This is a detailed guide on how to change my BVN phone number online, read to the end to know how to change your BVN phone number online.

Bank Verification Number (BVN) is a unique 11-digit number introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria to stop financial fraud and crimes in Nigeria.

Every bank account owner in Nigeria has a bank verification number because, without it, nobody can carry out any bank transaction.

However, when enrolling for a bank verification number, you would be required to provide a phone number.

Sometimes many people lost the numbers they provided when enrolling for bank verification numbers and thus become very troubled.

However, if you have lost the phone number you used when enrolling for a bank verification number or you want to change the number, read this article on how to change my BVN phone number online to gain more insight.

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BVN Enrolment Process

To get enroll for A Bank Verification Number, follow the steps below.

1. Visit the bank you have an account with.

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2. Fill out an enrolment form.

3. Make yourself available for Biometrics at the bank.

4. Receive Ticket ID.

5. BVN will be sent to you via SMS.

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Benefits Of A Bank Verification Number

There are many benefits of a bank verification number, do not underestimate its importance by refusing to get enrolled for it.

However, below are the benefits of a bank verification number.

1. Your Bank Verification Number gives you a unique identity that can be verified across the Nigerian Banking Industry if you have more than one bank account.

2. With Bank Verification Number, your bank accounts are protected from unauthorized access.

3. Your Bank Verification Number reduces fraudulent activities in your bank account.

4. Bank Verification Number gives easy access to Banking operations.

5. Your Bank Verification Number is accepted as a means of identification across all Nigerian Banks.

How To Link Your Bank Verification Number To Your Accounts

You can link your Bank Verification Number to all the bank accounts you have without visiting individual banks.

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To do this, you can make use of any of the ATMs nationwide, Internet Banking platform, or visit the BVN linking portal to complete your request.

BVN Linking Process through Internet Banking

To link your bank verification number to your Guaranteed Trust Bank through internet banking, follow the process below.

1. Log on to Internet Banking.

2. Select BVN Linker from the left-hand panel.

3. Click on New Request.

4. From the drop-down menu, fill in your Bank Verification Number.

5. Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Given.

6. Answer your Private Question and continue.

BVN Linking Process Through ATMs

To link your bank verification number to your GTB account, follow the steps below.

1. Insert GTBank ATM Card in the ATM.

2. Choose BVN Link on the transaction menu screen.

3. Enter your 11-Digit Bank Verification Number.

4. Confirm your Bank Verification Number details.

5. Submit your Bank Verification Number.

BVN Linking Process Through SMS

To link your bank verification number to your Guaranteed Trust Bank account through SMS, simply text your BVN details to 08076665555.

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Example:  BVN <01234567890> to 08076665555.

BVN Linking Process Through the 737 BVN linker

To link your Bank Verification Number via the 737 BVN linker, simply dial *737*20*BVN

How To Change My BVN Phone Number Online

The bank Verification number was introduced because of the high demand for excellent security on access to sensitive or confidential information in the Banking system.

The Bank Verification Number gives each bank customer an individual identity that can be used for easy identification and verification at Point of Banking operations.

Through the CBN, the Federal Government of Nigeria mandated that every bank account must have a unique BVN of the owner attached to it.

However, It is impossible to change your BVN phone number online due to data security concerns.

To do that, you will need to visit the bank that you enrolled for the bank verification number and follow the bank’s processes for updating customer information.

That is all on how to Change My BVN Phone Number Online, I hope it helps you change yours.