May 22, 2024
How To Get Free Pokecoins

This article will guide you on the available and authentic methods on How To Get Free Pokecoins.

Are you a Pokemon game fan and you just wish to know how to get free Pokecoins to facilitate more fun to the game and of course use these coins to purchase a number of items on sale.

Well, we will show you just how you can earn more free coins in Pokemon Go.

Pokecoins as we know are certainly not readily available commodities in Pokemon Go. They are scarce resources which when earned can be used to buy a variety of things and these currency is extremely sought after in the game by players.

They are also the in-game currency you purchase with real money if you are very keen on having them. But like we said, they are rare commodities, which is why some scam sites take leverage of these and promises to give you free Pokemon coins, but fails. They are best to be ignored.

In Pokemon Go, there are currently only two ways on how to get free Pokecoins. One is official, directly from the game, while the second method requires a bit of exterior assistance.

Though, not all items to be purchased needs a pokecoin as some can be obtained by completing a number of different challenges.

But certain items can only be gotten with pokecoins and many may not want to spend their hard-earned real cash in exchange for the premium currency, and so collecting enough free pokecoins to buy an item in the shop can be pretty difficult in-game.

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Pokemon Go players can get to claim these exclusive items in the shop by spending free coins. So, the question remains How does one get these free Pokecoins?

Fortunately, there is a way of collecting coins absolutely free of charge. So, here is the best way of How To Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go regularly, without having to spend a dime of your real money on the game.

So far, the easiest way to collect more PokeCoins is by visiting gyms daily.

At this point in time, to consistently earn coins in Pokemon Go you will need to take over and defend gyms so that they remain in your team’s color.

This method alone, will help you earn up to six PokeCoins an hour, although with it comes a maximum limit of 50 free Pokemon Go coins that can be earned every day.

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6 Steps on How To Get Free Pokecoins

Below are the steps to Follow to start collecting free PokeCoins:

  1. Find a gym around your area that’s the same color as your team.
  2. If you can’t find one in your team’s color, you can battle the Pokemon in it to take over it and become the new owner, and in turn fortify them because others will be trying to get them as well
  3. Once the gym is now in your team’s color, you will need to place a Pokemon inside it.
  4. You’ll earn 1 Pokecoin per 10 minutes of your Pokemon defending a gym. You can only have one Pokemon at one gym at a time.
  5. When your Pokemon gets defeated your PokeCoins will account automatically.
  6. Now, you can save up your PokeCoins and buy your desired item from the shop!
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If you repeat this method in many days, you could earn a lot of free PokeCoins to spend in the Pokemon Go Shop.

Pokemon Go Pokecoin prices: In real money equivalent of PokeCoin, it translates to the following:

$0.99 — 100 coins

$4.99 — 550 coins

$9.99 — 1,200 coins

$19.99 — 2,500 coins

$39.99 — 5,200 coins

$99.99 — 14,500 coins

In general, this is a fairly standard pricing structure for Freemium games, and Pokemon Go is no different. However, there are free ways to get Google Play credit, which you may want to utilize to buy coins!

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What can I buy with free Pokemon Go Coins?

The Pokemon Go shop is filled with supplies and exclusive items for Trainers to buy with PokeCoins. This is a list of what you stand to unlock after you had successfuly passed the curiosity stage of How To Get Free Pokecoins. Your PokeCoins can now unlock:

Boxes: Pokemon Go sells different surprise boxes at different prices. These come with random items and prizes.

Passes: One Remote Raid Pass for 100 coins, Three Remote Raid Passes for 300 coins, One Premium Battle Pass for 100 coins.

Incubators: One Egg Incubator for 150 coins, One Super Incubator for 200 coins.

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Poffins: One Poffin for 100 coins.

Poke Balls: 20 Poke Balls for 100 coins, 100 Poke Balls for 460 coins, 200 Poke Balls for 800 coins.

Incense: One Incense for 40 coins, eight Incense for 250 coins

Star Piece: One Star Piece for 100 coins, eight Star Pieces for 640 coins.

Max Potions: 10 Max Potions for 200 coins.

Lucky Egg: One Lucky Egg for 80 coins, eight Lucky Eggs for 500 coins

Max Revives: Six Max Revives for 180 coins.

Lure Module: One Glacial Lure Module for 180 coins, One Mossy Lure Module for 180 coins, One Magnetic Lure Module for 180 coins, One Rainy Lure Module for 180 coins, One Lure Module for 100 coins, Eight Lure Models for 680 coins

Item Bag: 200 coins, increases your item storage by 50 slots. This upgrade is permanent.

Pokemon Storage Upgrade: 200 coins, increases how many Pokemon you can carry by 50. This upgrade is permanent.

Team Medalion: 1,000 coins, allows you to switch teams. It can only be purchased once every 365 days.

Hopefully, you now know how to earn these for free without having to spend real money.

There’s no doubt it can be tough defending a set of gyms, but it’s well worth the effort for the items you can buy and the money you’ll save in the long run.

This above is all you need to know about How To Get Free Pokecoins.

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