Real estate is a very lucrative venture because many individuals and companies have resorted to working with these bodies to get their properties sold and bought. Ghana is one of the African countries with a rapidly growing population and development, due to this, the needs for sales and purchase of properties are on the rise, Let us look at these real estate companies in Ghana.

Real estate in a layman’s understanding is simply the means of selling or leasing properties to either an individual, a family, or a company. In any of the cases, the item could be a landed property or a house, all these are aiming at the development of a city, state, and country at large.

We will consider the kinds of real estate available in Ghana, and why you should partner with real estate companies as well as provide you with a list of well trusted real estate companies, if you are ready to take on this ride with us, then, you should keep reading this article.

Regardless of the Ghana economy, the real estate business just keeps getting on increased demand giving birth to so many trusted companies who have taken it upon themselves to make property-related transactions easy for both individuals and organizations.

Owing to a series of meetings between the Ministry of Works and Housing and Real Estate Developers, a body called Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) in February 1988, the association at that time was made up of people with very little expertise in real estate as well as contractors who had already been into house buildings.

Objectives of GREDA

Having been established under the Laws of Ghana (Company Code, Act 179, of 1963) as a Private Company with P. O. Box TF 113 post address. The following are the objectives of AGREDA;

 To provide a central organisation for real estate developers.

To provide a united front in making recommendations to government on ways of promoting real estate development and in seeking solutions to the practical problems in the property market.

To promote the development of residential estates and to increase the stock of housing units thereby ensuring adequate provision of affordable housing for all classes of the population.

To pool resources together towards greater economies of scale in real estate development and also ensure that products of members conform to national building standards and planning laws.

In the spirit of the search for appropriate technology, the Association shall promote the use of local inputs and finance research into suitability of local building materials in the country.

To liaise with financial institutions in developing an effective mortgage house ownership scheme for prospective owners and also impress on the institutions the need for long-term financing in real estate development.

To establish links with real estate institutions and allied bodies at home and abroad with the aim of promoting the development of the industry.

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Furthermore, the body is governed by an Executive Council elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of its members in good standing which consists of the following:-

  • The President (Being the head of the Association)
  • The First Vice President
  • The Second Vice President
  • The Treasurer
  • The Executive Secretary
  • Four to Six Members
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Kinds of Real Estate Available in Ghana

Real estate available in Ghana is grouped into four categories, they are;

  • Commercial real estate: There are the kinds of properties used exclusively for the purpose of business offices, hotels, malls, pharmacies, barbing salons, spas, massage parlors, restaurants, etc.
  • Residential real estate: These are basically properties used for residential purposes. For instance; single-family homes, apartment complexes, gated communities, etc.
  • Industrial real estate: As the name implies, industrial real estate has to do with properties acquired and used for research, distribution, and manufacturing purposes. They include factories and warehouses.
  • Land: Last on the list is land, which includes vacant lands/undeveloped property etc.

Why You Should Follow The Real Estate Route to Acquire Properties

There are so many advantages real estate companies have over individual agents. First, you could be a victim of fraudsters who would sell a property that doesn’t belong to them. So you sure have to watch out and be quite sensitive. With real estate companies, you have nothing to fear or be bothered about as you can easily contact them or meet with their representatives at their offices.

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If you are considering acquiring a mortgage or home loan, it is quite easier to do that via a real estate developer, since the developer must have already built a trust-worthy reputation, this is not the case with going through other means. So it entails that your home provider will put you into consideration banking on the reputation of the real estate developer you are coming under.

Real estate companies equally have a reputation to protect so, they would not want to get involved in a business that would soil their image of the company or chase off their prospective clients, by this, you can guarantee that you would get a good property that befits whatever amount you would be paying.

In a case where your provider fails to meet their own part of the deal, maybe, they needed to have fixed something in a property that was purchased or rented, putting a call through to the real estate company can be of great help as they can come into the situation and ensure that their clients are being satisfied and their bidding is done.

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40 Tried and Trusted Real Estate Company In Ghana

Everything being said, let us now look at these companies together.

  1. Denya Tewall Pros Limited
  2. Clifton Homes
  3. Broll Ghana
  4. Whitewall Properties Limited
  5. Denya Developers Limited
  6. Primrose Properties
  7. Whitewall Properties
  8. Earlbeam Realty
  9. Lakeside Estates
  10. Rehoboth Property Limited
  11. Properties Portfolio Ghana
  12. The Greens
  13. ToBlues Properties Limited
  14. GreenPark limited
  15. Swami India Ghana Limited
  16. Devtraco
  17. Akka Kappa Limited
  18. Adom City Estate Limited
  19. Imperial Homes
  20. Chain Homes Limited
  21. Trasacco Estates Development
  22. Mayfair Estates Limited
  23. Dream Realty
  24. Beaufort Property
  25. Quao Realty
  26. Emerald Properties
  27. Regimanuel Gray Limited
  28. CPL
  29. Mobus
  30. Emefs Construction Limited
  31. Lakeside Estates
  32. Appolonia City
  33. Signum Development
  34. Golden Coast Developers
  35. Trasacco Estate Development
  36. DP Group
  37. Imperial Homes
  38. Goldkey Properties
  39. Shelter Mart Ghana
  40. Vaal Real Estate Ghana

These real estate companies have their individual exclusive websites where you can check out more information on them. Good luck with your work with any of these companies listed!