14 Best Online Colleges For Working Adults

This is a detailed guide on the best online colleges for working adults.

Nowadays, nobody makes an excuse for not going to school because he/she is working.

A growing number of adults are earning an online college degree at their convenience, while they continue to be employed.

There are many best online colleges for working adults who want to further their education.

These colleges award you a bachelor’s degree at the completion of your studies.

If you want to further your education while working, we have carefully researched for you some of the best online colleges for working adults.

Advantages Of Online courses

The advantages of online courses are listed below

1. Online courses are convenient, you do it at your pace rather than operate on a fixed date and time.

2. Online courses give you the freedom to study wherever you want and wear anything you want. It gives you the freedom to work, spend time with family, and friends, and engage in other activities you want.

3. Online courses offer you a one-on-one relationship with your instructor. You can get your questions answered directly via email without having to voice them out in front of everybody as in a traditional classroom.

4. Online courses offer you the opportunity to get to know other students individually

5. Online courses teach you discipline and the ability to motivate yourself even when nobody is there and take the responsibility for your course of studies.

6. Online courses enable you to save money by cutting short your expenses.

7. The online study enables you to pursue the best program for your field of study, even if the school is far from home.

Disadvantages Of Online Learning

Below are the disadvantages of online learning.

1. You are prone to procrastination when you study online at home.

2. There is no one prompting you to do your assignments, attend classes or study your books.

3. Online courses require you to have good time management skills because if you do not manage your time properly, you will burn out due to struggling with abandoned projects.

4. Online courses give you more freedom than you can handle. This freedom can be dangerous if you do not handle it properly.

5. There’s no face-to-face interaction with an instructor.

How to Avoid Online College Scams

There are many online college scams on the internet today, below are ways you can avoid them.

1. Beware of fake online universities which award illegitimate degrees to students on the internet.

2. Before you enroll in an online program you must ensure the online degree program is accredited by an organization recognized by either the U.S. Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

3. It is also important to look for red flags on the school website and avoid Anything that looks too good to be true.

4. Avoid any program that promises you a degree in a very short time at an extremely low cost or extremely high cost.

5. Avoid a program that does not have a campus or business address online, or having lots of grammatical or spelling errors on its website, or lacks the “edu” URL.

6. Avoid any program that does not post information about student support services.

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Best Online Colleges For Working Adults

Working adults do not have an excuse for not continuing their education. Below are the best online colleges for working adults.

Strayer University

Strayer University is a private university with its headquarters in Washington, DC.

It was established in 1892 as Strayer’s Business College and later became Strayer College, before being granted university status in 1998.

It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

The University matches the standard for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability as It is accredited by four organizations.

The university enrolls more than 50,000 students through both its online learning programs and on-campus program.

Strayer university specializes in degree programs for working adults.

it awards undergraduate and graduate degrees in accounting, business administration, criminal justice, education, health services administration, information technology, and public administration.

Learn more about Strayer University 

Southern New Hampshire University

SNHU is a private and nonprofit University between Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire.

The school is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

It is accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education, along with national accreditation for some hospitality, health, education, and business degrees.

SNHU is one of the outstanding universities nationwide with 135,000 online students.

It offers flexible, career-focused online college degree programs and one of the lowest tuition fees.

The cost per credit hour for online undergraduate classes is $320 (or $960 per course).

The cost per credit hour for online graduate classes is $627 (or $1,881 per course), and with no application fees, so you can apply for free.

Courses offered in Southern New Hampshire University are;

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Art and design
  • Business
  • Criminal justice
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Health
  • Liberal art
  • Math and science
  • Psychology and counseling
  • Social science, technology.

Learn more about southern new Hampshire university here

 Capella University

Capella University is a private online university with headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The school is owned by the publicly traded Strategic Education, Inc. and provides most of its education online.

 It is a regionally accredited online university that offers online degree programs developed to help working adults

Capella has 52-degree programs with over 1900 online courses as it helps advance students’ careers with a degree.

As a working adult, you can choose from Ph.D. or professional doctorate degrees, master’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, certificates, and individual courses.

Capella University meets standards for quality of faculty, curriculum, learner services, and fiscal stability as it is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

However, Capella is a military-friendly university.

It gives many benefits and assistance to active-duty service members, veterans, spouses, and dependents.

They give a 10 percent discount on certificate, master’s, and doctoral programs and a 15 percent discount on bachelor’s programs for students with a military association.

Their areas of study are;

  • Business
  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Health care administration
  • Information technology
  • Nursing
  • Psychology
  • Public administration
  • Public health
  • Social work and human services

There are many things to learn about Capella University

Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is an adult-serving public university, operating as a public-benefit corporation.

As a working adult, you can now earn a degree from an accredited online university tailored to meet your unique needs.

Their innovative approach to teaching and modern curriculum provides practical skills to help you succeed.

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All Program Levels are

  • Associate
  • Bachelor’s
  • Certificate
  • Doctorate
  • Master’s

Learn more about Purdue University

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is one of the oldest public universities in Trenton, New Jersey.

It is an online institution that is dedicated exclusively to adults.

Their programs are designed specifically for adult students, whether it’s a bachelor’s degree or graduate degree.

Thomas Edison State University offers exceptional value, academic excellence, and reasonable tuition and fees. They also offer financial aid and scholarships.

Thomas Edison State University offers a wide variety of degree and certificate programs that may be completed entirely through the University’s online and distance learning courses.

Learn more about Thomas Edison State University

Western Governors University (WGU)

Western Governors University was founded by 19 U.S. governors in 1997.

It is a non-profit private, online university located in Millcreek, Utah.

The university uses an online competency-based learning type as opposed to the conventional, cohort-based class type present at most universities.

WCU gives students the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in their careers and their lives.

Their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in IT, teaching, business, and healthcare are designed to help working adults receive an online university education despite their busy schedules.

Their admission process is straightforward, you just need to

Complete admission form.

Submit official transcripts.

Contact your Enrollment Counselor.

If interested, complete the FAFSA form for financial aid.

Learn more about Western Governors University

University Of Massachusetts Global

University of Massachusetts Global formerly known as Bradman University is a private university accredited by the Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

It has over 25 campuses throughout California and Washington and a virtual campus online.

The University of Massachusetts Global offers more than 50 degree, certificate, credential, and professional programs for working adults.

The University of Massachusetts Global is ranked for nine straight years as one of the best online bachelor’s degree programs that help veterans further their education.

Learn more about the University of Massachusetts Global 

 University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a private university Founded in 1976 with its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and has an open-enrollment admission policy, accepting all applicants with a high-school diploma, GED, or its equivalent.

The University of Phoenix gives adults the freedom to learn when and where they want. It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

Attending online classes at the University of Phoenix is easy because they are always on 24/7/365.

All you need is a reliable Internet connection to log into your virtual classroom to complete assignments, access course materials, and resources, and interact with faculty and classmates.

Moreover, class participation is graded based on your contributions to online discussions.

Click here to learn more about the University of Phoenix

Northwestern State University

Northwestern State University is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The university awards associate, baccalaureate, master’s, specialist’s, and doctorate degrees With more than 40 online degree programs.

Northwestern State University is affordable as internet-only students do not pay any out-of-state fees. It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

Learn more about Northwestern State University

Walden University

Walden University is an online university located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

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It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is devoted to maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

They are at the forefront of delivering high-quality distance online education for working adults.

Walden University is the sixth institution approved by the U.S. government to offer direct assessment competency-based education.

The University makes online education accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any time.

Walden University offers;

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Master of Science
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Health, Education Specialist
  • Doctor of Education
  • Doctor of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Philosophy degrees.

Learn more about Walden University

Regent University

Regent University is a private Christian university in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

The university is regionally accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

They offer numerous areas of study including business, communication and the arts, cybersecurity and technology, divinity, education, government, law, leadership, nursing and healthcare, and psychology.

It tops the list of Best Online Bachelor’s Programs in Virginia and is ranked among the top national universities by U.S. News and World Report.

The university offers;

  • Online Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Online Master’s Degrees
  • Online Doctoral Degrees
  • Online Associate’s Degrees
  • Online Certificates
  • Online Tuition & Financing

Learn more about Regent University here

 Post University

Post University is an online private university in Waterbury, Connecticut.

It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

The university offers over 25 undergraduate and graduate programs in the day, evening, and online courses, and has three satellite centers in Meriden, Danbury, and Wallingford.

Post University offers bachelor’s degree, online associate or online master’s programs

Post online degree programs can help you reach your goals

Learn more about Post University here

Grand Canyon University (GCU)

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona. It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

It offers a wide range of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels that you can learn on campus and online.

Grand Canyon University will help change your live for the better through quality education.

Although it’s a Christian university, GCU welcomes students from all backgrounds and denominations.

Their mission is to ensure that their students reach their fullest potential and earn a degree.

Learn more about GCU today 

Herzing University

Herzing University is a private university located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and in several locations throughout the United States.

It is one of the best online colleges for working adults.

The university’s instructors are trained on best practices in online course management and created hours of videos and interactive learning experiences.

You are connected with student services as well as your instructors and classmates, so you’re supported throughout your entire educational journey.

The university offers degrees in professions including nursing, technology, business, and healthcare.

Herzing University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Learn more about Herzing University

That’s all on the best online colleges for working adults, I hope it helps.

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