Top 10 Best Scholarships For People With Glasses 2023

There are a lot of amazing scholarships for people with glasses. Are you one of the many individuals that use glasses or are you visually impaired, or you know someone who is blind?

I have great news for you!

Did you know there are a lot of scholarships for people with glasses? Surprised right? Don’t be.

Generally, we all think scholarships are for able-bodied people with extremely high academic performance, but I am glad to let you know that it is a false assumption.

There are a lot of scholarships out there for people with different disabilities and abilities, and in this guide, I will show you a list of the ten top scholarships for people with glasses.

When Is The Right Time To Apply For Scholarship For People With Glasses?

There is no better time than now. It is better to apply early to get the best available Scholarship.

Different organizations, be it private or public, run scholarship programs for people with glasses, this is to enable individuals who wear glasses but with low income to purchase one.

Some scholarships also cover visually impaired or legally blind individual’s college education. If you are on the look for one of such scholarships then this guide will help.

List of Scholarships For People With Glasses

Here is the list of the top ten best scholarships for people with glasses.

1. Visine Students With Vision Scholarship

Visine Students with Vision Scholarship also gives scholarships to people with glasses, and it is one of the best scholarships to apply for.

It gives a $5,000 scholarship offer to enrolled college and graduating from high school students who strongly want to pursue their dreams.


To be eligible for Visine Students with Vision Scholarship you must;

  • you must be a high school senior or a college freshman
  • sophomore or junior
  • be able to demonstrate involvement in school activities and/or community service
  • be able to demonstrate financial need
  • have a clear vision and be able to express your vision through a well-written essay or video presentation
  • and have a minimum GPA of 2.8.
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Visine Students Scholarship Website

2. Replace My Contacts Scholarship

Replace My Contacts Scholarship is also one of the top scholarships for people with glasses.

Replace my contacts Scholarship is opened to individuals using glasses in the United States. The emerging winner goes home with a sum of $1,000 for academic scholarship. It is a very good opportunity to jump at.

 Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible for Replace my contacts Scholarship, individuals must;

  • be a currently enrolled full-time college freshman, sophomore, or junior in the United States, and Only one entry is permitted per student.
  • All you are required to do is complete a survey and write a 400-600 words essay on how you are affected daily due to your visual problem.

Replace My Contacts Scholarship Website

3. Christian Record Service Anne Lowe Scholarship

This is a great scholarship opportunity for students who are blind but want to pursue their education.

The scholarship gives opportunities to legally blind people to pursue the career of their dream irrespective of their disability.

The Christian record service Scholarship awarded $1,000 to students the previous year but has the aim of increasing it in the upcoming years.


The Scholarship is awarded annually to college students but is based on some criteria like;

  • academic achievement
  • citizenship
  • and verification of blindness

Christian Record Service Anne Lowe Scholarship Website

4. The Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarship

This is also a very good scholarship offered to people that are legally blind. They award a scholarship annually to a male and female, making a total of two people awarded annually.


TO qualify for the Arthur E. and Helen Copeland Scholarship you must meet the following criteria;

  • You must be a current USABA member,
  • You must have been an active participant in a USABA event,
  • You must be legally blind,
  • You must be a citizen of the United States,
  • you must be enrolled or enrolling in a 2- or 4-year college, university or technical school as a full-time student with a minimum GPA of 2.5
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Individuals who meet these criteria are free to apply for this scholarship.

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5. Sam Genensky Video Magnifier Award

If you are an Individual with low vision either students or non — students this is your opportunity to win a video magnifier.

This annual scholarship awards 3-5 individuals with video magnifiers yearly.

  • At least 2 students from (K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and vocational levels)
  • and 2 non-students (adults and seniors) will be awarded the magnifier.

Scholarship Website

6. The Carl E. Foley Graduate Scholarship Program

This scholarship is also opened to people with glasses and is presently one of the best scholarship programs for people with visual problem.

In case interested in this program it is best your school contacts the council of citizens with low vision international.

7. National Federation Of Blind (NFB) Scholarship

This scholarship is one of the largest of its kind in the nation. Every year it gives out a sum of about $120,000 scholarship to blind students across about 50 different states.

The scholarship is granted based on academic performance, leadership, and community service. The scholarship ranges from about $3,000-$12,000.


TO qualify for this scholarship award, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Applicants must be legally blind in both eyes.
  • Must be residing in the United States, the District of Columbia, or Puerto Rico.
  • Must be pursuing or planning to pursue a full-time, post-secondary course of study in a degree program at a U.S. institution in the fall of the year of application (one scholarship may be given to a person employed full-time while attending school part-time).
  • Participate in the entire NFB National Convention and in all of its scheduled scholarship program activities (finalists will receive assistance to attend the national convention).

NFB Scholarship Website

8. Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship

The Rudolph Dillman Memorial Scholarship is also one of the top scholarships for people with glasses. The scholarship awards $2,500 worth of Scholarships to graduates and undergraduates who are visually impaired.

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It is a one-time award as it is not open to previous recipients.

9. Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship

Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship is an annual Scholarship grant for legally blind people. It is also known to be the largest scholarship granted in the United States.

The value of the scholarship grant is $12,000. To apply for the Kenneth Jernigan Scholarship visit

10. Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship

Delta Gamma Foundation Florence Margaret Harvey Memorial Scholarship is one of the top best Scholarships for people with glasses.

It awards $1,000 to American students who are legally blind. Delta Gamma Foundation is sponsored by American Foundation for the Blind.


To apply for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Applicant must be legally blind and studying in a field of rehabilitation and/or education of blind or visually impaired persons.
  • A major career interest in Education, special Rehabilitation/therapeutic services
  • The school must be accredited and located in the United States

Application Requirements

You need the following to apply for the scholarship.

  • Recommendation(s)
  • Essay
  • Transcript.


If you surf the internet you will get to know that there are lots of Scholarships for a lot of people irrespective of what their disabilities.

Right now I am sure you are familiar with the top ten Scholarships for people with glasses to check out if you are on the look for one.

That is all on the scholarships for people with glasses.

I hope this helps?

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