How To Start Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

The nylon production business is a good and profitable business opportunity to capitalize on right now in Nigeria, especially if you have been longing to start a profitable business.

This article intends to educate you on how to start a successful Nylon production business.

Nylon Business In Nigeria

Most times people find it difficult to believe that the Nylon production business is profitable.

When I meet these kinds of people, I do not argue with them, I simply point to them the inexhaustible usefulness of nylon.

The demand for nylon is widespread, it has vital economic importance in most countries.

The domestic purpose of nylon cannot be underestimated as there is hardly any day we do not demand nylon when we buy goods.

Nylon is used for different purposes; the different types of nylon are used by people in different spheres of life.

Nylons are used by traders to sell, they are used by manufacturers to package their goods; they are used by dry cleaners to package clients clothes; they are used as tarpaulins to cover cars, and protect them from extreme weather conditions; they are also used as disposable bags and for wrapping consumables.

Furthermore,  as the population is increasing and more retail stores are popping up, the demand for nylon will be enormous.

Moreover, the Nylon business can never go bad as nylons are not perishable products. All you need to do to preserve them is to prevent them from dust.

Moreover, the crazy demand for nylons is the reason why the business is profitable.

Types of Nylon

The types of nylon mainly used in Nigeria are high density and low-density nylon.

1. Low-Density Nylon

Low-density nylons are relatively light, and because of their lightness, they make noise when they are squeezed. They are used in packaging lightweight items such as snacks, and bread. They are also used by dry cleaners to package clients’ clothes.

2. High density

High-density nylon has a degree of compactness, they are relatively thick and do not make noise when squeezed. High-density nylon is widely used in Nigeria because of its flexibility, and durability.

They are used as garbage bags, shopping bags, packaging bags, etc.

Raw Materials For Nylon Production In Nigeria

The raw materials for nylon production are substantial in oil-rich countries with working refineries which Nigeria is one of them.

Nylon is an improved type of fiber. It is artificial, and do not use any natural fiber as their raw materials.

The raw materials for nylon making are by-products of petrochemical processing that are collected from refineries.

The two main raw materials are polythene and polyethylene while other basic raw materials include escorene, lupene, dow, B.A.S.F., etc.

How Nylon Bags Are Made

Nylon bags production Involves superheating and pressurizing raw low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, or linear low-density polyethylene plastic pellets to formulate a concentrated molten liquid.

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Once the liquid is created, the resin is coerced into circular cubes.

Then the hot resin is thumped upward or outward to create a thin, long ball of very flexible plastic film.

As the resin cools, it further enlarges as rollers stretch it into very thin sheets. The sheets are then rolled separately and moved into the printing machine.

The printing machine would press the printed sheets together to develop the sides of the bag. Thereafter, the plastics can be cut to suitable sizes for use.

Moreover, Most Nigerians producing nylon bags do not go through the stress of starting from the initial stage, they just purchased the rolled sheets and do the cutting and sealing process.

Machinery Needed For Nylon Production

Before you start making use of nylon making machine, make sure you have an in-depth knowledge of the machine to avoid injuries.

The machines for nylon production are extruder, blowing machine, cutting machine, punching machine, and recycling machine.

Moreover, some machines can only manufacture high or low-density nylons while some can comfortably produce both high and low-density nylons.

To start a small nylon production plant, all you require is an automatic nylon-cutting machine with punching blades such as the pedal sealing and cutting nylon machine which you can order from China at the Alibaba website.

Moreover, if you cannot afford the foreign machine which is very expensive, you can start with the locally fabricated, semi-automatic machine.

Nylons You Can Cut and Sell With Your Machine

The nylons to cut with your machine are purchased in rolls, and they are measured in kilograms.

As a novice in the business, it is not advisable to start with the big rolls, start with the smalls ones first for market examination.

Moreover, the nylons you can cut and sell with your machines are:

  • fan bag,
  • pure water Nylon,
  • ice block Nylon,
  • laundry bags
  • Santana,
  • crayfish nylon
  • small/big black,
  • sugar Nylon
  • poly bag.
  • Small/big black handless Nylon laundry Nylon
  • groundnut Nylon,
  • Santana Nylon
  • fufu Nylon
  • bread Nylon, etc.

12 Steps To Start Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

Nylon production business needs long-term planning. You cannot just venture into it without adequate preparation.

To successfully establish a nylon production business, follow the steps below to get started.

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1. Get The Basic Training

Before you venture into nylon production business, you need to get basic training.

Getting the basic training will widen your knowledge of the business and help you bypass some challenges that would show up at the initial stage of the business.

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You can enroll in an internship at a nylon production company, attend nylon production seminars, watch videos from YouTube and also seek advice from those who are already in the business.

2. Carry Out Researches

It is important to carry out the necessary researches before investing in the nylon production business. Do your market survey to know who your target audiences are, what they want and how to satisfy them. Your target audience could be

  • Fashion stores
  • Bakeries
  • Supermarkets
  • Local market around you
  • Schools
  • Eateries and restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Laundry
  • Pharmacies
  • Traders
  • Water production companies, etc.

3. Get a Business Name

Your business name is your business identity, so it is necessary to generate a business name that suits your business.

Endeavor to generate a simple and straightforward name that conveys your business functions. Learn why your business needs a good name, and how to find it.

4. Register Your Business Name

Business name registration is very important, it will save you from all kinds of trouble, and open great business opportunities for you.

You can register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Nowadays, the stress of registering a business name is minimal, you can swiftly register your business online on the corporate affairs commission registration website. Learn how to register a business name in Nigeria.

5. Write a Business Plan

Before launching your nylon production business, you need to draft a long-term business plan.

Your business plan consists of everything concerning your business.

It will guide you throughout the initial and conclusion stage of your business.

Additionally, a good business plan will provoke investors to invest in your business.

6. Get a Startup Capital

The startup capital you need for your business depends on the extent of the business you want to establish. If you want to start small, the startup capital will be moderate but if you want to start big, then you would need a substantial amount of money.

You can generate your startup capital from your family and friends, your savings or you get a loan. Learn how to finance your business in Nigeria.

7. Get a Good Location

A good location is necessary for the nylon production business. Your target audience should be able to access your factory.

Moreover, it is important to desist from areas with unhealthy business competition to avoid problems. Furthermore, your factory should be spacious enough to accommodate nylon production machines.

8. Buy and Install The Nylon Production Machines

You need machines to kick start your business.  Make sure you purchase your machines from a reliable source or you import them from China through Alibaba online market.

After purchasing your machines, you can install them if you are capable who employ someone skilled to install them for you.

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9. Hire Competent Staff

The nylon production business is not a one-man business, you need people to assist you. You may not necessarily employ much staff at the initial stage of your business, just a few staff are needed.

10. Purchase Commercial Vehicle

You need to purchase a vehicle that will convey your nylons from the factory to your customers. Most times, your customers may not come to buy nylon from your factory, you would need to deliver it to them.

You can buy a brand new vehicle or purchase a second-hand one.

11. Market Your Products

Your nylon will not sell itself, you need to market them. Create awareness, make people know what you are into. Go to places you know require nylons and advertise your business.

Nylon is high in demand, but you still need to advertise yours because you are not the only person in the nylon production business. You can also market your nylons online to reach a wider audience.

12. Be Consistent

Success does not strike overnight, and every business needs patience and so does the nylon production business.

You can only thrive in a business when you are consistent because customers are always wary of inconsistent business owners.

Although you may not start earning immediately or make your first million nairas just a few weeks of starting the business, with consistency success will come smiling at you.

Challenges of Starting A Nylon Production Business In Nigeria

There is no business that is devoid of challenges, the ability to battle and bypass these challenges makes you a winner.

The nylon production business has its challenges too, but the challenges do not prevent the business from being profitable.

The common challenge faced by people who are into this business is inadequate power supply.

Electricity is needed to stimulate the machines, and without electricity, production cannot take place.

Moreover, the solution to the problem of inadequate power supply is to purchase a generator, but this will consistently increase your expenditure.


Nylon production business in Nigeria is very profitable business plenty of people do not know about.

Now that you’ve known about it, do not fail to invest in it. However,  it is not mandatory you become a manufacturer, you can become a wholesaler, retailer, or distributor and still earn real good in the business.

That is all on how to start a Nylon production business in Nigeria.

I hope this helps?

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