Miss Nigeria is the most highly rated and best beauty pageant show in Nigeria that is currently organized by Daily Times.

The beauty pageant is organized annually to showcase the optimistic characteristics of Nigerian women. Nigerian women must possess quintessential qualities that can be modeled by young Nigerian women to win the contest.

The contest is not for a selected few, but for every woman who meets the given criteria for registration.

However, if you have been nursing the plan of contesting in the miss Nigeria beauty contest without knowing how to start, this article on how to contest for Miss Nigeria will help you.

About Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant

Miss Nigeria from inception has always represented the highest of ideals: a combination of beauty, grace, and intelligence.

The initial commencement of the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant by Daily Times in 1957 required women to submit their photos to the publication’s Lagos office where the finalist would be shortlisted and invited to compete live at the Lagos island club.

Over the years, the pageantry has evolved to become what it is today. The pageantry does not start as a photo contest anymore, every interested individual would have to complete the registration forms before the screening exercises.

After the screening exercise, the judges select a number of contestants they want for orientation camp lasting a total of 2–3 weeks.

At the orientation camp, contestants are given tasks to test their skills in different areas. They are also trained in different activities to empower and boost their entrepreneurship skills.

However, the contest pattern changes every season, for some seasons, the contestants are requested to represent each Nigerian state, while in other seasons, the contestants are requested to represent their individual selves where their names are printed on their sash.

Furthermore, the prize for the winner varies each season, as of 2021, the winner was awarded the cash prize of N10million, a luxury apartment, a car, and an ambassadorship.

Requirements For Miss Nigeria 

Like many other contests, Miss Nigeria Beauty Pageant has eligibility requirements for women who would love to participate in the pageantry. These requirements must be fulfilled to avoid being disqualified by the organizers.

However, if you are not qualified, there is no need to register, many people in the past forge their documents to participate in the pageantry but were disqualified even when they contested and won.

However, below are the eligibility requirements to contest for Miss Nigeria.

1. You must be between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

2. You must Be a citizens citizen of Nigeria.

3. You must have good health condition and character.

4. You must not necessarily be married, mother, or pregnant.

5. You should be able to speak fluent English.

6. Contestants with tattoos or piercings apart from ears are not allowed to register.

7. Must possess outstanding leadership qualities and can align competently with the organization’s mission to empower women beyond beauty.

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How To Contest For Miss Nigeria

Before you contest the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant, you must, first of all, apply for it by filling out a form and uploading two pictures and a 60 seconds introductory video.

After the application process, it’s the elimination stage where you would be invited for a physical screening.

Moreover, winning a beauty pageant takes practice, and commitment. Every action counts when contesting for a beauty pageant, and that is the more reason you should take time to select your hair, makeup, evening gown, and swimsuit.

Above all, you must practice everything you would do there, including your talent display and interview questions.

However, below is a step-by-step guide on how to contest for Miss Nigeria.

1. Be Positive

Having a positive mindset is perhaps one of the best pageant advice you should embrace. You have to believe in yourself and your potential and not allow other people’s influence and looks to weigh you down.

Believing in yourself will give you the necessary confidence needed to win the contest even without you being the most beautiful or most intelligent of the contestants.

When you have a positive mindset, you would be yourself and not try to mimic someone else. The Miss Nigeria contest is all about being oneself and the earlier you realize this the better for you.

2. Take Care Of Yourself

Taking care of yourself is very paramount. You cannot contest in a beauty pageant like miss Nigeria without looking good because fitness is usually considered in a beauty pageant.

Like I said before, the contest takes into consideration everything from your head to toe, your intelligence, your character, and your relationship with people.

You need to take care of yourself in all ramifications if you want to contest for Miss Nigeria. You have to eat healthily- vegetables, fruits, grains and drink enough water- take your exercise seriously, carry out good personal hygiene, and use good and original skin care products.

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3. Choose The Right Hair And Makeup

To win a beauty contest, you must put into consideration your makeup and hair. Plan your make-up and hair before time to avoid the last-minute rush.

It is best you know the right makeup for interviews and other appearances because the judges want to see your natural beauty and not your mask-up face.

Avoid wearing a lot of foundation and false eyelashes, instead, choose natural colors for your eyes, lips, and cheeks.

For your hairstyle, choose a style that makes you feel confident.  It is not compulsory you wear a sleek or wavy style, if it is ideal for you, then go for what makes you feel the most confidence.

Beauty Pageants do not have hairstyle standards, you can choose to go on a low cut or flaunt your natural hair with confidence.

4. Plan your wardrobe for every event

It is pertinent you take time to plan your wardrobe to avoid being caught unawares. However, choose clothes that are modest and also your very best.

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For the evening gowns, pick the one that will accentuate your body and let it be beautifully designed to wow the audience and the judges.

Wear clothes that suit your body type, you can employ the services of a fashion designer to help choose a cloth that will match your body type.

However, choose clothes that convey your personality, but you have to first of all check to see if your pageant has rules about gowns before making your choice.

This is an important aspect people neglect, please endeavor to wear undergarments that enhance the look of your gown because the wrong bra and underwear can alter the original look of your gown.

5. Choose The Right Swimsuit For Your Figure

In choosing a swimsuit, you must follow the general guidelines to choose the preferred one which is a Lined, two-piece swimsuit in a solid color.

Regardless of the specification, it is wise you choose a swimsuit that enhances your specific body type.

Look over yourself in the mirror while wearing your swimsuit to ensure that the top is not too tight or loose. and that it has perfectly covered your bottom without too much exposure.

In the swimsuit portion of the competition, endeavor to walk with poise and confidence in your swimsuit.

6. Choose The Right Pageant Shoes

One of the best pageant tips that will boost your confidence on stage during the competition is to wear shoes that you can walk in.

The right pageant shoes will enable you to walk with the utmost confidence throughout every stage of the competition.

7. Practice for your interview

The organizers of the Miss Nigeria beauty pageant do not just award anybody, they go for someone who would be able to represent them anywhere.

They need someone that is bold, beautiful, intelligent, likable, well-spoken, and attractive on the inside and out.

However, interview questions are not given to contestants beforehand, the judges will certainly throw unexpected questions your way, but there are some questions that can be expected during the interview segment.

It is advisable you watch past pageants to get an idea of how the interview will go and endeavor to keep up with the news to stay well-informed.

However, expect questions about world affairs, your goals, who you are, who you admire, your best and worst qualities, etc.

8. Always Be Conscious

You have to be conscious at all times even in your informal environment, and do not assume nobody is watching you because you are not on the stage.

Always act as though the organizers or the judges are watching your every move and they might even be watching.

Always carry yourself like the queen and be conscious of how you conduct yourself on social media.

9. Deciding on a Talent

This is where many people get it wrong by trying to overplease the judges and the audience. It is important you choose a talent you feel comfortable performing.

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You might do something unusual from dancing, singing, or playing an instrument, but do not force any talent, do what you are capable of doing, and what you are conversant with.

No matter how talented you are, it is important you practice your talent beforehand. Do not assume you are a champion because you have been doing it over time.

However, you must ensure your costume tally with your performance. No matter what you are performing, think of how you want the audience to perceive your performance when choosing a costume.

10. Be confident

You must be confident in all your appearances, and wear your smile with pride.

However, you do not need the most expensive dress to contest for Miss Nigeria, just have a great personality.

Also, do not try to be anything you are not, be your true self. Be sincere and do not keep malice or quarrel with the other contestants because they are not your enemy.

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List Of Past Miss Nigeria Winners

Below is the list of past Miss Nigeria Winners.

1. Grace Atinuke Oyelude won in 1957

2. Helen Anyamaeluna won in 1958

3. Nene Etule Victoria won in 1959

4. Rosemary Nkem Anieze won in 1960

5. Clara Ifeoma Emefiena won in 1961

6. Yemi Idowu won in 1962

7. Alice Alache Akla Ad’epe won in 1963

8. Edna Park won in 1964

9. Anna Eboweime won in 1965

10. Rosaline Yinka Balogun won in 1967

11. Foluke Abosede Ogundipe won in 1968

12. Stella Owivri won in 1970

14. Toyin Monney won in 1977

15. Irene Omagbemi won in 1978

16. Helen Prest won in 1979

17. Syster Jack won in 1980

18. Tokunbo Onanuga won in 1981

19. Rita Baraleye Martins won in 1982

20. Cynthia Oronsaye won in 1984

21. Rosemary Nkemdilim Okeke won in 1985

22. Rita Anuku won in 1986

23. Stella Okoye won in 1987

24. Adewunmi Adebowale won in 1988

25. Binta Sukai won in 1990

26. Bibiana Ohio-Esezeoboh won in 1991

27. Janet Olukemi Fateye won in 1993

28. Clara Ojo won in 1994

29. Regina Nwabunar won in 1998

30. Vien Bemigho Tetsola won in 2000

31. Valerie Ama Peterside won in 2001

32. Amina Eyo Ekpo replaced the winner in 2001

33. Sylvia Ansa Edem won in 2002

34. Nwando Okwuosa won in 2003

35. Ene Maya Lawani won in 2004

36. Oluwadamilola Agbajor won in 2010

37. Oluwafeyijimi Modupeola Sodipo won in 2011

38. Ezinne Akudo Anyaoha won in 2013

39. Pamela Lessi Peter-Vigboro won in 2015

40. Chioma Stephanie Obiadi won in 2016

41. Mildred Peace Ehiguese won in 2017

42. Chidinma Leilani Aaron won in 2018

43. Beauty Etsanyi Tukura won in 2019

44. Shatu Sani Garko won in 2021.