Top 10 Shipping Companies in Nigeria

This is a detailed guide on the top 10 shipping companies in Nigeria.

Are you into the import and export of goods and services and looking for the best most trusting and reliable shipping companies in Nigeria for the importation of your goods?

As a business owner, you must have a logistics partner that can deliver on time and respond quickly. It’s difficult to evaluate all of the available possibilities and track down a dependable service provider on your own.

In this article we will be listing the top 10 shipping companies in Nigeria you should consider whenever you need to ship your goods.

What are Shipping Companies?

A shipping company is a company whose primary focus is on the ownership and operation of ships.

Shipping companies have a way to tell which ships have different types of cargo: Bulk cargo is a type of special cargo that is delivered and handled in a lot of different ways.

It’s interesting to know that not every shipping company owns its ships, but they also rent out ships.

Freight shipping companies, also known as freight carriers, own things like freight trucks, container ships, stakes in rails, and so on. They can use these things to move goods. Shipping companies are in charge of the physical movement of goods.

People in Nigeria and all over the world use shipping lines for a lot of their trade with other countries around the world. There are a lot of shipping companies in Nigeria that help with trade.

Goods like car parts, agricultural goods, minerals, crude oil, and raw materials are all sent to other countries by sea. The exchange of money and resources is likely to help the economy of Nigeria, which is in Nigeria.

Functions of Shipping Companies in Nigeria

The main function of a shipping company is to move cargo over long or short distances. Shipping companies in Nigeria have expanded beyond this one service and introduced more efficient methods of working.

Other functions of shipping companies in Nigeria include order fulfillment, inbound freight coordination, and outward shipping and delivery are all essential.

Shipping businesses facilitate cross-border product movement. Many of them have a solid track record of timely delivery and high safety ratings.

Shipping businesses convey goods, but some are restricted by geography and the high expense of obtaining a port. Shipping companies in Nigeria have shown their trustworthiness by delivering safely and efficiently.

Top 10 Shipping Companies in Nigeria

This is the list of the top 10 shipping companies in Nigeria that are most proficient and dependable in Nigeria which offer comprehensive courier solutions and excellent customer support on the go.

1. Maersk Nigeria Limited

Though there are many shipping companies in Nigeria, Maersk is the best. Maersk is a well-known and well-respected firm that has built a solid reputation for itself by providing consistently high-quality services.

The company was created in 1928 as a component of the Maersk Group, a multinational firm that provides shipping, transportation, and energy services. Maersk operates all around the world.

About 70,000 people work for the organization around the world, spread out across 130 different nations.

Copenhagen, Denmark is where the company’s headquarters are located. 4.1 million TEU can be transported by the company’s 786 ships.

In addition to shipping and cargo handling, they also offer freight forwarding, digital solutions, and cross-border supply chain management.

Maersk Nigeria Limited

2. TEGAXPRESS General Logistics Company

TEGAXPRESS is a premier logistics provider that fosters innovation and increases output. They can ship items quickly and reliably. Their company ecosystem and business support solutions are extremely effective and efficient.

It is their mission at TEGAXPRESS to provide unparalleled service to every one of their valued customers. Individuals and businesses can benefit from their work plans, which are tailored to their specific needs.

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TEGAXPRESS helps its customers and business firms to meet their needs by managing the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption.

You can contact them at Tegaxpress General Logistics Company Jamiu Balogun Street Ikosi Ketu, Lagos State, Nigeria, or visit their website at

3. GIG Logistics (GIGL)

GIG Logistics is a technology-driven logistics company that is one of Africa’s leading players.

It was founded in 2012 and is a member of a renowned class of logistics and shipping enterprises in Nigeria, with a clearly defined market route across the entire continent of Africa.

Because of the continual expansion of its reach and audience over the last few years, GIG Logistics has evolved from being a transport company to becoming a real logistics firm.

Indeed, the story of their ascent is both engaging and compelling in its own right.

They are widely considered as one of the greatest shipping companies in Nigeria, with delivery operations increasing from Africa and expanding into Europe in a relatively short period.

Because GIG Logistics is one of the indigenous shipping companies in Nigeria, it can succeed as an operator because it has the most in-depth understanding of the local environment.

They are now more positioned than they have ever been to compete against the logistics behemoths of the worldwide community, thanks to their flawless operations.

You can visit their website on

4. Fortune Global

As one of the shipping companies in Nigeria, this organization provides services such as freight forwarding, international shipping and logistics, project logistics, management, and customer care to customers worldwide.

Over the years, it has established a solid reputation throughout the country. The company, which has been in operation since 2006, is also multinational, having shipped to more than 100 nations worldwide.

They provide services to 72 large clients around the world and have five global offices. The Nigerian corporation is one of the most successful shipping enterprises in the country.

They provide world-class and smooth delivery to a variety of destinations throughout the world.

Project logistics, warehousing and distribution services, protocol services, oil and gas/marine logistics services, free zone operations, and global freight forwarding services are some of the services they provide.

Fortune Global is located at 15, Fatai Irawo Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos State.

Fortune Global

5. Mediterranean Shipping Company
The privately-owned logistics and shipping company, which has its headquarters in Geneva, was founded in 1979.

A total of 472 containers and ships are owned and operated by the transportation corporation in 155 countries, and they are utilized to move goods abroad.

In the container shipping industry, the Mediterranean Shipping Company is a world leader. Mediterranean Shipping Company is one of the shipping companies in Nigeria that provides worldwide service while still having local understanding.

The Mediterranean Shipping Company provides a variety of services, including technology solutions, trade services, dry cargo, reefer cargo, project cargo, intermodal services, warehousing and storage solutions, cross-border trading and customs clearance, as well as port’s terminal and depots, cargo trailers, and vessel general cargo (VGM).

You can contact this shipping company by visiting their website at

6. Sifax Nigeria Limited

In addition to its competence in trade, marketing, worldwide merchant representation, engineering services, project consulting services, and other areas, SIFAX Nigeria Limited also provides a wide range of other services to clients in Nigeria.

This is one of the top shipping companies in Nigeria, providing exceptional and noteworthy service. Sifax Nigeria Limited, a subsidiary of the Sifax Group of companies, was created in 1988.

Sifax Group of companies has a wide range of investments outside of transportation, logistics, and shipping. These include aviation, oil & gas exploration, financial services, and hotels.

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Among the services provided by the best shipping and logistics companies are freight forwarding (both sea and air), ports operations (both sea and air), haulage (cargo consolidation), warehousing, ship agency, ship chartering, stevedoring (off-dock services), airport ground operations (groupage packing and removal), marine services (importation & sales of crude oil), and plant hire.

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Sifax Nigeria Limited, like the other shipping companies in Nigeria, provides exceptional services while maintaining excellent customer relations.

They are in charge of the clearance and delivery of consignments originating from both the sea and airports in Nigeria, as well as from other parts of the world.

Their airfreight services include full documentation, customs clearance, tracking and tracing, as well as door-to-door service while their sea freight services include FCL and LCL import/export, import and export customs clearance, customs shipping documentation, packing, and crating, among other things.

They deliver consignments door-to-door in a dependable, timely, and flexible manner to customers throughout the West African sub-region, even to isolated regions.

The corporation maintains warehouses in and around Apapa, Lagos, which are used for the storage of a variety of different goods.

In addition to accommodating various types of general freight, they also rent out storage space in their warehouses to other parties.

You can visit Sifax Nigeria Limited’s office at 54 Warehouse Road Apapa, P.O Box 2297 Apapa Lagos State, Nigeria or you visit their website for more information.

7. Delek Marine Services Ltd

In the freight and forwarding market, this company is one of the more recent entrants. Delek Marine Services Ltd is an independently owned company that was created in 2008 but has quickly established itself as one of the best in the industry thanks to its exceptional services.

It is a marine firm based in Lagos that provides goods and services to the oil and gas industry, shipping companies, and private and public sector organizations, as well as individual customers, among other things.

Delek Marine Services, in contrast to other top shipping companies in Nigeria, focuses its operations mostly on the West Coast of Africa.

These companies provide a variety of services, including oil and gas services, shipping and maritime services, and more.

Their knowledge of shipping and maritime management has established them as one of the most dependable organizations in the maritime sector of Nigeria and West Africa, capable of meeting the high standards expected by the marine industry of this generation, thanks to their years of expertise.

Visit their address for more information at Delek Marine Services Limited 33 Payne Crescent, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria, or you visit their website at

8. Adelove Shipping Company

When it comes to offering exceptional shipping and cargo services to businesses in Nigeria, Adelove Shipping Company is synonymous with excellence.

They provide shipping and freight forwarding services from the United States to Nigeria most of the time.

Their track record and positive feedback from prior clients have demonstrated that they deliver the best shipping services.

They provide some of these services which include Air Freight Transportation/Air Cargo Shipment, Ocean Freight Transportation/Container Shipping, Pack N Ship with either FedEx, DHL, Warehousing/Distribution, Inland Transportation, On-Island and In-Country Delivery Services, the United States Postal Service, or the United States Postal Service, Customs Brokerage/Clearance, and Nationwide Cargo Pick Up.

You can visit their office at No 17 Ayodele Okeowo Street, Sholuyi Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria, or their website at

9. Airwater Cargo Services Ltd

This shipping company is a member of Airwater Venture International, which was established in 2004 to provide total Cargo Logistics solutions, international shipping freight forwarding, customs clearance, and forwarding services in all airports and seaports in Nigeria and West Africa.

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It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Airwater Venture International (RC 644605). The company was founded by seasoned experts and is staffed by industry veterans who are committed to providing their customers with dependability, efficiency, and prompt delivery at all times. This is also their guiding concept in all aspects of their business.

Their highly motivated and innovative management team contributes to the provision of one-of-a-kind services that are second to none in Nigeria and specifically designed to satisfy the needs of their consumers.

The marketing department, which was staffed by highly motivated and resourceful individuals, enabled them to accomplish so much in such a short period after establishing themselves.

It has a vast clientele base, with multinational, five-star companies as clients, whose services span a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, agriculture, mining, petroleum, exploration, and general goods.

They have branch offices strategically positioned in major cities around Nigeria, including Port Harcourt, Warri, Calabar, Benin City, and Abuja, in addition to their headquarters in Lagos.

Their warehouses in Lagos and Benin City provide cargo distribution and pick-up to and from our clients’ doorstep, hence increasing customer satisfaction.

This Cargo Service Ltd is a member of the Federation of International Air Transport Associations (FIATA), also known as the China logistic club. Additionally, they have a worldwide partner network, which allows them to provide door–to–door cargo delivery services.

In addition to having a large fleet of vehicles and delivery vans, they also can deliver and pick up any type of consignment at any time and in any location throughout Nigeria.

As one of the shipping companies in Nigeria, their operation base includes all airports, seaports, and borderland logistics throughout the country.

Airwater Cargo Services Ltd

10. Ocean Glory Commodities Limited

Ocean Glory Commodities Limited is one of the best shipping companies in Nigeria. The organization is quickly becoming a household name in Nigeria’s shipping industry after a long history of providing high-quality logistics services to consumers across the country.

In addition to oil and gas service professionals, this shipping company has proven that it is capable of providing transportation services, information technology, and specialized equipment.

The company has offices in Port Harcourt, Lagos, Calabar, London, and Ghana.

OCEANGLOCOM has a long history of delighted customers, a strong profile in the shipping industry, impressive worldwide business connections, and various certifications and awards.

It is in acknowledgment of this outstanding performance (which was erstwhile found only in Foreign Shipping, Oil and Gas Companies). That is what makes OCEANGLOCOM stands out among the rest.

OCEANGLOCOM combines intercontinental Air and Ocean Freight with comprehensive Value-Added Logistics Services and Supply Chain Services.

Their address is located at 25, Randle Road, Apapa, Lagos, Nigeria or you can visit their website for more information.

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There are a large number of shipping companies in Nigeria because of its well-developed seaports and the numerous business opportunities that surround them.

Shipping companies in Nigeria play a significant role in the development of the economy and employers of labor.

Many businesses around the world rely on them for their growth and survival, so it’s impossible to overstate their significance.

If you are looking for the services of the best shipping companies in Nigeria, I hope this list should be of help in choosing a shipping firm that can handle your cargo.

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