Best Websites to Sell Pokémon Cards

This is a detailed guide on the best websites to sell Pokemon cards, I hope it helps you sell yours.

Pokémon Cards are collectible card games based on the Pokémon franchise. It was first published in October 1996 by Media Factory in Japan.

Pokémon cards have different rarities. Starting from the lowest to highest rarity, cards can be rated Common, Uncommon, and Rare.

Common cards are depicted by a circle in the bottom corner, uncommon cards are depicted by a diamond in the bottom corner, and rare cards are depicted by a star in the bottom corner too.

Moreover, you can find Pokémon cards in stores in different ways including pre-constructed decks, promo cards included with a few packs, booster boxes of 36 packs, or individual packs.

However, there are many different ways to sell and purchase Pokémon cards, you can buy them individually through websites and individual sellers online.

However, it is very important to be meticulous when purchasing Pokémon cards because fake Pokémon cards are also available through online sellers.

Additionally, some Pokemon cards are worthful, the 1999 Pokémon Base 1st Edition Holo “Thick Stamp” Shadowless Charizard #4 PSA Graded 10 Gem Mint was sold for $350,100 on eBay on Dec 12, 2020

It is the most expensive Pokémon card ever sold, and the seller was PWCC Auctions.

However, if you have Pokemon cards for sale, and you do not know how to sell them, this article on the best websites to sell Pokémon cards will help you.

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Types of Pokémon Cards

There are three  different categories of cards you will find in any given deck in the Pokémon world and these cards are:

Basic Pokémon Cards

Basic Pokemon cards are the basis of all decks. Basic Pokémon are Pokémon that have not evolved and can be played directly onto the Bench.

Without Basic Pokemon, a player cannot play the game since both players start the game by placing a Basic Pokémon in the Active position on the field.

Each Pokémon card represents a Pokémon from the video games and each player may have up to six Pokémon on the playing field at a time.

Evolved Pokémon Cards

In difference from a Basic Pokémon, an Evolved Pokémon card cannot usually be placed straight onto the field; it must be played on top of the related lower-stage Pokémon.

Stage 1 Pokémon evolve from Basic Pokémon, and Stage 2 Pokémon evolve from Stage 1 Pokémon.

As a Pokémon evolves, it earns HP and its attacks change, typically becoming more powerful.

Energy cards

Energy cards are attached to a Pokémon on the field or bench to power the Pokémon attacks, and only one Energy card may be played per turn.

However, Basic Energy and Special Energy are two main categories of Energy cards, and the nine various Basic Energy types, which correspond to Pokémon card includes Grass, Fire, Water, Lightning, Psychic, Fighting, Darkness, Metal, and Fairy.

Trainer cards

Trainer cards carry out various roles including healing Pokémon, discarding energy from the opposing Pokémon, or retrieving cards from the discard pile to affect the game.

However, before the Diamond & Pearl expansion, all cards that were not Pokémon or Energy were regarded as Trainer cards.

How To Recognise Fake Pokemon Cards

Recognizing fake pokemon cards might be difficult for some people who are not conversant with the design of the card, but easier for people who have over time handled the cards.

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However, if you are finding it difficult to spot the cards, below is the step-by-step guide to help you identify fake Pokemon cards.

1. The first step is to look at the back of the pokemon card that has blue. Genuine cards will always have a certain pattern featuring light blue as well as some spots of darker blue. Meanwhile, Fake cards have only one shade of blue which is either light or dark.

2. Check the  Font and spelling on the card because fake cards often make spelling errors or use a different kind of font.

3. Check the energy symbols because fake cards usually have energy symbols overly larger than the normal inner artwork.

4. Check the Health points or damage because some fake cards use unrealistic damage or health point amounts. Generally, a Pokemon shouldn’t have more than 300HP and shouldn’t deal more than 300 damage in a single attack.

6. Check the Holographic effect because many fake cards feature an unusual holographic effect that genuine Pokemon cards do not have or do not feature at all.

8. Check the texture of the card because some fake pokemon cards feel different from the real ones when caressed. You can further clarify bending the potential fake card slightly to see if it wears off easily.

9. Check if the card has an accent over every single ‘e’ in Pokémon.

10. Check if the card has the year it was printed.

11. Check if the card has the number of elemental symbols in all the right places on the card.

Best Websites to Sell Pokémon Cards

Some Pokémon Cards are very valuable and have unimaginable price tags. However, these prices are influenced by a number of factors including Card Edition, Overall Demand, Rarity, and Condition.

There are many good websites to sell Pokémon cards, but these websites would not set out the price for the cards for you so it is advisable you use a website like Pokemon Prices to help you determine the prices for your cards.

All you have to do on the site is to enter the card or set the name of the card and Pokemon Prices will spit out an estimated price for your card.

Pokemon Prices is a reliable site no matter which website you choose to sell on and it can help you keep track of your cards and their value while you organize your collection.

However, you can actually follow the historical prices of cards and view pricing trends to see if a card is losing or adding value.

Furthermore, you can still sell your Pokemon cards without having to go through all the trouble of selling them on websites. In fact, there are many places near you that buy Pokemon cards.

You can sell them in a pawn shop if you live near one, or you can sell them in Comic book stores. However, below are the best websites to sell Pokemon cards.

1. eBay

eBay is the world’s online marketplace, it connects millions of sellers and buyers in more than 190 markets around the world.

eBay is one of the best websites to sell pokemon cards at once or list some of the rarest collections.

However, eBay is open to sellers of different backgrounds and geographical locations, it helps businesses grow regardless of the size and the product sold.

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They exist to enable economic opportunity for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations of all sizes.

You can set your Pokemon card prices on the website, and have access to millions of buyers visiting the site each month.

2. Troll and Toad

Troll And Toad is one of the best websites to sell pokemon cards, it is the home for various types of games including TCGs, CCGs, Board Games, and more.

Troll and Toad will enable you to sell your individual cards, rare packs, and even training boxes. The company ensures that all customers who want to sell their games, sell them fast and easy and get the best value for their games.

You can sell your old cards, Board Games, and even Video Games at a very good price.

3. Card Market

Card Market is one of the best websites to sell pokemon cards, and it is a peer-to-peer online marketplace that allows buying, and selling of card products easily.

CardMarket is Europe’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling TCGs – magic: the gathering, yu-gi-oh! pokémon, dragon ball super, etc.

To sell your Pokemon card on this website, create an account and click on sell cards, and you will be prompted with a fillable list that helps you with autogenerated search.

4. TCG Player

TCG Player is one of the best websites to sell Pokemon cards, it is a  leading online technology platform for the collectibles industry.

The platform deals with cards such as Magic: The Gathering Cards, and Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards, Pokémon Cards, Dragon Ball Super, Digimon TCG, Flesh, and Blood. Card Sleeves, Booster Boxes, Packs, etc.

TCGplayer has a card scanner that scans your cards and tells you exactly which card it is including price estimates.

As an individual card seller on the platform, you can benefit from features such as Live pricing data for cards., and List thousands of cards with pre-created information in an instant.

As you sell your cards, you can level up your seller account and receive more positive feedback, and if you have a numerous number of Pokemon cards, TGC’s software will enable you to quickly upload many cards.

5. Card Cavern is one of the best websites to sell Pokémon cards, and it offers excellent services.

The Card Cavern specializes in PTCGL Codes with automatic email and account delivery. the site buys, sells, and trades Pokemon TCG Live codes.

6. CCG Castle

CCG Castle is one of the best websites to sell your Pokemon cards, It is a reliable Source for Discount Pokemon Cards, Warcraft TCG Singles, Boxes, Packs & Minis as well as Star Trek, Star Wars & Lord of the Rings Card, etc.

CCG Castle also buys cards and collections from sellers too. You can also trade in your old stuff for new cards, or store credit to be used towards new items that you want.

You can email them to sell your cards including Dragonball Z to Star Trek, Star Wars, Warcraft, Pokemon, My Little Pony, etc.

7. Sell2BBNovelties

Sell2BBNovelties is one of the best websites to sell Pokemon cards and other collectibles.

The main items Sell2BBNovelties deals with are toys and collectibles such as Ty Beanie Babies, Funko POP! figures, Star Wars action figures, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and Pokemon cards, Barbies, DC, Marvel, WWE Action Figures, Webkinz, LEGOs, etc.

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This platform is very palatable for selling your Pokemon cards, it does not have selling fees, and you know the price before selling your item.

However, you do not have to put items up for auction and wait a long time for someone to buy them, you can sell them in bulk not 1 item at a time.

8. Dave & Adam’s

Dave & Adam’s is one of the websites to sell Pokemon cards, it provides quality products at fair prices to collectors globally quality, and it has been a leader in the collectibles industry for over 30 years

Whether you are looking to buy or sell sports cards, Pokemon cards, gaming cards, comics, or autographed memorabilia, its dedicated staff of professionals is here to assist you with your needs

Dave & Adam’s Store is looking to purchase Pokémon cards, especially holographic ones.  The store purchases complete sets and valuable modern single cards.

However, if the store agrees to purchase your cards, you are paid by cash, PayPal, or check.

9. Amazon

Amazon is one of the best and most reliable websites to sell Pokemon cards. It is one of the best marketplaces to sell your cards and make a profit.

10. Aliexpress

AliExpress is one of the best websites to sell Pokemon cards, it is an online shopping marketplace where millions of people from all around the world purchase and sell products.

11. Cape Fear Games

Cape Fear Games allows you to sell your Pokemon cards. You can present all of the items you would like to sell on the website, and select the payment option you want.

Payment options include PayPal, check, and store credit.

12. Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the best websites to sell Pokemon cards. The website allows users to list their cards for sale there for free.

However, the good news is that the website does not charge users for commission on their sales either.

13. Reddit

Reddit is another best place to sell Pokemon cards. It is a social website  where people share their interests, hobbies, and passions

However, you can trade your Pokémon cards on Reddit here.

14. Full Grip Games

You can sell bulk Pokémon cards to Full Grip Games. Full Grip Games specializes in buying and selling games. The website gives step-by-step instructions on how to sell your bulk and single cards.

How to Sell Your Pokémon Cards

To sell your Pokemon cards, you have to, first of all, organize them, because a buyer on eBay will be more pleased with an organized pack rather than an old, disorganized box of cards.

Organizing your collection does not only make it more salable but also makes listing products for sale easier. To easily organize your cards, please follow the tips below.

1. Organize the cards by set

2. Sort them numerically.

3. Make a list of the cards you have because buyers would likely want to see them.

4. Safely package your cards to protect them.

5. know what your cards are worth to prevent being cheated on.

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