DAAD Scholarship 2023: How To Apply, Win It And More

In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD scholarship.

With a step-by-step approach, I will show you how to apply for DAAD scholarship, the requirements for DAAD scholarship as well as the 5 proven tips to win the DAAD scholarship.

Hence, if you desire to learn how to apply for this famous scholarship and the tips on how to win it, then I strongly recommend this article to you. If you are ready to learn all this, then let’s get started.

What Is DAAD Scholarship?

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst scholarship which is popularly known as DAAD scholarship is an international scholarship that offers bright students from developing countries the opportunity of studying in some of the world-renowned universities in Germany.

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The scholarship covers a wide range of programs that are taught in either English or German languages.

You should note that this DAAD scholarship is only available for postgraduate students who wish to advance their studies in Germany, but with no financial means of achieving that.

To apply, you must have at least a 2-year professional working experience. Also, the course that you wish to do through this DAAD scholarship must not be less than a 12-month course and not more than 36 months.

It should be noted that hundreds of students have through the DAAD scholarship made their dream of studying in Germany a reality.

If you ask me, I would say that this DAAD scholarship is actually one of the most competitive scholarships out there with outstanding benefits which we will discourse presently.

The Benefits Of Winning DAAD Scholarship

Like i said before, the DAAD scholarship is one of the most amazing scholarships out there with lots of benefits. Once you win this scholarship, the first benefit that you will enjoy is the honor of studying in Germany.

We all know that German universities are among the best universities in the world. You will also get a lot of monthly stipends which will take care of your basic needs like food, accommodation, books and other necessities.

A more detailed outline of the benefits of winning the DAAD scholarship will be listed below:

1. The selected candidate will have the opportunity of studying in Germany free of charge.

2. You will be given free accommodation(Hostel space) within the university that you applied for.

3. You will receive your travel grant immediately after you confirmed a DAAD scholarship winner.

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4. Full health insurance scheme for both Ph.D. and masters winners

5. Ms.c DAAD winners will be receiving a monthly pay or stipend of € 750 while Ph.D. students will be receiving €1000 per month, all through the legal duration of the scholarship program.

Basic Requirement For DAAD Scholarship

Every potential candidate seeking to apply for the DAAD scholarship must satisfy the following minimum criteria:

1. The applicant must have completed his undergraduate degree with at least second class upper honors, not more than 6 years from the date of application of DAAD scholarship.

2. The applicant must have worked professionally for at least 2 years before applying for DAAD scholarship.

3. The language requirement of the scholarship (English or German) is dependent on the course that you applied for.

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How To Apply For DAAD Scholarship 2020: A Guide

1. The first step is to start by download and filling the scholarship form via this link

2. Then proceed to download the Europa specimen form, which you must sign with your hands with ink on the paper, not electronically.

3. Write a solid motivation letter that you must sign with your hands. Make sure to include your recent work in the written motivation letter.

4. If the specific university that you want to apply to requires that you provide a research proposal, then by all means get it ready.

5. Visit the university where you obtained your undergraduate or postgraduate degree for a recommendation letter.

6. Get a professional work experience letter from your boss in your workplace.

7. Proof of language proficiency, either in German language or English, depending on the course that you chose. Usually, the proficiency level of the IELTS is usually specified on the universities’ website where you applied.

8. Visit the university where you intend to study for the DAAD scholarship, select the course that you intend to study, and apply to the university directly.

9. Once you have done all this, ensure that you visit your intended universities’ website for a list of specific documents you should arrange before applying for the scholarship.

At times, universities do have specific requirements for certain programs.

10. After all this, you should know via the university website whether you should forward your completed application via electronic means or physically through postal services.

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To get more information about DAAD scholarship, with more DAAD scholarship opportunities, kindly click on this link

How To Win The DAAD Scholarship: Quick Tips

It is no longer news that DAAD scholarship is one of the most competitive scholarship programs out there, as thousands of students across the globe apply for it annually.

Many scholars have applied for this very scholarship more than 10 times, and have consistently failed to be shortlisted.

While this is true, it’s also true that each year, many students still manage to scare through the challenges to be shortlisted.

How do the shortlisted candidates manage to scare through the path where hundreds of thousands of scholars have failed?

The answer to the posed question above will be the basis for our analyses below. We encourage you to read this guide on how to win DAAD scholarship 2020.

If the tips below have helped guide a lot of scholars to win this scholarship, why not you? Without expending more time, let’s get started.

Carry Out Eligibility Check

As a general rule, you must carry out detailed research to determine whether you are eligible for the DAAD scholarship or not.

DAAD scholarship just like other scholarship bodies out there has specific eligibility standards that each applicant must satisfy to be able to apply for the scholarship.

There are country-specific criteria, school-specific ones, age limit of 18 and above, minimum years of post-first-degree professional work experience, to mention but a few.

Hence, you must find out if you have met these rudimentary criteria before proceeding to the next DAAD success tips.

Get All Your Documents Ready

One of the most important tip in winning the DAAD scholarship is to quickly gather all the needed documents, and keep them in an accessible place.

Remember, you cannot think of winning the DAAD scholarship if you did not submit all the required documents during your application process.

Except for the reference letter which you may upload at a letter date, every other document is expected to be uploaded on the DAAD portal during your registration.

In a rare case, there may still be options to upload your university certificates if you specify beforehand that you don’t have access to your certificate at the time of your application.

Note that this option is not always available, so trade with caution. It is always advisable to get all your certificates ready before starting the registration process.

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Once you have followed the processes outlined in the DAAD portal for registration, you should receive an automated message from DAAD informing you of the reception of your application process.

This is a confirmation that your application was duly received by them, if you didn’t receive this message, then something is wrong.

Log in again into the DAAD portal and fix the problem until you receive the message. Without this, you can not think or hope for any further contact with DAAD.

Apply On Time

One area that a lot of students still find too difficult of dealing with is on the area of applying on time.

DAAD scholarship gives you the freedom to take your time to prepare your application essay and registration process. This has made a lot of students to become lousy.

Try as much as possible to apply on time. Don’t wait until the dying minute before you can apply. The rush of the dying minute is not good, as you are prone to errors in this critical time.

By applying on time, I don’t mean not taking out time to prepare your essay, no. I mean that you should be time conscious. Start preparing your essay and documents as soon as DAAD portal opens for the year.

That way, you will have enough time to properly prepare. Believe me, if you can properly manage the allocated time, it will greatly increase your chances of winning the DAAD scholarship.

Be Enthusiastic

They say that what we constantly speak about and expect eventually comes to us. Hence, no matter how well you have prepared, if you don’t believe passionately that you will win DAAD scholarship, you may never win it.

Be optimistic, visualize yourself receiving a congratulatory message from DAAD, and believe what you have visualized.

The power of your imagination is one of the most untapped resources in the known universe. Leverage on its power and thank me later in the comment section down below.

That is it as far as this article is concerned. Hope it was insightful? Sure it is.

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