

What Do You Need To Work Online?

If you have chosen to work online, you do not need many things to start.

You do not need office space. You can work from anywhere of your choice.

The important thing you need is a laptop or phone, a stable internet connection and some free time.

Another thing you will be needing, in addition, is a skill. You must have something to offer.

If you’re not sure if you’re skilled, there are a lot of skills available online.

Best Online Jobs In Nigeria

Like I mentioned earlier, there are many remote online jobs in Nigeria that pay daily. Below are the best 10 online Jobs in Nigeria

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One of the most sought-after skills today is content writing.

And I am glad to tell you that every human is a writer! Yes, every human is a writer!

Each day, you either chat with a friend, send a text, reply to a message, or comment on a post, and that way you have just engaged in writing.

Being a natural writer, all you need next is to polish this art so it becomes an art that will fetch you income.

If you are already a polished writer, probably an author, then the online job you might consider as a good choice is content writing.

You can work on writing blog posts, creating content for eCommerce websites, writing business proposals, writing books, and so on.

Although everyone can write, your passion for writing and your improved writing skill will help you do better.


A little like writing above, you can choose the line of proofreading and editing of already written articles.

Many writers can weave words together but lack the efficiency to make it really spectacular.

People who are not skilled in editing know this and are ready to seek the services of editors and pay them for their services.

This is also a good option if you can not really create write-ups from scratch but have a very good sense of sentence restructuring.

But a good command of grammar, punctuation, and spelling is required.


One of the legit ways to make money online in Nigeria is by developing software for businesses.

A software developer is a person who develops software applications which people use to do some specific tasks on the computer and other devices.

Software developers also develop the underlying systems that run the devices, (like computers) or that control networks.

As a software developer, you can earn so big up to over a million naira monthly.

But your earning is dependent on your employer and also the quality of your work.

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The knowledge you have acquired over the years can be shared online while you will be earning money in exchange.

No matter what skill you have, it could be shared with other people online.

If you are a writer, you can teach other people how to become better writers themselves.

You can also teach academic subjects like sciences, arts and so on.


Affiliate Marketing has proven to be one of the very strong and genuine ways of earning money online.

And I believe it will continue to be for a long time.

Affiliate Marketing has to do with you promoting the Products or services of a company.

You advertise for them via a special link and once people buy from them through your link, you’ll get commissions per Products sold.

You can post these advertisements on your social media handles through which your followers or friends can connect with the parent company and you get some commissions remitted into your account. Check out the top 16 affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria.


Dropshipping is a business you can do online to earn a living.

Dropshipping is a business where you help companies to resell their products to customers they might not be able to reach themselves.

As I said, you will have to sell products but you don’t need to have a shop or store.

All you need is to get your customers convinced to buy through your online store, then you get the parent company to deliver to such customer(s).

You can set your own prices for each product where you’ll get your earnings after you’ve transferred the cost price to the company that owns the product when the buyer pays to you. Learn how to start a dropshipping business in Nigeria.


Digital marketing is another online business you can leverage to make a living.

As a digital marketer, you would be tasked with the duty of helping different brands or companies to increase their online presence.

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This you can achieve by helping them gain an audience on platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.


A Social Media Manager is responsible for overseeing the social media pages of the companies he/she works for.

Their responsibility includes planning, implementing, managing, and monitoring the company’s Social Media strategies.

This is to help increase brand awareness, brand network, improve Marketing efforts and generally improve sales. Learn how to make money on Social Media.


Typing jobs is one of the best online jobs in Nigeria for interested ones.

Unlike writing where you have to make researches before writing on specific topics, typing has to do with you converting transcripts provided by your customers into an electronic form of writing.

A customer may send you an audio or video transcript, then you’ll be tasked with writing and proper editing.

Although it sounds easy and straightforward, you must really understand what the record or document your working on is saying to be successful.


You can create and run a video blog if you enjoy making creative videos.

You can make money on YouTube within a few months if you are consistent and passionate about it.

But you will need to post interesting, sensational, and inspirational videos to attract many viewers and followers as your income depends on the number of viewers and followers you can get.

The subject of your video content can focus on one or more of the following options: video games, movie reviews, how to solve problems, how to improve skills, and so on.

Once again you will get paid from your blog based on the number of views and followers you have and also the number of ads that are integrated into your videos.

There are many more ways to make money online in Nigeria. Check out the 10 best ways to make money online immediately.

That is all on 10 best online jobs in Nigeria.

I hope it was helpful?