Knight-Hennessy Scholarships at Stanford University 2024: MA, MBA, MD, MS, and PhD

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships at Stanford University stand as a beacon of opportunity and academic distinction. The year 2024 brings forth another chance for aspiring scholars to embark on a transformative journey. This article explores the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships for 2024, highlighting their availability for a wide range of academic programs, including MA, MBA, MD, MS, and PhD.

Before we delve into the specifics of the 2024 scholarship program, let’s grasp the essence of the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships. Established in 2016, these scholarships were conceived to nurture the next generation of global leaders, equipping them with the resources and knowledge to tackle the world’s most pressing challenges.

Applying for Excellence

The path to becoming a Knight-Hennessy Scholar in 2024 involves a comprehensive application process that is designed to identify and empower exceptional individuals. Whether you aspire to pursue a Master’s, MBA, MD, MS, or PhD, the journey begins with a common starting point.

1. Online Application

The application process commences with the online submission of your qualifications, achievements, and aspirations. Be prepared to showcase your academic and leadership potential.

2. Shortlisting

After careful evaluation of the applications, a select group of candidates is shortlisted for the next stage. This phase delves deeper into candidates’ backgrounds and motivations.

3. Immersive Weekend

Shortlisted candidates, regardless of their chosen academic program, are invited to an immersive weekend at Stanford. This event is not just an interview but a unique opportunity to experience the vibrant Stanford community.

4. Departmental Interviews

Candidates aiming for specific academic disciplines may also undergo departmental interviews as part of the selection process.

The Benefits of a Knight-Hennessy Scholarship

Now that we’ve uncovered the application process, let’s explore the unparalleled benefits of being a Knight-Hennessy Scholar in 2024.

1. Comprehensive Financial Support

One of the most significant advantages of the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships is the comprehensive financial support provided. Tuition fees, accommodation expenses, and associated costs are fully covered, relieving scholars of financial burdens.

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2. Holistic Leadership Development

Knight-Hennessy Scholars have access to a rich array of leadership development programs and workshops. These resources are tailored to enhance their leadership skills and prepare them for impactful roles in their respective fields.

3. A Global Network of Excellence

The Knight-Hennessy community is a global one, bringing together individuals from diverse backgrounds and academic pursuits. This network serves as an invaluable resource for scholars, facilitating collaborations and cross-disciplinary knowledge exchange.

Pursuing Excellence in Your Chosen Field

Irrespective of whether you are pursuing an MA, MBA, MD, MS, or PhD, the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships encourage scholars to utilize their education to drive positive change in society. Whether through groundbreaking research, innovative entrepreneurship, or impactful social initiatives, the goal is to leave an indelible mark on the world.

Eligibility Criteria

To become a Knight-Hennessy Scholar at Stanford University for the year 2024, there are two essential eligibility criteria you must meet:

Admission to Stanford

Firstly, in addition to applying for the Knight-Hennessy Scholars (KHS) program, you are required to apply for, be accepted by, and enroll in a full-time graduate degree program at Stanford University. These programs encompass a wide range, including DMA, JD, MA, MBA, MD, MFA, MPP, MS, and PhD. You must fulfill at least one of the following four conditions:

  1. Simultaneous Application: You must apply concurrently to both KHS and a full-time Stanford graduate degree program with the intent of starting both in the same year.
  2. Admission Deferral: If you have previously received an offer of admission to a full-time Stanford graduate degree program and have deferred your enrollment, you may apply to KHS, aiming to commence both programs in the same year.
  3. Current Stanford Student: If you are currently a Stanford graduate student and wish to add a second full-time Stanford graduate degree program, you can apply with the goal of starting both KHS and the new program in the same year.
  4. Current Stanford Ph.D. Student: If you are a current Stanford Ph.D. student in your first year of enrollment and wish to apply to KHS, you can do so with the intention of starting KHS in your second year of Ph.D. enrollment.
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It’s important to note that there are no specific quotas by discipline or program. However, candidates planning to spend a minimum of two years studying at Stanford will receive priority consideration.

Certain Stanford graduate degree programs are not eligible for Knight-Hennessy Scholarships, and these include:

  • Applicants to the Honors Cooperative Program
  • Applicants to the Master of Liberal Arts
  • Applicants to the Doctor of Science of Law (JSD)
  • Current Stanford students applying for coterminal graduate study
  • Current Stanford Ph.D. students adding an MA or MS degree in their current discipline

 Undergraduate Degree Date

Secondly, applicants must have earned a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its equivalent from a college or university of recognized standing in January 2017 or later. The following table outlines the specific undergraduate degree date requirements for various enrollment years:

  • To apply for enrollment in 2024, your first bachelor’s degree must have been earned in January 2017 or later.
  • If you have served in the military, the eligibility window is extended by two years to accommodate longer service commitments. In this case, you must have earned your degree in January 2015 or later to enroll in 2024.
  • Current college students are eligible if they will earn their first degree by September 2024. Within the eligibility window, preference is not given based on the recency of the degree.
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These criteria ensure that Knight-Hennessy Scholars are academically qualified and have a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, enriching the program’s diversity and impact.


1. Who is eligible to apply for the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships at Stanford University in 2024?

Eligibility is open to individuals applying for MA, MBA, MD, MS, or PhD programs, provided they meet the specific criteria outlined in the application guidelines.

2. How many scholarships are available for 2024?

Stanford University typically awards around 80-85 Knight-Hennessy Scholarships annually, spread across various academic disciplines.

3. Are international students eligible to apply for these scholarships?

Yes, the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships are open to both domestic and international applicants, provided they meet the eligibility requirements.

4. What is the application deadline for the 2024 scholarships?

The exact deadline may vary slightly from year to year, so it’s essential to refer to the official Knight-Hennessy Scholars website for the most up-to-date information.

5. Can I apply if I have a prior graduate degree?

Yes, you can still apply as long as your first/bachelor’s degree was earned in January 2017 or later, with additional eligibility for those who served in the military after their undergraduate studies.

Apply Now

In conclusion, the Knight-Hennessy Scholarships at Stanford University in 2024 represent an exceptional opportunity for individuals aspiring to excel in MA, MBA, MD, MS, or Ph.D. programs. If you possess the passion, dedication, and vision to be part of this transformative program, seize the opportunity and submit your application today.

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